IDF Attacks Islamic Jihad, Goes to Highest Alert in South

UPDATE 10:00 EST 14 Jan:   Palestinian Authority-based news agency Maan reported Tuesday that Israeli military vehicles crossed into northern Gaza on Monday.  The  heavy incursion took place in a border region near Beit Lahiya.  Separately, Israeli warships opened fire at Palestinian fishermen off the coast near al-Sudaniyya west of Beit Lahiya.

UPDATE17:00 EST:   According to reports from Gaza, the air force targeted the Islamic Jihad in the Khan Yunis and Dir el-Balach areas of Gaza. Also targeted was an al-Quds Brigade site in Gaza City.

IDF Attacks Islamic Jihad, Goes to Highest Alert in South

The IDF has been put on its highest alert in the South and residents have been told to stay in their homes close to their shelters.

This comes after a Jihad Islami position in central Gaza was attacked by the Israeli Air Force Monday.

After the Sharon funeral concluded around 14:30 local time and dignitaries began to leave, two rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza at about 16:00 local time.  Previously two other Gaza rockets had been test fired into the sea in the early morning.

This was quickly followed by an Israeli attack at 18:00 local time as Israel carried out at least three air raids on the northern, central and southern areas of Gaza.  The attack on the central area left a three-year-old boy injured.

In the south, Israel attacked an infrastructure site, the Israeli air force also targeted a site in the densely-populated al-Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, and also hit a training center for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). The [Islamic Jihad] attack caused extensive damage to the site but no injuries were occurred.

Israeli warplanes are still hovering over Gaza, as the southern division is put on war alert.


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