Homs Liberated by Assad

In a huge defeat for the Syrian insurgents, the Syrian opposition fighters surrendered the old city of Homs and were being allowed to withdraw from Homs Wednesday under a deal with the government brokered by the UN and Iran. Aid can now reach the population for the first time in two years. Earlier this year, about 1,400 people were evacuated from the Old City of Homs.

Today, busses arrived in the city center to begin evacuating the insurgent fighters, who are withdrawing as part of the truce agreement.

A joint team of UN observers and Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers in civilian dress began evacuating some 2,000 Syrian insurgents and their families from the Old City of Homs on Wednesday, ending a two-year attack on the city.. The exodus represented another major victory for Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The insurgents were so resoundingly defeated and desperate to save themselves that they traded the release of Syrian prisoners and Iranian Revolutionary Guards held hostage by comrades in Aleppo, and also withdrew from a number of Shiite towns and villages in central and northern Syria.

Elsewhere in Syria: 60 fighters dug a 300-meter (325-yard) tunnel, over 50 days, laying 40 tons of explosives under the Sahaba checkpoint in Wadi al-Deif.  Four buildings were destroyed, killing at least 30 Syrian troops, including two officers on Monday.

The operation was carried out by three brigades from the Islamic Front and fighters from the Shields of the Revolution Council, which is linked to the Free Syrian Army.  Video of the attack.

However Assad is well on his way to defeating the American instigated insurgency, that is until now.  

To save the insurgency and topple Assad, a huge new insurgent offensive is planned to begin in the next few months, backed up by American and Allied air power on the possible excuse of chemical weapons use by Syria.

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