Heavy Firefights Erupt as Israel Breaks Ceasefire and Enters Gaza

Palestinian sources reported Thursday evening that mortars were fired from Gaza in response to an invasion of IDF forces under cover of heavy tank fire into an area located east of the city of Khan Younis in north Gaza. 

This evening Israeli forces also invaded near the city of Abasan in south Gaza, targeting a cell belonging to the Hamas’ armed wing – the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The IDF recently uncovered in the Abasan area a 1.5-kilometer long tunnel that stretched from Gaza to the fields of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha

Palestinian sources report heavy exchanges of fire Thursday night between Hamas and IDF forces in the Khan Younes and Abasan areas of southern Gaza.

At least two Gaza defenders were killed and several injured. No comment has come from the Israeli military spokesman. The Palestinians further report that the  Hamas casualties were caused by shelling from Israeli helicopters, with Hamas  firing back with mortars. Other sources described an Israeli Navy attack from the sea on the Gaza coast.

IDF tanks had entered two areas on the Gaza side of the border and had remained there for several hours and clashes erupted as militants fired mortar shells at the tanks. It added that an Israeli helicopter had also fired on the defenders.

Meanwhile Obama administration official confirmed to CNN that Israel attacked missiles and equipment it felt might be transferred to Hezbollah;  Al-Arabiya reports Israel destroyed SA-8 missiles in attacks on Damascus and Latakia.

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