Ezekiel 25-39

Ezekiel 25

While this prophecy is about Jordan, Turkey and the Philistines of Gaza; it is very powerful in absolutely refuting the false traditions and false teachings of certain modern false prophets.

The prophecy is about Nebuchadnezzar coming through that land as a fore type that in the latter day the nations of Asia will sweep through those lands on their way to Jerusalem. A prophecy for the end times about Ammon and Moab [Jordan]; Gaza and Edom [Turkey].

Ezekiel 25:1 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, 25:2 Son of man, set thy face against the Ammonites, and prophesy against them;

Contrary to the false teachings of many, which claim that the Islamic nations are the king of the South;  the exact opposite is true.  In the end times Ammon and Moab [Jordan] and Edom [Turkey will be allied with Assur [Germany] and the New Europe [Babylon; the king of the North!]. 

Jordan and Turkey shall escape from the New Europe, because they are allied with Germany and the New Europe. 

This is so obvious, so simple, so very clear; and yet those who follow their idols of men to stand on their own false traditions and reject the Word of God: As it is written in Daniel 12 shall not understand!

Daniel 11:41  He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

Psalm 83:4   They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.  83:5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:

83:6 The tabernacles of Edom [modern Turkey], and the Ishmaelites [true Arabs, sons of Ishmael, the descendants of Abraham and Agar]; of Moab [modern Jordan, and the Hagarenes [Arabs who are sons of Agar by another husband than Abraham, and are also not the sons of Ishmael; probably the Gulf States];

83:7 Geba [Lebanon], and Ammon [also modern Jordan], and Amalek [a tribe of the Turks]; the Philistines [Gaza] with the inhabitants of Tyre [Lebanon];

83:8 Assur [Germany, Austria, Hungary] also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot [will help modern Jordan; Ammon and Moab].


When the Jewish extremists sabotage the coming peace deal, the regional nations will be so outraged that they will go to war with Judah, and God having removed his protection and giving them over to His correction, they shall join with the New Europe to overcome the Jewish State. 

Ezekiel 25:3 And say unto the Ammonites, Hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou saidst, Aha, against my sanctuary, when it was profaned; and against the land of Israel, when it was desolate; and against the house of Judah, when they went into captivity;

Because God wanted them to correct Judah just a little and they rejoiced in shedding the blood of their brethren, these nations will also be corrected when the New Europe goes to make war with Asia in its third year. 

The Asian nations will counterattack and will flood through the Middle East to make their way to Jerusalem to get at the false prophet and European ruler in the great battle of the coming of the LORD

25:4 Behold, therefore I will deliver thee to the men of the east for a possession, and they shall set their palaces in thee, and make their dwellings in thee: they shall eat thy fruit, and they shall drink thy milk.

25:5 And I will make Rabbah [the city of Ammon] a stable for camels, and the Ammonites a couching place for flocks: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

Why will God bring the men of the east [Asia] against Jordan, the Arabs and Turkey?

25:6 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast clapped thine hands, and stamped with the feet, and rejoiced in heart with all thy despite against the land of Israel;

These nations will be allied with the king of the North, and in the third year the king of the North, Babylon the Great, the New Europe; will attack the nations of Asia now coming together as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. 

The nations of Asia will survive the blow and counterattack Europe and the Allies of the New Europe; including Turkey, the Arab nations, Palestine, Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon, also sweeping through Iraq and Syria. 

Daniel 11:44    But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.

When his attack on Asia fails the final great false prophet and the leader of the New Europe will flee to Jerusalem where their remaining army is located, and then the Asian nations will gather together at Megiddo to attack the city.  For more on this see Zechariah 14.

44:45  And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

Ezekiel 25:7 Behold, therefore I will stretch out mine hand upon thee [Jordan], and will deliver thee for a spoil to the heathen; and I will cut thee off from the people, [from being a nation] and I will cause thee to perish out of the countries [Jordan shall no longer be an independent nation after this and during the millennium]: I will destroy thee; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD.

Moab the brother people of Amman are mentioned next along with Seir.  Ancient Seir was geographically in the south of modern Jordan; the people of Seir were overwhelmed by the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, and the term Seir usually refers to Edom.  They migrated to Turkmenistan and then many went to modern Turkey and now dwell in Turkey and in Turkmenistan. 

In the next few years the nations of the east will also pass through the Stan countries on their way to Jerusalem.

25:8 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Moab and Seir do say, Behold, the house of Judah is like unto all the heathen;

Because Moab and his brother Ammon [modern Jordan] ally themselves with Babylon the Great the coming New Europe; and rejoice at the tribulation of Judah and take advantage of Judah for their own gain; the nation of Jordan shall cease to exist as an independent nation. 

25:9 Therefore, behold, I will open the side of Moab from the cities, from his cities which are on his frontiers, the glory of the country, Bethjeshimoth, Baalmeon, and Kiriathaim, 25:10 Unto the men of the east with the [Moab is to be destroyed as a nation along with his brother the Ammonites; both being the modern country of Jordan] Ammonites, and will give them in possession [in the millennium Jordan shall become a possession of Israel and David her resurrected king], that the Ammonites may not be remembered among the [Jordan will no longer be an independent nation]  nations. 25:11 And I will execute judgments upon Moab [both Ammon and Moab constitute modern Jordan]; and they shall know that I am the LORD.

At the beginning of the tribulation, Edom [Turkey] will ally itself with the king of the North the New Europe.  Turkey has been working for many years on entering the EU; but because the EU will soon radically change, Turkey will not be one of the final ten nations of the New Federal Europe, but will be allied with them as per Psalm 83 above. 

When the tribulation begins with the fall of the Jewish State, Turkey will rejoice and will rush to avenge themselves of any perceived wrongs of the Jewish State;  for this God will open them up to retribution and correction by the men of the east!

25:12 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them; 25:13 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; and I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword.

After the men of the east have softened up Turkey and after Messiah comes; the resurrected David shall be given the throne over Israel, and they shall, at the command of Messiah the Christ, take control of Turkey.  [Millennial Israel shall also absorb Jordan and much of Syria, and Gaza shall be ruled by Israel in the millennium.] 

It is at the early part of the millennium that millennial Israel shall receive her inheritance from Egypt to the Euphrates; by the command and through the power of the King of kings!

25:14 And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord GOD.

The Philistines; Modern Gaza

25:15 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the Philistines have dealt by revenge, and have taken vengeance with a despiteful heart, to destroy it for the old [the longstanding hatreds] hatred; 25:16 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out mine hand upon the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethims [Philistines], and destroy the remnant of the sea coast.

The Gaza militants will soon be defeated to make a peace deal, but the generations of hatred will continue to smolder; and when Jewish Extremists sabotage the peace deal, and Judah is overcome at the start of the tribulation; the Gazan’s will arise with the Palestinians and the surrounding countries to take vengeance upon Judah. 

At the end of the tribulation these people will be corrected in fury by God with the sword of  the men of the east, and those that survive will  know that the Eternal is God and will seek God in sincere repentance and will become the servants or tributaries of Millennial Israel.

25:17 And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.


Ezekiel 26

Ezekiel 26 is a continuation of the Ezek 25 prophecies against the nations of Psalm 83. 

A dual prophecy of the fall of Tyre; first to Nebuchadnezzar, and then the latter day final fall of Tyre to the nations of the east.

Ezekiel 26:1 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 26:2 Son of man, because that Tyrus hath said against Jerusalem, Aha, she is broken that was the gates [Judah being the entry to Jerusalem and the temple mount.] of the people: she is turned [Judah is taken] unto me: I shall be replenished [with loot], now she is laid waste [And Tyrus rejoices in the fall of Judah, Joel 3, Amos 1.] 

In the third year of the tribulation, the men of Asia shall respond to an attack by Europe and will come through the Middle East to confront the ruler of Babylon and the false prophet at Jerusalem.  As they come they shall destroy the allies of the Babylon the Great [the New Europe] including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Arabs of Arabia and the Gulf States, and Gaza.  

This is so simple, so clear, so obvious in scripture!  Yet those who stand on the false traditions of their own imaginations and not on the whole Word of God are the wicked [Dan 12] and CANNOT understand!  Only the WISE [those who follow Christ and the whole Word of God] shall understand (Dan 12).

The countries surrounding the Jewish State shall be enraged that the Extremist Settler Movement Jews have sabotaged the peace deal and they shall attack and overcome Judah with the help of the New Europe; then when Europe attacks Asia the armies of Asia shall respond against the European beast AND ITS ALLIES! 

During the time of Nebuchadnezzar the nations came up against Tyre and after Tyre surrendered to Babylon Nebuchadnezzar turned to Judah and the surrounding nations also fell to Nebuchadnezzar. 

Today those nations including Tyre and Lebanon shall be allied with Babylon, which took them in ancient times,  and shall fall to another wave of armies, this time from the east. 

Tyre fell to Babylon and paid tribute, but the final permanent destruction  of Tyre will come in the final wave of armies from the east, late in the tribulation.

26:3 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Tyrus, and will cause many nations to come up against thee, as the sea causeth his waves to come up. 26:4 And they shall destroy the walls of Tyrus, and break down her towers: I will also scrape her dust from her, and make her like the top of a rock.

Tyre was overcome by Babylon, and in the near future shall be overthrown again, permanently; and instead of being a great seaport shall be a place for fishermen.

26:5 It shall be a place for the spreading of nets in the midst of the sea: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD: and it shall become a spoil to the nations.

The daughters of Tyre are her surrounding villages of Lebanon.

26:6 And her daughters which are in the field shall be slain by the sword; and they shall know that I am the LORD.

This is DUAL and happened in the past when Babylon came up to take the whole region including Tyre. 

It is now soon coming again, when Tyre and the nations of Psalm 83 ally themselves with the Babylon of the new Europe; because of that and because of their wickedness and long standing hatreds, Jesus Christ shall give them over to the armies of the east which come up in response to the attack of the New Europe, and Tyre will fall for the final time.

26:7 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will bring upon Tyrus Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, a king of kings, from the north, with horses, and with chariots, and with horsemen, and companies, and much people.

26:8 He shall slay with the sword thy daughters [the people of Lebanon] in the field [countryside]: and he shall make a fort against thee, and cast a mount against thee, and lift up the buckler against thee. 26:9 And he shall set engines of war against thy walls, and with his axes he shall break down thy towers.

26:10 By reason of the abundance of his horses their dust shall cover thee: thy walls shall shake at the noise of the horsemen, and of the wheels, and of the chariots, when he shall enter into thy gates, as men enter into a city wherein is made a breach. 26:11 With the hoofs of his horses shall he tread down all thy streets: he shall slay thy people by the sword, and thy strong garrisons shall go down to the ground.

26:12 And they shall make a spoil of thy riches, and make a prey of thy merchandise: and they shall break down thy walls, and destroy thy pleasant houses: and they shall lay thy stones and thy timber and thy dust in the midst of the water. 26:13 And I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease; and the sound of thy harps shall be no more heard.

This process began with the first “in part” fulfillment by Nebuchadnezzar; and shall be completed in its final wave of complete fulfillment by the armies of the east during the tribulation.

26:14 And I will make thee like the top of a rock: thou shalt be a place to spread nets upon; thou shalt be built no more: for I the LORD have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD.

26:15 Thus saith the Lord GOD to Tyrus; Shall not the isles [nations of the isles] shake [Tremble in fear] at the sound of thy fall, when the wounded cry, when the slaughter is made in the midst of thee? 26:16 Then all the princes of the sea shall come down from their thrones, and lay away their robes, and put off their broidered garments: they shall clothe themselves with trembling; they shall sit upon the ground, and shall tremble at every moment, and be astonished at thee.

26:17 And they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and say to thee, How art thou destroyed, that wast inhabited of seafaring men, the renowned city, which wast strong in the sea, she and her inhabitants, which cause their terror to be on all that haunt it!  26:18 Now shall the isles tremble in the day of thy fall; yea, the isles that are in the sea shall be troubled at thy departure.

26:19 For thus saith the Lord GOD; [in the tribulation and final fall of Tyre at the final wave of armies] When I shall make thee a desolate city, like the cities that are not inhabited; when I shall bring up the deep upon thee, and great waters shall cover thee; 26:20 When I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit, with the people of old time, and shall set thee in the low parts of the earth, in places desolate of old, with them that go down to the pit, that thou be not inhabited; and I shall set glory  [Messiah the Christ to come and rule the living] in the land of the living; 26:21 I will make thee a terror [an example of God’s wrath] , and thou shalt be no more: though thou be sought for, yet shalt thou never be found again, saith the Lord GOD.

This prophecy against Tyre continues through Ezekiel 27-28.


Ezekiel 27:  A Prophecy of Tyre

These two chapters of Ezekiel are mainly about the greatness and glory of ancient Tyre.  In this prophecy Tyre is also used as an allegory of the greatness and glory of Lucifer before pride overcame him and he became the Adversary of God. 

These things are a lesson for us, because we of the called out in this latter day, have also become infected with pride; and we have exalted our organizations as idols and rejected any zeal to learn and to keep the whole Word of God in order to follow another; just like the angels who followed Lucifer did! 

Tyre and Lucifer may have been great and beautiful and we may consider ourselves spiritually great and a beautiful bride; but if we are lifted up with pride in ourselves and our own ways, we shall surely be strongly corrected and those who will not sincerely repent will surely be destroyed. 

These scriptures declare the glory of Tyre and also apply it to the glory of Lucifer before pride entered in.  Consider our own great  pride and idolatry of men; which is so great that we will not listen to the Word of God and will insist on our own ways no matter how often we are proved wrong.   Consider the pride of the pope in his church and all its physical glory.  These things will avail us NOTHING in the resurrection to judgment.

Remember Proverbs 16:18  Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall

Beautiful prosperous Tyre by the sea

Ezekiel 27:1 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, 27:2 Now, thou son of man, take up a lamentation for Tyrus;

27:3 And say unto Tyrus, O thou that art situate at the entry of the sea, which art a merchant of the people for many isles, Thus saith the Lord GOD; O Tyrus, thou hast said, I am of perfect beauty.

27:4 Thy borders are in the midst of the seas, thy builders have perfected thy beauty.

A great sea port and trading people

27:5 They have made all thy ship boards of fir trees of Senir: they have taken cedars from Lebanon to make masts for thee.  27:6 Of the oaks of Bashan have they made thine oars; the company of the Ashurites have made thy benches of ivory, brought out of the isles of Chittim.

27:7 Fine linen with broidered work from Egypt was that which thou spreadest forth to be thy sail; blue and purple from the isles of Elishah was that which covered thee.

27:8 The inhabitants of Zidon and Arvad were thy mariners: thy wise men, O Tyrus, that were in thee, were thy pilots.  27:9 The ancients of Gebal and the wise men thereof were in thee thy calkers [ship builders and caulking the cracks between the boards of  ships]: all the ships of the sea with their mariners were in thee to occupy thy merchandise.

27:10 They of Persia and of Lud and of Phut were in thine army, [Tyre was very rich and hired foreigners to secure the city and her people were not obligated to that service] thy men of war: they hanged the shield and helmet in thee; they set forth thy comeliness.  27:11 The men of Arvad with thine army were upon thy walls round about, and the Gammadims were in thy towers: they hanged their shields upon thy walls round about; they have made thy beauty perfect. 

Tyre traded with nations to the far ends of the earth

27:12 Tarshish was thy merchant by reason of the multitude of all kind of riches; with silver, iron, tin, and lead, they traded in thy fairs. 27:13 Javan, Tubal, and Meshech, they were thy merchants: they traded the persons of men and vessels of brass in thy market. 27:14 They of the house of Togarmah traded in thy fairs with horses and horsemen and mules.

27:15 The men of Dedan were thy merchants; many isles were the merchandise of thine hand: they brought thee for a present horns of ivory and ebony. 27:16 Syria was thy merchant by reason of the multitude of the wares of thy making: they occupied in thy fairs with emeralds, purple, and broidered work, and fine linen, and coral, and agate.

27:17 Judah, and the land of Israel, they were thy merchants: they traded in thy market wheat of Minnith, and Pannag, and honey, and oil, and balm. 27:18 Damascus was thy merchant in the multitude of the wares of thy making, for the multitude of all riches; in the wine of Helbon, and white wool.

27:19 Dan also and Javan going to and fro occupied in thy fairs: bright iron, cassia, and calamus, were in thy market. 27:20 Dedan was thy merchant in precious clothes for chariots. 27:21 Arabia, and all the princes of Kedar, they occupied with thee in lambs, and rams, and goats: in these were they thy merchants.

27:22 The merchants of Sheba and Raamah [India], they were thy merchants: they occupied in thy fairs with chief of all spices, and with all precious stones, and gold. 27:23 Haran, and Canneh, and Eden, the merchants of Sheba, Asshur, and Chilmad, were thy merchants.

27:24 These were thy merchants in all sorts of things, in blue clothes, and broidered work, and in chests of rich apparel, bound with cords, and made of cedar, among thy merchandise.

The wealth, glory and fame of Tyre was exalted around the earth

27:25 The ships of Tarshish did sing of thee in thy market: and thou wast replenished, and made very glorious in the midst of the seas. 27:26 Thy rowers have brought thee [your ships] into great waters: the east wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas. 

Tyre fell first to Nebuchadnezzar and the city shall fall a final time in our day.  The following describes what is coming on Lebanon and Tyre in the next few years as the armies of Asia bear down from the east near the end of the tribulation.

27:27 Thy riches, and thy fairs, thy merchandise, thy mariners, and thy pilots, thy calkers, and the occupiers of thy merchandise, and all thy men of war, that are in thee, and in all thy company which is in the midst of thee, shall fall into the midst of the seas in the day of thy ruin.

27:28 The suburbs shall shake at the sound of the cry of [the shippers who are dismayed at the fall of Tyre]  thy pilots. 27:29 And all that handle the oar, the mariners, and all the pilots of the sea, shall come down from their ships, they shall stand upon the land;   27:30 And shall cause their voice to be heard against thee, and shall cry bitterly, and shall cast up dust upon their heads, they shall wallow themselves in the ashes: 27:31 And they shall make themselves utterly bald [in mourning] for thee, and gird them with sackcloth, and they shall weep for thee with bitterness of heart and bitter wailing.

27:32 And in their wailing they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and lament over thee, saying, What city is like Tyrus, like the destroyed in the midst of the sea? 27:33 When thy wares went forth out of the seas, thou filledst many people; thou didst enrich the kings of the earth with the multitude of thy riches and of thy merchandise. 

This is a prophecy of the latter day fall of Tyre during the third year after Babylon rises.

27:34 In the time when thou shalt be broken by the seas in the depths of the waters thy merchandise and all thy company in the midst of thee shall fall.

27:35 All the inhabitants of the isles shall be astonished at thee, and their kings shall be sore afraid, they shall be troubled in their countenance. 

Tyre’s fall to the armies of the east shall strike terror into the hearts of many peoples, and after Christ comes Tyre shall never rise again.  This is an allegory that Satan with all his wealth and power shall also fall and never rise again 

27:36 The merchants among the people shall hiss at thee; thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt be any more.


Ezekiel 28

The prophecy now refers directly to the proud human prince of Tyre and in allegory to Lucifer; and then finally as a message to all who become filled with pride.

Ezekiel 28:1 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying,

As Lucifer tried to exalt himself above God to think of himself as God, so we have done the very same thing in the spiritually called out! 

We have exalted ourselves above any zeal to learn and to keep the Word of God and we decide for ourselves what is right and wrong.  Oh yes, we pay lip service to God and his Word, but we do not keep his Word and substitute our own false traditions for the Word of God; an din so doing we make ourselves sovereign and God subject to our own will! 

We say that the Sabbath is Holy and then we openly pollute it. We change the days God commanded for the annual Sabbaths, just  as others have changed the day they observe the weekly Sabbath on! 

When we condemn others for changing the day of the weekly Sabbath, we condemn ourselves for changing the days that God commanded us to observe the annual Sabbaths on.

Yes, like Lucifer we dare to say that we sit in the seat of God, and that God put us in our office and that the people MUST follow us and be zealous for us, and most of us then condemn any zeal to follow the Word of God!

28:2 Son of man, say unto the prince [referring to men] of Tyrus [a representation of PRIDE] , Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thine heart is lifted up, and thou hast said, I am a God, I sit in the seat of God, in the midst of the seas; yet thou art a man, and not God, though thou set thine heart as the heart of God:

We are also men, as was the ruler of physical Tyre!  We are NOT God and should not be followed as if we were God.  It is a terrible LIE to claim that we are to blindly follow men without question!  We are to follow men ONLY as they faithfully and zealously follow God!  and we are to test and prove out the words of men, by the whole Word of God!

28:3 Behold, thou art wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that they can hide from thee: 28:4 With thy wisdom and with thine understanding thou hast gotten thee riches, and hast gotten gold and silver into thy treasures: 28:5 By thy great wisdom and by thy traffick hast thou increased thy riches, and thine heart is lifted up because of thy riches:

Because today’s spiritual Ekklesia has set itself up above the Word of God, to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong:  We shall be cast into great tribulation.

As Tyre [and Lucifer / Satan]  is to be destroyed; so the spiritually called out who become filled with pride, shall be rejected by Christ and cast into great tribulation that the spirit may be saved by the correction of the flesh.

28:6 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast set thine heart as the heart of God; 28:7 Behold, therefore I will bring strangers upon thee, the terrible of the nations: and they shall draw their swords against the beauty of thy wisdom, and they shall defile thy brightness. 28:8 They shall bring thee down to the pit, and thou shalt die the deaths of them that are slain in the midst of the seas.

When we are in the tribulation for our own pride and arrogance, and our fears come upon us as it is proved by events that our own ways are wrong; will we continue to insist that we are the sum of all godly wisdom?  or will we sincerely and wholeheartedly repent before the Eternal?

28:9 Wilt thou yet say before him that slayeth thee, I am God? but thou shalt be a man, and no God, in the hand of him that slayeth thee.

We shall be afflicted and corrected by strangers for our great Laodicean Lucerferin pride.

28:10 Thou shalt die the deaths of the uncircumcised by the hand of strangers: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD.

Here the prophecy elevates from the physical prince to the spiritual king of Tyre; Lucifer/Satan himself directly.

28:11 Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 28:12 Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the king of Tyrus, and say unto him,

The king of Tyre is quickly identified by the description.  In the beginning Lucifer was full of godly wisdom and spiritual beauty as God’s people should be. 

. . . Thus saith the Lord GOD; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.

28:13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

Here Lucifer is undeniable identified

28:14 Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth [covering the throne of God with his wings]; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire [before the throne of God the Father in heaven].

28:15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.

Lucifer was corrupted by his beauty, wisdom and wealth into an overwhelming pride; just as the church of God has been corrupted into great pride in their assumed righteousness and imagined spiritual riches. 

28:16 By the multitude of thy merchandise [riches]  they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.

28:17 Thine heart was lifted up [PRIDE] because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness [you and we became filled with pride because we think of ourselves as having all spiritual knowledge and needing nothing Revelation 3:16]: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.

Like Lucifer today’s spiritual Ekklesia is full of iniquities and is blind to our condition because of our pride.  Because we will not listen to the Word of God and exalt ourselves above God and his Word to do as we think best, because of PRIDE:  we are rejected by Jesus Christ and by God the Father!

Revelation 3:16  So then because thou art lukewarm [hot for our own ways and cold regarding any zeal for God; equals lukewarm], and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich [spiritually], and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

Ezekiel 28:18 Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick;

Satan’s end and the end of all the unrepentant proud who have no zeal to learn and to keep the whole Word of God: is eternal death!

. . . therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee. 28:19 All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more.

A further prophecy against Lebanon this time against Sidon.  In the end of the tribulation Lebanon shall be destroyed and shall be ruled over by the millennial Israel.

28:20 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 28:21 Son of man, set thy face against Zidon, and prophesy against it, 28:22 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Zidon; and I will be glorified in the midst of thee: and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall have executed judgments in her, and shall be sanctified in her. 28:23 For I will send into her pestilence, and blood into her streets; and the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword upon her on every side; and they shall know that I am the LORD.

There shall be no more threats to a united millennial Israel from other peoples

28:24 And there shall be no more a pricking brier unto the house of Israel, nor any grieving thorn of all that are round about them, that despised them; and they shall know that I am the Lord GOD.

The time frame is set here as after the tribulation when Israel is restored.

28:25 Thus saith the Lord GOD; When I shall have gathered the house of Israel from the people among whom they are scattered, and shall be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen, then shall they dwell in their land that I have given to my servant Jacob.

28:26 And they shall dwell safely therein, and shall build houses, and plant vineyards; yea, they shall dwell with confidence, when I have executed judgments upon all those that despise them round about them; and they shall know that I am the LORD their God.


Ezekiel 29

A prophecy that Egypt would be given to Nebuchadnezzar

Like the previous two chapters, this is also a lesson about pride.  As Tyre, Judah and Egypt were given to Babylon by the one who became Jesus Christ for their pride; Nebuchadnezzar himself was corrected for his pride, as revealed by Daniel.  I recommend a study into pride and the proud for next Sabbath.

Ezekiel 29:1 In the tenth year, in the tenth month, in the twelfth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

29:2 Son of man, set thy face against Pharaoh king of Egypt, and prophesy against him, and against all Egypt:

Egypt is called the dragon of the Nile.

29:3 Speak, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, Pharaoh king of Egypt, the great dragon that lieth in the midst of his rivers, which hath said, My river is mine own, and I have made it for myself.

God brought Egypt up with all its [people and allies to fight Nebuchadnezzar; and in this latter day Egypt will be allied with Judah and Israel as the king of the south to fight against and be defeated by the New Europe of the king of the north [Babylon the Great] allied with the regions other Islamic nations.

29:4 But I will put hooks in thy jaws, and I will cause the fish of thy rivers [your people]  to stick unto thy scales, and I will bring thee up out of the midst of thy rivers, and all the fish of thy rivers shall stick unto thy scales.

29:5 And I will leave thee thrown into the wilderness, thee and all the fish of thy rivers: thou shalt fall upon the open fields; thou shalt not be brought together, nor gathered: I have given thee for meat to the beasts of the field and to the fowls of the heaven.

This is dual and for the latter days in its fullness!

29:6 And all the inhabitants of Egypt shall know that I am the LORD, because they have been a staff of reed [a weak staff that easily breaks when leaned (depended) upon] to the house of Israel.

As Judah trusted in Egypt to deliver them from Nebuchadnezzar; in the end time the Jewish State shall depend on Egypt and shall be confounded by Babylon!  In this latter day Egypt with all her armies and might shall fall easily by the hand of the LORD and his sword of Babylon [the New Europe]!

29:7 When they took hold of thee by thy hand [when Judah relies on Egypt, Egypt shall collapse and Judah shall fall], thou didst break, and rend all their shoulder: and when they leaned upon thee, thou brakest, and madest all their loins to be at a stand [the strength of Judah is ended].

Again Christ clearly says that it is He who brings the sword against our unrepentant wicked people! 

It was the Creator Jesus Christ who destroyed the earth and all humanity in the great flood, saving alive only eight persons; it was he who destroyed Sodom for their pride; it was the one who became Jesus Christ who commanded the eradication of the wicked Canaanites as a type of sin; and who killed the firstborn of man and beast in Egypt!  No, Jesus Christ will not tolerate or overlook willful unrepented sin! 

The Real Jesus is not like the “tolerant of sin” false Christ of many  Yes, Christ is love and quickly forgives the sincerely repentant; yet HE will never tolerate unrepentant or willful sin. 

As he destroyed the physical temple, twice by his agents of correction; and as he drove the wicked out of the physical temple for our instruction and example; he will drive the sinful out of his Father’s spiritual temple and reject us into the correction of the furnace of refining fire [See Ezekiel 22] of the tribulation, to refine us and cleanse us of our pride and sins.

29:8 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will bring a sword upon thee, and cut off man and beast out of thee. 29:9 And the land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste; and they shall know that I am the LORD: because he hath said, The river is mine, and I have made it.  29:10 Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the tower of Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia.

The forty year’s of depopulation appears to have happened when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Egypt for the last time in 570 B.C., after the apostates of Judah took Jeremiah down into Egypt.

29:11 No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited forty years. 

The history of Nebuchadnezzar and this forty years is covered at the end of the chapter text.

29:12 And I will make the land of Egypt desolate in the midst of the countries that are desolate, and her cities among the cities that are laid waste shall be desolate forty years: and I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries.

29:13 Yet thus saith the Lord GOD; At the end of forty years will I gather the Egyptians from the people whither they were scattered: 29:14 And I will bring again the captivity of Egypt, and will cause them to return into the land of Pathros, into the land of their habitation; and they shall be there a base kingdom.

29:15 It shall be the basest of the kingdoms; neither shall it exalt itself any more above the nations: for I will diminish them, that they shall no more rule over the nations.

Judah trusted in Egypt to save them from Nebuchadnezzar, as we trust in  our idols of men to save us today. We must all learn to trust in God and not in man; following men ONLY as they are proved to be followers of God. 

This now is for the latter days

29:16 And it [Egypt] shall be no more the confidence of the house of Israel, which bringeth their iniquity to remembrance, when they shall look after them: but they shall know that I am the Lord GOD.

Egypt is given to Babylon as wages for Nebuchadnezzar’s service in correcting Tyre; and in the rising latter day, Babylon shall have Egypt, along with physical and spiritual Israel also (Dan 11:40-44).

29:17 And it came to pass in the seven and twentieth year, in the first month, in the first day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

29:18 Son of man, Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon caused his army to serve a great service against Tyrus: every head was made bald, and every shoulder was peeled: yet had he no wages, nor his army, for Tyrus, for the service that he had served against it: 29:19 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will give the land of Egypt unto Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon; and he shall take her multitude, and take her spoil, and take her prey; and it shall be the wages for his army.

29:20 I have given him the land of Egypt for his labour wherewith he served against it, because they wrought for me, saith the Lord GOD.

29:21 In that day will I cause the horn of the house of Israel to bud forth, and I will give thee the opening of the mouth in the midst of them; and they shall know that I am the LORD.

The History of Nebuchadnezzar

Nebuchadnezzar’s father, Nabopolassar led a Chaldean revolt against the Assyrians and in 626 B. C. founded the Neo-Babylonian Empire. After establishing an alliance with the Medes, Nabopolassar and his allies besieged Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire. After a three-month siege of the city, they conquered it in 612 B.C. The remnant of the Assyrian army retreated to Haran where they were defeated in 610 B.C. The Assyrians made a last effort to stop the Babylonian army, retreating to Carchemish to confront them one last time.

During the struggle between Assyria and Babylon, Neco [Necho] ascended to the throne of Egypt and became king in 609. In an attempt to stop the advance of the Babylonian army, Necho prepared his army and went up to the Euphrates River to aid Assyria in their struggle against Babylon (2 Kings 23:29). On his way to Carchemish, Neco was confronted at Megiddo by Josiah, king of Judah, who had taken the side of Babylon. In the struggle that ensued, Neco killed Josiah (v. 29; 2 Chron.35:20-24). Neco was detained at Megiddo long enough to allow the Babylonians to defeat the remnant of the Assyrian army at Carchemish.

In 605 B.C., Neco returned to the area of Carchemosh with ambitions of extending his rule in Mesopotamia. Nabopolassar, unable to fight because of the illness that eventually killed him, sent his oldest son Nebuchadnezzar to confront the Egyptians. At Carchemish the decisive battle between Nebuchadnezzar and Neco took place. Nebuchadnezzar soundly defeated Neco and subjugated Sidon, Tyre, Philistia and other countries in Syro-Palestine (see Jer. 46:2; 47:2-7).

At this time Nebuchadnezzar received notice of his father’s death. Nebuchadnezzar left the army in the hands of his field commanders and returned to Babylon where he was crowned king of Babylon in 605 B.C.

Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Kings

The Old Testament presented more than one view of Nebuchadnezzar. The book of Kings presents him as Jerusalem’s conqueror . After his victory against Egypt at the battle of Carchemish, Nebuchadnezzar made Jehoiakim, king of Judah, a vassal of Babylon taking Daniel and others to Babylon to aid him in his huge construction projects.

Jehoiakim submitted to Nebuchadnezzar for three years (604-601 B.C.). In 601 B.C., Egypt and Babylon met again with heavy losses on both sides. Nebuchadnezzar returned home to reorganize his army. Jehoiakim, counting on Egyptian help, revolted against the Babylonians (2 Kings 24:1).

Nebuchadnezzar did not campaign against Palestine from 600-598 B.C. Unable to fight against Judah, Nebuchadnezzar sent mercenary soldiers to fight against Jehoiakim (vv. 2-3).

In 598 B.C., Babylon advanced against Judah. Egypt promised to help Jehoiakim, but Egypt’s military help did not materialize (v. 7 ). Jehoiakim died at this time; Jeremiah 22:18-19 and 36:30 suggest that he was assassinated. Jehoiakim’s son, Jehoiachin [Jeconiah] was made the new king of Judah (597 B.C.), but three months later he submitted to Nebuchadnezzar–who then deported to Babylon the king of Judah, his mother, the royal family, the palace officials, the army officers, fighting men, craftsmen, and smiths. He also took Ezekiel and all the men of substance and all the men who were capable of war. According to 2 Kings 24:12-16, 10,000 people were taken into exile. Nebuchadnezzar also took all the temple and palace treasures and broke all the golden vessels used in temple worship. Jehoiachin [Jeconiah]  remained in a prison in Babylon for 37 years, until Evil-merodach, Nebuchadnezzar’s son, freed him (2 Kings 25:27-30; Jer. 52:31-34).

In 596 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar placed Zedekiah on Judah’s throne as the new king. Zedekiah served Nebuchadnezzar eight years, but in his ninth, maybe hoping for military help from Egypt (Jer. 37:5), Zedekiah rebelled against Babylon. In 588 Nebuchadnezzar came back to Jerusalem and once again besieged the city. Archaeology has confirmed the scope Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Judah. Archaeology has revealed that many of Judah’s fortified cities were destroyed. In March 586 B.C., the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem and burned the temple as well as the great houses of the city. At this time another deportation took place. Judah’s most important people were taken into exile; only the poorest were left behind.

Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Jeremiah

The book of Jeremiah differs somewhat in its interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar and his assault on Judah. Presenting a more than mainly-historical account of the book of 2 Kings, Jeremiah offers an expanded interpretation that affirms the sovereignty of God and His guidance of Judah’s destruction. In the past Jeremiah had proclaimed that God would send the “people of the north” to bring judgment upon Judah (Jer. 25:9 NIV). Now for the first time Jeremiah proclaims that the foe from the north was Babylon, under the leadership of Nebuchadnezzar (vv. 1-9).

In the book of Jeremiah, the Lord referred to “my servant” Nebuchadnezzar “ three times (Jer. 25:9; 27:6; 43:10). Old Testament writers generally used the title “Servant of Yahweh” to designate persons who had a special relationship with God and who were obedient to God’s will in the life of His people.

Jeremiah designated Nebuchadnezzar the “Servant” of God as a way to present Babylon’s king as the individual God appointed to have dominion over the nations and the one who would act as the instrument of God’s justice (Jer. 25:8-11). Because Nebuchadnezzar was acting as God’s agent, Jeremiah declared to the people that rebellion against Nebuchadnezzar was rebellion against God. The Lord commands Jeremiah to write his oracles on a scroll as a warning to Judah (Jer. 36:1-4). According to Jeremiah, Nebuchadnezzar’s conquest and subjugation of the nations would happen with God’s approval:

“Now I will hand all your countries over to my servant Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; I will make even the wild animals subject to him. All nations will serve him and his son and his grandson until the time for his land comes; then many nations and great kings will subjugate him (Jer. 27:6-7 NIV).

In Jehoiakim’s 5th year (604 B.C.), the people of Judah held a fast to avert a possible Babylonian invasion (Jer. 36:9). At the time of the fast, Baruch, Jeremiah’s scribe, read the words of the scroll to the people assembled in the temple (v. 10) and to the king (vv. 20-26). Jehoiakim refused to repent and burned Jeremiah’s scroll. In spite of the fast, Babylon invaded Judah and Jehoiakim submitted to Nebuchadnezzar in 604 B.C. (2 Kings 24:1).

In the book of Jeremiah, Nebuchadnezzar is God’s instrument to bring divine judgment to Judah. In the past, God had sent his servants the prophets to warn the people to repent of their evil ways, but they refused (25:4). Now, God is sending his “servant” Nebuchadnezzar to punish Judah for their wickedness. Judah and the nations of Syro-Palestine have to submit themselves to Nebuchadnezzar; refusal to submit means destruction (see 27:8).

Nebuchadnezzar’s final defeat of Egypt after the Jewish apostates went down into Egypt.  WIKI

Nebuchadnezzar then laid siege to Tyre[beginning in 585 BC. Thirteen years later (572 BC) his troops took the city and sacked it. Nebuchadnezzar also, as he had done earlier at Jerusalem, removed the regnant king and placed a vassal king on the throne instead. A year later, in 570 BC (which was his thirty-seventh regnal year), Nebuchadnezzar completed the conquest of all of Egypt with a successful campaign against Pharaoh Amasis.

He then returned to Babylon and set about building it into the greatest capital city he could imagine.

But at about this time he dreamed of the tree destined to be cut down, and then suffered his seven-years of lycanthropy before finally being restored to his throne toward the end of his life.

He died in 562 BC (possibly in October  September 561 BC  after reigning forty-five years altogether, including his two-year viceroyship under his father. This date is universally accepted and attested, and remains the sole reliable benchmark for the synchrony of Biblical and secular chronology. His son Evil-Merodach reigned in his stead. 

End Quote

It is highly likely that when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Egypt for the final time, he deported its people as he did with Judah, thereby fulfilling this forty year desolation of Egypt prophecy.  It is true that Judah was not completely depopulated, however Egypt was Babylon’s most powerful adversary / competitor for control of the entire region.  If this is not so, there is no other historical period when Egypt was abandoned for forty years. 


Ezekiel 30

In our time during the final 3 1/2 years before Christ comes Egypt and her allies physical Judah and Israel shall be humbled for their PRIDE and spiritual Israel shall be humbled with them!

Ezekiel 30:1 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, 30:2 Son of man, prophesy and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Howl ye, Woe worth the day! 30:3 For the day is near, even the day of the LORD is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen.

Thus begins the explanation of:

Daniel 11:42  He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. 11:43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

Ezekiel 30:4 And the sword shall come upon Egypt, and great pain shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain shall fall in Egypt, and they shall take away her multitude, and her foundations shall be broken down. 30:5 Ethiopia, and Libya, and Lydia, and all the mingled people, and Chub, and the men of the land that is in league, shall fall with them by the sword.

30:6 Thus saith the LORD; They also that uphold Egypt [Judah, America and Britain] shall fall; and the pride of her power shall come down: from the tower of Syene shall they fall in it by the sword, saith the Lord GOD. 30:7 And they [Egypt and her allies] shall be desolate in the midst of the countries [in the list of countries made desolate]  that are desolate, and her cities shall be in the midst of the cities that are wasted. 30:8 And they shall know that I am the LORD, when I have set a fire in Egypt [when the tribulation begins with the occupation of Judah and Egypt they shall know that the Word of the Eternal has been performed], and when all her helpers [Allies, including Judah and America] shall be destroyed.

When Ethiopia hears of the fall of Egypt they shall be greatly afraid and shall bow before the conquering beast and the New Europe, and they shall be afflicted by the New Europe.

30:9 In that day shall messengers go forth from me in ships to make the careless Ethiopians afraid, and great pain shall come upon them, as in the day of Egypt: for, lo, it cometh.

Here the prophecy is presented as being about Nebuchadnezzar, who was a type of the soon coming final ruler of Babylon.  The first time was fulfilled in part by Nebuchadnezzar 2, and will be fulfilled in its fullness during the tribulation by the latter day Nebuchadnezzar.

30:10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also make the multitude of Egypt to cease by the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon.

The New Europe and all her allies which would include the other Islamic nations of the region as per Psalm 83 as well as most of the world which has become angry at the Jewish Settler Extremists who fight any possibility of peace.

30:11 He [Babylon the great; the New Europe] and his people [allies] with him, the terrible of the nations, shall be brought to destroy the land [of Egypt and her allies Judah and America] : and they shall draw their swords against Egypt, and fill the land with the slain.

30:12 And I will make the rivers dry, [during the tribulation the rains will be withheld] and sell the land into the hand of the wicked: and I will make the land waste, and all that is therein, by the hand of strangers: I the LORD have spoken it.

The cities of Egypt are named and will suffer greatly.  Those who are full of pride like America and Judah and spiritual Israel shall be brought low, and later Babylon the great shall be brought down in its own turn.

30:13 Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will also destroy the idols, and I will cause their images to cease out of Noph; and there shall be no more a prince of the land of Egypt: and I will put a fear in the land of Egypt. 30:14 And I will make Pathros desolate, and will set fire in Zoan, and will execute judgments in No. 30:15 And I will pour my fury upon Sin, the strength of Egypt; and I will cut off the multitude of No. 30:16 And I will set fire in Egypt: Sin shall have great pain, and No shall be rent asunder, and Noph shall have distresses daily.

30:17 The young men of Aven and of Pibeseth shall fall by the sword: and these cities shall go into captivity. 30:18 At Tehaphnehes also the day shall be darkened, when I shall break there the yokes of Egypt: and the pomp of her strength shall cease in her: as for her, a cloud shall cover her, and her daughters shall go into captivity.

30:19 Thus will I execute judgments in Egypt: and they shall know that I am the LORD.

Jesus Christ broke Egypt [including first Assyria, and then Judah, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria; by the sword of Babylon in the days of Nebuchadnezzar 2; and he will break Egypt and Israel by the final Nebuchadnezzar of the beast of Babylon, this time allied with Jordan, Syria, Lebanon anmd the Arab peoples, Psalm 83.

30:20 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the first month, in the seventh day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

The pride and power of Egypt will be broken; along with the pride and power of Egypt’s allies; America and Judah.  Ultimately the pride and power of all the proud and lifted up in their own eyes will be crushed to contrition:  Including spiritual Israel of today”s apostate spiritual Ekklesia.

30:21 Son of man, I have broken the arm of Pharaoh king of Egypt; and, lo, it shall not be bound up to be healed, to put a roller [splint] to bind it, to make it strong to hold the sword.

Jesus Christ will break the strength of Egypt and empower Babylon the Great [the New Europe] in the end time as he did in ancient times.

30:22 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against Pharaoh king of Egypt, and will break his arms, the strong, and that which was broken; and I will cause the sword to fall out of his hand. 30:23 And I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and will disperse them through the countries.

When Egypt is humbled before Babylon they shall know the Eternal and shall turn to the Creator in sincere repentance; as will the apostate  called out of the New Covenant and all the proud who shall be likewise humbled..

30:24 And I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and put my sword in his hand: but I will break Pharaoh’s arms, and he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded man. 30:25 But I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and the arms of Pharaoh shall fall down; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall stretch it out upon the land of Egypt. 30:26 And I will scatter the Egyptians among the nations, and disperse them among the countries; and they shall know that I am the LORD.


Ezekiel 31

Pharaoh as a type of PRIDE: shall fall and be humbled for his pride.

Ezekiel 31:1 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the third month, in the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

The ancient pharaoh,  and today’s modern Pharaoh Abdel Fattah el-Sisi; are proud of their ancient land and of their powerful military.

31:2 Son of man, speak unto Pharaoh king of Egypt, and to his multitude; Whom art thou like in thy greatness?

Egypt is told to consider Assyria and how great this Assyrian empire was, which was defeated by Babylon.  The fall of Assyria being an example for Egypt that she should also fall in the days of Nebuchadnezzar 2, and again in the last days by an even greater ruler of which Nebuchadnezzar was only a type.

31:3 Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an high stature; and his top was among the thick boughs.

The waters being the physical river in ancient Assyria and a type of many peoples.

31:4 The waters made him great, the deep set him up on high with her rivers running round about his plants, and sent her little rivers unto all the trees of the field.

Assyria map

Assyria was a great nation empire above all others.  At her height Assyria even ruled Egypt.

31:5 Therefore his height was exalted above all the trees [other nations] of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth.

31:6 All the fowls of heaven made their nests in his boughs, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young, and under his shadow dwelt all great nations. 31:7 Thus was he fair in his greatness, in the length of his branches: for his root was by great waters.

The trees referring to the families of mankind.  The mighty and the small nations of mankind, created and coming out of Eden the garden of God, could not match Assyria for his greatness and glory at that time.

31:8 The cedars [the peoples coming forth from creation]  in the garden of God could not hide him: the fir trees were not like his boughs, and the chestnut trees were not like his branches; nor any tree in the garden of God was like unto him in his beauty.

31:9 I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches: so that all the trees [all of humanity created in Eden] of Eden, that were in the garden of God, envied him.

31:10 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thou hast lifted up thyself in height [PRIDE], and he hath shot up his top among the thick boughs, and his heart is lifted up in his height; 31:11 I have therefore delivered him into the hand of the mighty one of the heathen;

Because of the pride of Assyria, he was given into the hand of Babylon in those days.

. . . he [Nebuchadnezzar] shall surely deal with him: I have driven him [Assyria] out for his wickedness.

The Assyrian empire was broken for its PRIDE; and we of the latter day physical and spiritual Israel shall also be broken for our great PRIDE!

31:12 And strangers, the terrible of the nations, have cut him off, and have left him: upon the mountains and in all the valleys his branches are fallen, and his boughs are broken by all the rivers of the land; and all the people of the earth are gone down from his shadow, and have left him.

All the beasts [nations] devoured the Assyrian empire in those days.

31:13 Upon his ruin shall all the fowls of the heaven remain, and all the beasts of the field shall be upon his branches:

The ancient Assyrian empire was brought down by God through the sword of Babylon as an object lesson that no nation or people should exalt themselves and be lifted up in their pride. 

31:14 To the end that none of all the trees by the waters exalt themselves for their height, neither shoot up their top among the thick boughs, neither their trees stand up in their height, all that drink water:

The proud who exalt themselves are given over for correction and a mighty fall.  As Assyria the Great fell; so shall Egypt and America fall in the latter days; and so shall the latter day Babylon of the New Europe also fall in her turn!

. . . for they are all delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men, with them that go down to the pit.

Jesus Christ warns us that when the great Assyrian empire fell, the nations mourned in astonishment; and that all who exalt themselves in their pride shall all likewise perish. Many will be astonished at the soon coming fall of Egypt, Judah and America.  If spiritual Israel exalts ourselves and their own ways above the whole Word of God, as we have done and are doing;  We shall all likewise be brought down. 

31:15 Thus saith the Lord GOD; In the day when he went down to the grave I caused a mourning: I covered the deep for him, and I restrained the floods thereof, and the great waters were stayed: and I caused Lebanon to mourn for him, and all the trees of the field fainted for him.

31:16 I made the nations to shake at the sound of his fall, when I cast him down to hell with them that descend into the pit: and all the trees of Eden, the choice and best of Lebanon, all that drink water, shall be comforted in the nether parts of the earth.

31:17 They [the proud] also went down into hell with him unto them that be slain with the sword; and they that were his arm, that dwelt under his shadow in the midst of the heathen.

Egypt is then told that she shall be destroyed; just as the greatness of Assyria was destroyed by ancient Babylon.

To Egypt [and to all the proud] God asks: are you great like Assyria was?  Your pride will be humbled as the pride of Assyria was humbled.

31:18 To whom art thou thus like in glory and in greatness among the trees of Eden? yet shalt thou be brought down with the trees of Eden unto the nether parts of the earth: thou shalt lie in the midst of the uncircumcised with them that be slain by the sword. This is Pharaoh and all his multitude, saith the Lord GOD.


Ezekiel 32

Pharaoh and Egypt fell to Nebuchadnezzar and shall also fall again to the New Europe and its ruler in the latter days.  All the proud of the nations shall also fall.  The proud of today’s apostate Ekklesia who follow their own ways and false traditions, shall also fall so that they might learn to be zealous for the Most High.

Ezekiel 32:1 And it came to pass in the twelfth year, in the twelfth month, in the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

At the time of Nebuchadnezzar Egypt was a great empire; like and in competition with Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar. 

Today Egypt is much weaker, yet Egypt is a client state of the United States and may soon be entangled in an alliance with America and Judah when a new regional security alliance is completed as part of the coming regional peace deal expected in 2017 or soon after.  Then Egypt will have the full support and strength of America and Judah behind her, and that alliance creating the latter day king of the south will be very strong.

32:2 Son of man, take up a lamentation for Pharaoh king of Egypt, and say unto him, Thou art like a young lion of the nations, and thou art as a whale in the seas: and thou camest forth with thy rivers, and troubledst the waters with thy feet, and fouledst their rivers.

As the Eternal brought up Nebuchadnezzar to bring Egypt low; Jesus Christ will bring up the latter day Babylon the Great of the New Europe, to again humble Egypt and her allies; along with spiritual Israel of the New Covenant called out of the Laodicean apostates.

32:3 Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will therefore spread out my net over thee with a company of many people; and they shall bring thee up in my net. 32:4 Then will I leave thee upon the land, I will cast thee forth upon the open field, and will cause all the fowls of the heaven to remain upon thee, and I will fill the beasts of the whole earth with thee. 32:5 And I will lay thy flesh upon the mountains, and fill the valleys with thy height. 32:6 I will also water with thy blood the land wherein thou swimmest, even to the mountains; and the rivers shall be full of thee.

Now speaking of the latter days in the prophecy

32:7 And when I shall put thee out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give her light. 32:8 All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over thee, and set darkness upon thy land, saith the Lord GOD. 32:9 I will also vex the hearts of many people, when I shall bring thy destruction among the nations, into the countries which thou hast not known.

The nations of the earth shall be astonished at the fall of the king of the south; Egypt, Judah, the British peoples and America; and their client states like Ethiopia shall fall into the control of the New Europe of Babylon the Great.

When this New Europe of Babylon the Great rises up and conquers the king of the south; Egypt, Judah, America and the British people; the world will be astonished and astounded and will look up to the New Europe [for a time] in great awe at its power. 

They are not awed that this federal Europe has come into existence; they are awed by its power, when it does the impossible and defeats Judah, the mighty America, Egypt and their allies!

Revelation 13:3  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

The nations shall be made very fearful of the New Europe because they have defeated the king of the south; many people will fear that such destruction might come upon themselves and will submit to Babylon the Great. 

Ezekiel 32:10 Yea, I will make many people amazed at thee, and their kings shall be horribly afraid for thee, when I shall brandish my sword before them; and they shall tremble at every moment, every man for his own life, in the day of thy fall.

As Jesus Christ [not the weak tolerant of sin false Jesus of common thought] brought Nebuchadnezzar against Egypt in the ancient days; so Jesus Christ will use the coming New Federal Europe as the sword of his wrath to humble Egypt, Judah, the British peoples, America and their allies in this latter day.

32:11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; The sword of the king of Babylon shall come upon thee.

32:12 By the swords of the mighty [Babylon and her allies as per Psalm 83] will I cause thy multitude to fall, the terrible of the nations, all of them: and they shall spoil the pomp of Egypt, [Judah and America in the last days] and all the multitude thereof shall be destroyed.

32:13 I will destroy also all the beasts thereof from beside the great waters; neither shall the foot of man trouble them any more, nor the hoofs of beasts trouble them.

Verse 14 is an inset verse of the post tribulation millennial blessings.

32:14 Then will I make their waters deep, and cause their rivers to run like oil, saith the Lord GOD.

Then when Messiah comes all shall know that the Eternal is God, and beside HIM there is NO other!

32:15 When I shall make the land of Egypt desolate, and the country shall be destitute of that whereof it was full, when I shall smite all them that dwell therein, then shall they know that I am the LORD.

When Egypt, America and Judah fall, the nations shall lament; for as bad as we have been, Babylon the Great of the New Europe will be far harsher.

32:16 This is the lamentation wherewith they shall lament her: the daughters of the nations shall lament her: they shall lament for her, even for Egypt, and for all her multitude, saith the Lord GOD.

Christ calls for the humbling of Egypt and her allies.

32:17 It came to pass also in the twelfth year, in the fifteenth day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 32:18 Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them down, even her, and the daughters of the famous nations, unto the nether parts of the earth, with them that go down into the pit.

As the beautiful powerful Egypt of ancient times did fall; so shall the mighty king of the South alliance of Egypt, Judah and the nations of physical and spiritual Israel fall in this latter day.

32:19 Whom dost thou pass in beauty? go down, and be thou laid with the uncircumcised. 32:20 They shall fall in the midst of them that are slain by the sword: she is delivered to the sword: draw her and all her multitudes.

All men weak or strong have the same end, which is the grave.  Here the mighty figuratively speak to the fallen of the king of the south from hell [the grave]

32:21 The strong among the mighty shall speak to him out of the midst of hell [the grave] with them that help him: they are gone down, they lie uncircumcised, slain by the sword.

32:22 Asshur [The ancient Assyrian Empire that was destroyed by Babylon is in the grave] is there and all her company: his graves are about him: all of them slain, fallen by the sword: [of Babylon]  32:23 Whose graves are set in the sides of the pit, and her company is round about her grave: all of them slain, fallen by the sword [of Babylon], which caused terror in the land of the living.

All the mighty shall fall and be humbled before God for their great pride.  The armies of the nations shall fall at Jerusalem when Christ comes with his chosen.  Then Egypt, Judah and the nations of Israel [America, the British, Scandinavia, and the Low Countries] shall be delivered and comforted, V 31. 

32:24 There is Elam [the Slavs, Poland] and all her multitude round about her grave, all of them slain, fallen by the sword, which are gone down uncircumcised into the nether parts of the earth, which caused their terror in the land of the living; yet have they borne their shame with them that go down to the pit. 32:25 They have set her a bed in the midst of the slain with all her multitude: her graves are round about him: all of them uncircumcised, slain by the sword: though their terror was caused in the land of the living, yet have they borne their shame with them that go down to the pit: he is put in the midst of them that be slain.

32:26 There is Meshech [Moscow], Tubal [Tobolsk capitol of Siberia today], and all her multitude: her graves are round about him: all of them uncircumcised, slain by the sword, though they caused their terror in the land of the living.

32:27 And they shall not lie with the mighty that are fallen of the uncircumcised, which are gone down to hell with their weapons of war: and they have laid their swords under their heads, but their iniquities shall be upon their bones, though they were the terror of the mighty in the land of the living. 32:28 Yea, thou shalt be broken in the midst of the uncircumcised, and shalt lie with them that are slain with the sword.

32:29 There is Edom [Turkey and Turkmenistan], her kings, and all her princes, which with their might are laid by them that were slain by the sword: they shall lie with the uncircumcised, and with them that go down to the pit.

32:30 There be the princes of the north, all of them, and all the Zidonians [Lebanon], which are gone down with the slain; with their terror they are ashamed of their might; and they lie uncircumcised with them that be slain by the sword, and bear their shame with them that go down to the pit.

In the latter day tribulation war timeline; the king of the south; Egypt, Judah, and physical and spiritual Israel fall first.  Then a victorious New Europe takes over the client states of these countries and rules until the third year.  In the third year Babylon the Great of Europe goes forth to attack Asia and the armies of Asia flood into the Middle East where the leader of Babylon has fled.  Then Jesus Christ will come and destroy all the armies gathered there; to liberate Judah, Israel and Egypt. 

32:31 Pharaoh shall see them, and shall be comforted over all his multitude, even Pharaoh and all his army slain by the sword, saith the Lord GOD. 32:32 For I have caused my terror in the land of the living: and he shall be laid in the midst of the uncircumcised with them that are slain with the sword, even Pharaoh and all his multitude, saith the Lord GOD.


Ezekiel 33

The responsibility of a Watchman; either God’s watchman or one chosen by the people.

Brethren, in reality all leaders and elders are to be the people’s watchmen; to continually exhort God’s people [and the whole world] to eschew all sin and to be wholeheartedly zealous to keep the whole Word of God. 

What are Watchmen?  They are those who continually watch over the welfare of the Ekklesia, and who warn of coming correction for apostates, while encouraging all to be wholeheartedly faithful to our Mighty God! 

What did all the men of God do throughout the Bible, but teach faithfulness to our Covenant with our Husband and zeal for the Lamb of our Salvation; and warn of the consequences of sin? 

Today many leaders and elders have gone astray and are leading the flock to follow their own false traditions; instead of teaching a passionate zeal for our Awesome King!

2 Timothy 4  I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; 4:2  Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

If the watchman does his job, then the people who hear the warnings and do not sincerely respond and repent, will bear their own guilt; they have been warned and they have rejected the warning and refused to STOP their evil deeds.


Ezekiel 33

Ezekiel 33:1 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 33:2 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: 33:3 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; 33:4 Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. 33:5 He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.

Brethren, the elders, leaders and watchmen have a responsibility to exhort and warn the people and they have a command from Almighty God to: 

Isaiah 58  Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.  

Brethren; Why is there no one to proclaim the sins of the people and turn them to a passion for their Husband, the love of their youth?  Why will today’s elders and leaders lead the Ekklesia into the sin of following false ways, instead of proclaiming the warning, and teaching sincere repentance and a passionate zeal for the truth?   

I have no choice but to stand in the breach and warn the brethren.

Ezekiel 33:6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

Ezekiel is set up by God as the Watchman of Israel for his day and for our day through his writings.

33:7 So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.

It was Ezekiel’s personal responsibility to warn and call to repentance physical and spiritual Judah and Israel. 

Today all of the leaders, elders and brethren have this same duty to proclaim the gospel of warning, repentance and the way to salvation; to turn people away from all sin and teach a passionate zeal to learn and to keep the whole Word of God (Mat 28:19-0)!

33:8 When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. 33:9 Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.

We, like Ezekiel, are not only to warn, but we are to teach repentance and the ONLY way of salvation; which is to zealously live by every Word of God, sincerely repenting of past sins.

33:10 Therefore, O thou son of man, speak unto the house of Israel; Thus ye speak, saying, If our transgressions and our sins be upon us, and we pine away in them, how should we then live?

Why have we chosen correction and death; Oh physical AND spiritual house of Israel?  Turn ye quickly from following your idols of men and their false traditions;  Turn quickly to an enthusiastic zeal for God and his Word; to learn it, to keep it, and to follow the Lamb [Word] of God withersoever he goes!

33:11 Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?

The one who is righteous through living by every Word of God for a lifetime and then transgresses in the end shall not be saved; he shall surely be corrected for his sin.

33:12 Therefore, thou son of man, say unto the children of thy people, The righteousness of the righteous shall not deliver him in the day of his transgression:

Yet, if the wicked sincerely repents and turns from his evil ways to embrace the whole Word of God; he shall be forgiven.

. . . as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall thereby in the day that he turneth from his wickedness; neither shall the righteous be able to live for his righteousness in the day that he sinneth.

If the righteous is lifted up in pride and begins to trust in his OWN ways,  like the Ekklesia of today;  he shall be corrected and if he does not sincerely repent he shall die and none of his righteousness shall be remembered!

33:13 When I shall say to the righteous, that he shall surely live; if he trust to his own righteousness, and commit iniquity, all his righteousnesses shall not be remembered; but for his iniquity that he hath committed, he shall die for it.

Brethren, if we sincerely repent of our sin in idolizing men and begin to love and obey our LORD wholeheartedly; then we shall be delivered.  But if we continue in our false ways to idolize and follow men AWAY from any zeal to keep the Word of God:  We shall surely be rejected by Christ and be cast into the correction of great tribulation.

33:14 Again, when I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; if he turn from his sin, and do that which is lawful and right; 33:15 If the wicked restore the pledge, give again that he had robbed, walk in the statutes of life, without committing iniquity; he shall surely live, he shall not die. 33:16 None of his sins that he hath committed shall be mentioned unto him: he hath done that which is lawful and right; he shall surely live.

The people might claim that God not remembering their righteousness because of their turning away into sin is not good, and Almighty God answers them:

33:17 Yet the children of thy people say, The way of the Lord is not equal: but as for them, their way is not equal.

Jesus Christ – not the false tolerant of sin Christ, the Jesus of the imagination of evil doers who want to remain in their sins – but the real Jesus Christ, the Mighty Champion of Righteousness, proclaims:

33:18 When the righteous turneth from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, he shall even die thereby.  33:19 But if the wicked turn from his wickedness, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall live thereby.

Every person including spiritual Israel shall be judged according to their own actions, words and deeds, by every Word of God!

33:20 Yet ye say, The way of the Lord is not equal. O ye house of Israel, I will judge you every one after his ways.

Then those captive in Babylon heard that Jerusalem had fallen. 

33:21 And it came to pass in the twelfth year of our captivity, in the tenth month, in the fifth day of the month, that one that had escaped out of Jerusalem came unto me, saying, The city is smitten.

Ezekiel had been dumb and unable to speak during this time [during the time Ezekiel had been writing his messages] and when the word of God was fulfilled concerning Jerusalem the voice of Ezekiel was restored.

33:22 Now the hand of the LORD was upon me in the evening, afore he that was escaped came; and had opened my mouth, until he came to me in the morning; and my mouth was opened, and I was no more dumb.

God then inspires Ezekiel to prophesy of the countryside of Judea.  Judah claims that because they are many they shall remain in the countryside.

33:23 Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 33:24 Son of man, they that inhabit those wastes of the land of Israel speak, saying, Abraham was one, and he inherited the land: but we are many; the land is given us for inheritance.

God gives a few reasons why they shall be removed from the land in those days and again in our days. 

1. We eat meat without properly bleeding.

2.  We are zealous for our idols of men and corporate entities and their false traditions. 

3.  We spiritually shed blood by turning people away from any zeal for God’s Word to follow and be zealous for our corporate idols of men. 

4.  We depend on the sword [war and bullying] 

5.  We are full of abominations like calling the Sabbaths holy and then polluting them. 

6.  The Ekklesia is full of spiritual adultery, loving others instead of loving and being faithful to the Husband of our baptismal commitment. 

We shall be corrected along with physical Israel in this latter day.  The spiritually called out shall NOT inherit the spiritual Promised Land of eternal life, unless we sincerely and wholeheartedly repent and turn to live by every Word of God.

33:25 Wherefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Ye eat with the blood, and lift up your eyes toward your idols, and shed blood: and shall ye possess the land? 33:26 Ye stand upon your sword, ye work abomination, and ye defile every one his neighbour’s wife: and shall ye possess the land?

Both physical Israel and the apostate spiritual Israel of the Ekklesia shall be corrected in the furnace of affliction; that through the suffering of the flesh, the spirit may be humbled and saved.

33:27 Say thou thus unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; As I live, surely they that are in the wastes shall fall by the sword, and him that is in the open field will I give to the beasts to be devoured, and they that be in the forts and in the caves shall die of the pestilence. 33:28 For I will lay the land most desolate, and the pomp of her strength shall cease; and the mountains [governments]  of Israel shall be desolate, that none shall pass through.

33:29 Then shall they know that I am the LORD, when I have laid the land most desolate because of all their abominations which they have committed.

People hear, but they will not take warning and sincerely repent at Ezekiel’s warnings. 

So it is in this time, the word has gone out and the brethren [as a whole] have not responded, the call to repentance has been made and the children do not sincerely repent, mourning over their sins;  even as Jesus said: 

Matthew 11:16   But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows, 11:17 And saying, We have piped [sung, told the Word] unto you, and ye have not danced [have not responded to join with us in godliness]; we have mourned [over all the sins of the people] unto you, and ye have not lamented [the people have not repented].

Ezekiel 33:30 Also, thou son of man, the children of thy people still are talking against thee by the walls and in the doors of the houses, and speak one to another, every one to his brother, saying, Come, I pray you, and hear what is the word that cometh forth from the LORD.

33:31 And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as my people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them: for with their mouth they shew much love, but their heart goeth after their covetousness. 

This same thing is true today.

33:32 And, lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument: for they hear thy words, but they do them not.

33:33 And when this [the correction] cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.


Ezekiel 34

Ezekiel 34 is addressed to the physical and the spiritual leaders of physical and spiritual Israel  It is a precise description of the national and religious leaders of physical and spiritual Judah and Israel today:  Including the called out Ekklesia. 

The term “shepherds” refers to the physical and spiritual leaders; and It is a very accurate description of the nations of Israel and of today’s called out spiritual leaders and elders of the Ekklesia.

These words are about all who are guilty of what is being described.  That applies to both national leaders and to the leaders of the church of God.  If we do these things, than this applies to us, no matter what exalted title we take for ourselves or what we may think of ourselves. 

Remember that all these things were recorded for us and for our instruction.  The sins of physical Israel are an instructional example for us that we should learn from; so that we may avoid their sins and if found in them, that we may quickly repent. 

2 Timothy 3:16   All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 3:17  That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Ezekiel 34:1 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 34:2 Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them,

Jesus Christ condemns the spiritual shepherds of the church of God for enriching themselves while not feeding the flock the spiritual food of the whole Word of God.  This is especially true in today’s called out Ekklesia .  They teach the brethren to idolize themselves and their false traditions while extorting as much as they can; at the same time attacking and ridiculing any zeal to keep the Word of God. 

. . . Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

It is the job of the elders to feed the flock the pure unadulterated and whole Word of God!  Not to exalt themselves above the Word of God to teach idolatry of themselves and their false teachings!  They take the holy tithes and offerings for themselves by deceit, having no zeal to obey the Eternal or to keep His Word.

34:3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.

Today’s church of God has not healed the spiritually sick by strongly rebuking sin and exhorting to passion to learn and keep God’s Word!  Indeed there are very many bullies who rule for their own advantage;  bleeding the brethren [including the poor and the widows] while living in comparative luxury.

34:4 The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.

Very many brethren have fallen away to false teachings; because they have NOT been grounded in sound doctrine, but have been taught to follow men!

34:5 And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered. 34:6 My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them.

Jesus Christ condemns the church of God and its organizations and elders for their wickedness.

34:7 Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD;

Because the elders and leaders of today’s Ekklesia have taught the sheep to follow idols of men and the false traditions of men, and did not feed the sheep with the pure Word of God; judgment will come upon them.  They are false Watchmen who did not give the alarm and warn and teach the brethren to be zealous for the righteousness of the whole Word of God; and to follow the Lamb without any hint of turning aside! 

34:8 As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock;

This speaks of the tribulation and the deliverance of our nations from our wicked leaders.  It also speaks of the deliverance of the spiritual brethren from the false leaders and elders who have infiltrated the assemblies and lead the brethren away from any zeal for God, to be zealous for themselves and their false teachings (Mat 24).

The judgment of Jesus Christ against the leaders and elders of today’s Laodicean church of God:

34:9 Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD; 34:10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.

Jesus Christ will search out physical Israel from wherever they have been scattered when he comes.

Jesus Christ will also search out and deliver his sheep who know his voice and who are zealous for his Word, to follow HIM withersoever HE goeth!  He will bring them to himself through the power of his Spirit!  He will separate the faithful and zealous for him from the wicked, and he will preserve the faithful from the correction now about to fall upon the apostates. 

Yes, Jesus Christ and God the Father are authors of division!  They divide those who faithfully and zealously follow them, to life everlasting; separating them from the wicked who love their own ways and who’s end is death!

Zechariah 4:6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.

The following is speaking of the restoration of physical Israel after the tribulation, and is a type of Christ delivering spiritual Israel from the false shepherds.

Ezekiel 34:11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out.

34:12 As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day [Day of Christ’s coming]. 34:13 And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country.

Then the Good Shepherd will feed all Israel [and all humanity] with the good food and water fo the whole Word of God.

34:14 I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be: there shall they lie in a good fold, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. 34:15 I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down [to rest in peace], saith the Lord GOD.

Jesus Christ will deliver his flock; BOTH the spiritual flock and the physical flock of the House of Israel.

34:16 I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick:

Jesus Christ will destroy the proud and the ill-gotten riches of both physical and spiritual Israel.  Our centers of idolatry and idols of men and our organizational corporate church idols shall be destroyed.

. . . but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment.

Jesus Christ is going to judge those who have apostatized to idols of men; and is going to separate them from the faithful and godly righteous who are zealous to follow the Lamb and to live by every Word of God. 

In those days sheep and goats as well as cows were called cattle in Hebrew; the phrase greater cattle referring to cows and the term lesser cattle meaning sheep and goats.  Yes God is going to divide the people between the faithful who live by every Word of God and the faithless who stand on their own false imaginations.

34:17 And as for you, O my flock, thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I judge between cattle and cattle, between the rams and the he goats.

The following is so apt a description of what very many elders and leaders have done in the Ekklesia today; taking the best for themselves and leaving the residue for the flock, while teaching the brethren to esteem them and their word above the Word of God.

34:18 Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have eaten up the good pasture, but ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pastures? and to have drunk of the deep waters, but ye must foul the residue with your feet? 34:19 And as for my flock, they eat that which ye have trodden with your feet; and they drink that which ye have fouled with your feet.

Jesus Christ is going to judge and divide his people between the faithful and the wicked.

34:20 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD unto them; Behold, I, even I, will judge between the fat cattle and between the lean cattle.  34:21 Because ye have thrust with side and with shoulder, and pushed all the diseased with your horns, till ye have scattered them abroad; 34:22 Therefore will I save my flock, and they shall no more be a prey; and I will judge between cattle and cattle.

Here is a prophecy of the millennium. As David will shepherd physical Israel under Christ; Jesus Christ will shepherd all humanity as King of all kings over all the earth.

34:23 And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. 34:24 And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them; I the LORD have spoken it.

34:25 And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land: and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and sleep [safely] in the woods. 34:26 And I will make them and the places round about my hill [Millennial Temple] a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.

During the millennium the earth shall be fruitful physically and spiritually because the resurrected spiritual Israel shall teach the righteousness of the whole Word of God to all peoples.

34:27 And the tree of the field shall yield her fruit, and the earth shall yield her increase, and they shall be safe in their land, and shall know that I am the LORD, when I have broken the bands of their yoke, and delivered them out of the hand of those that served themselves of them.

Then the brethren of physical and spiritual Israel shall no more be a prey for false teachers.

34:28 And they shall no more be a prey to the heathen, neither shall the beast of the land devour them; but they shall dwell safely, and none shall make them afraid.

There shall be no more famine of food, nor any more a famine of the true Word for God, as there is this day.  Today the corporate Ekklesia factions spend millions preaching a false gospel, while they reject the truth for their own false teachings; and there is a scarcity of the truth and Word of God in the world today. 

34:29 And I will raise up for them a plant [nation] of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.

34:30 Thus shall they know that I the LORD their God am with them, and that they, even the house of Israel, are my people, saith the Lord GOD.  34:31 And ye my flock, the flock of my pasture, are men, and I am your God, saith the Lord GOD.


Ezekiel 35

Mount Seir was named for Seir, the Horite, whose offspring had inhabited the area (Genesis 14:6, 36:20) until the children of Esau (the Edomites) completely destroyed or absorbed the Horites and took possession of the city (Deuteronomy 2:4-5, 12, 22).

From that time Mount Seir has become synonymous with Esau who took possession of Seir and destroyed the Horites living there. (Genesis 32:3; 33:14, 16; 36:8; Joshua 24:4).  

The main cities of Esau  [Edom] were Seir and Petra until they migrated north into the area now called the Stan countries, particularly Turkmenistan with many later moving on to Turkey. SEE The Origins of the Ottoman Empire to view the history of how the Turks of Turkmenistan migrated to and took control of Turkey. 

Isaiah 11 and Amos 9, prophesies about the millennium and the countries that Israel shall rule over at that time. 

Amos 9:11 In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old: 9:12  That they may possess the remnant of Edom, and of all the heathen, which are called by my name, saith the Lord that doeth this.

 Edom is also the subject of Obadiah

Ezekiel 35:1 Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 35:2 Son of man, set thy face against mount Seir [Edom, the modern Turkmens and Turkey], and prophesy against it, 35:3 And say unto it,

Late in the tribulation and at its end, Jesus Christ will correct and humble the Edomites of Turkey and Turkmenistan, by the sword of the armies of Asia who will pour through the land of the Turk towards Jerusalem; that they might know the Eternal in sincere repentance at the coming of Christ and the millennial kingdom.

. . . Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, O mount Seir, I am against thee, and I will stretch out mine hand against thee, and I will make thee most desolate. 35:4 I will lay thy cities waste, and thou shalt be desolate, and thou shalt know that I am the LORD.

Because the Turks will join in against Judah (Psalm 83) when Judah is defeated and taken by the surrounding countries and the New Europe; the Turks and all the people surrounding the Jewish State shall be sorely corrected by the men of Asia.

See Psalm 83:  Edom [mainly Turkey], Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon and the true Arab people will ally themselves with Ashur [Germany and the New Europe] against Judah, Israel [America, the British peoples, the Scandinavians, and the Low Countries]  and Egypt in the last days. 

When the tribulation comes to humble Israel and make an end of their iniquity, these surrounding nations will not sincerely repent at the example of God correcting his people; no, they will rejoice and take part in the shedding of the blood of their brother and continue in their own wickedness.

35:5 Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end:

Then vast armies from Asia, armies of scores of millions; part of an army of 200 million, will sweep through the land of the Turks, the land of the Syrians and Lebanese, the land of Jordan, the Arab States and the land of Gaza.  These nations shall all be crushed under their correction from God by the sword of the east; so that all Israel may be saved and become the dominant nation over the entire region.  All these nations will end up serving God, Christ, David and Israel during the millennium!

35:6 Therefore, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, I will prepare thee unto blood, and blood shall pursue thee: sith thou hast not hated blood, even blood shall pursue thee. 35:7 Thus will I make mount Seir [Edom, Turkey] most desolate, and cut off from it him that passeth out and him that returneth. 35:8 And I will fill his mountains with his slain men: in thy hills, and in thy valleys, and in all thy rivers, shall they fall that are slain with the sword. 35:9 I will make thee perpetual desolations, and thy cities shall not [be rebuilt] return: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

The two countries being Judea [Judah] and Samaria [Israel].  Esau [Edom] proposing to take by force the land that he had sold to Jacob.

35:10 Because thou hast said, These two nations and these two countries shall be mine, and we will possess it;

By selling his birthright for a bowl of stew, Esau showed how little he regarded his birthright, and disqualified himself to receive it.

Even so, those of spiritual Israel who do not value their birthright and disregard it for temptation or in the face of trials in this life, have lost the birthright of being kings and priests of God forever! 

Esau sold his birthright of possession of the promised land for a bowl of stew; and a great many in today’s church of God have sold their birthright of eternal life as kings and priests in the spiritual Promised Land, by seeking their own pleasure and buying food and drink on God’s Sabbath days; both weekly and annual! 

Was not the sin of Esau recorded for our example and instruction?  Yet today the spiritual Ekklesia of the New Covenant Called Out are even worse than Esau!  For we are supposed to have God’s Spirit! We are supposed to know better! 

Esau [Edom and  Mount Seir; modern Turkey and Turkmenistan] shall be punished for hating their brother and shedding the blood of Judah; and Esau shall be overrun by the men of Asia and then be  given to king David to rule over them in the millennium. 

Esau shall be corrected for his hatred and envy against his brother.  Yes Jacob took advantage of Esau, yet Esau was not forced to sell his birthright and did so out of his own disregard for the value of his birthright; just as most of today’s brethren have no regard for the birthright of their calling. 

The next time you enter that restaurant or your organization has a catered meal on any Sabbath or Holy Day: Remember the birthright of your calling; and turn around and walk right out again!

. . . whereas the LORD was there: 35:11 Therefore, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, I will even do according to thine anger, and according to thine envy which thou hast used out of thy hatred against them; and I will make myself known among them, when I have judged thee.

35:12 And thou shalt know that I am the LORD, and that I have heard all thy blasphemies [invective]  which thou hast spoken against the mountains of Israel, saying, They are laid desolate, they are given us to consume.

As Edom vented his rage with cursing against Judah and Israel; he was also blaspheming the God who has chosen them for his own.

35:13 Thus with your mouth ye have boasted against me, and have multiplied your words against me: I have heard them.

When Christ comes to begin the millennium, the whole earth will have been humbled and will accept Messiah with great rejoicing.  Then the small remnant of Edom shall also repent, but their land will be desolate and given to Israel as a vassal state.

35:14 Thus saith the Lord GOD; When the whole earth rejoiceth, I will make thee desolate.

Because Edom will rejoice at the desolation of Judah and Israel; God will make Edom [Turkey and Turkmenistan] desolate.

35:15 As thou didst rejoice at the inheritance of the house of Israel, because it was desolate, so will I do unto thee: thou shalt be desolate, O mount Seir [Esau, Edom], and all Idumea, even all of it: and they shall know that I am the LORD.


Ezekiel 36

A proclamation of the millennial restoration of Israel and the desolation of the surrounding countries.  In this case the prophecy is directed at the actual physical land of promise, promising that she will again be inhabited and be abundantly productive in the millennium.

Ezekiel 36:1 Also, thou son of man, prophesy unto the mountains  of  Israel, and say, Ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the LORD:

36:2 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because the enemy hath said against you, Aha, even the ancient high places are ours in possession: 36:3 Therefore prophesy and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because they have made you desolate, and swallowed you up on every side, that ye might be a possession unto the residue of the heathen, and ye are taken up in the lips of talkers, and are an infamy of the people:

36:4 Therefore, ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thus saith the Lord GOD to the mountains, and to the hills, to the rivers, and to the valleys, to the desolate wastes, and to the cities that are forsaken, which became a prey and derision to the residue of the heathen that are round about;

Messiah will correct apostate physical and spiritual Israel in the tribulation, because she is greatly beloved and Christ wants her to sincerely repent and return to him! At his coming physical Israel will repent and be grafted into spiritual Israel!  The surrounding nations that rejoiced and tried to gain advantage from the fall of God’s beloved – when they were wicked themselves – will also be corrected in their turn!

An inset about Turkey

Jesus Christ will pour out his wrath on Turkey and the nations surrounding Israel; for their hatreds and lust to take the land and destroy the sons of Jacob;  for God corrects Israel, not to destroy her; but to turn her BACK to HIM for she is his beloved, the apple of his eye!

36:5 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Surely in the fire of my jealousy have I spoken against the residue of the heathen, and against all Idumea [Turkey], which have appointed [sought to take the land] my land into their possession with the joy of all their heart, with despiteful minds, to cast it out for a prey.

The prophecy returns to Israel

After Israel has been corrected and sincerely repented to turn back to delight themselves in the LORD; those who have hated and vexed Israel and Judah; and desired the complete destruction of those called out of Egypt; shall surely bear their own sins. 

36:6 Prophesy therefore concerning the land of Israel, and say unto the mountains, and to the hills, to the rivers, and to the valleys, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I have spoken in my jealousy and in my fury, because ye have borne the shame [been hated by] of the heathen:

The nations surrounding Israel will also be corrected like Israel for their sins.

36:7 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; I have lifted up mine hand, Surely the heathen that are about you, they shall bear their shame.

The millennial blessings on physical Israel.

Spiritual Israel shall be exalted to the gift of eternal life, and physical Israel shall inherit the land promised to Abraham and will dominate the surrounding nations.  Yet both physical Israel and the nations shall be grafted into spiritual Israel and will have the opportunity of eternal life.

36:8 But ye, O mountains [governments, tribes, nations] of Israel, ye shall shoot forth your branches, and yield your fruit to my people of Israel; for they are at hand to come.

36:9 For, behold, I am for you, and I will turn unto you, and ye shall be tilled and sown: 36:10 And I will multiply men upon you, all the house of Israel, even all of it: and the cities shall be inhabited, and the wastes shall be builded: 36:11 And I will multiply upon you man and beast; and they shall increase and bring fruit: and I will settle you after your old estates, and will do better unto you than at your beginnings: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

The restoration of physical Israel to the physical promised land

36:12 Yea, I will cause men to walk upon you, even my people Israel; and they shall possess thee, and thou shalt be their inheritance, and thou shalt no more henceforth bereave them of men.

In the millennium the nations of Israel shall no more be bereaved by violence and shall be blessed beyond today’s imagination, for all shall know and be zealous for the LORD GOD of Israel.

36:13 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because they say unto you, Thou land devourest up men, and hast bereaved thy nations: 36:14 Therefore thou shalt devour men no more, neither bereave thy nations any more, saith the Lord GOD.

No longer shall the heathen hate any more, but will come up to worship the Eternal at Jerusalem, sincerely repenting and being grafted into Israel themselves!  and the nations of Israel shall suffer no longer.

36:15 Neither will I cause men to hear in thee the shame of the heathen any more, neither shalt thou bear the reproach of the people any more, neither shalt thou cause thy nations to fall any more, saith the Lord GOD.

The punishment in great tribulation of BOTH physical and spiritual Israel will come upon us for doing our own ways and not being zealous for the ways of God.  Today physical and spiritual Israel are disgusting to Jesus Christ, for we follow our idols of men and their false traditions, and we reject any zeal to follow the Husband of our baptismal commitment. 

36:16 Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 36:17 Son of man, when the house of Israel dwelt in their own land, they defiled it by their own way and by their doings: their way was before me as the uncleanness of a removed woman.

As the nations of Israel and the apostate Ekklesia have rejected the Eternal: We will be rejected by Jesus Christ, the Husband of our baptismal commitment, because we have rejected any zeal for HIM and are full of spiritual adulteries with many idols of men (Rev 3:14-22). 

Therefore the called out of spiritual Israel, along with physical Israel; will be cast into the fiery furnace of correction in the great tribulation, that we might be humbled and return in sincere repentance to our Mighty God.

36:18 Wherefore I poured my fury upon them for the blood that they had shed upon the land, and for their idols wherewith they had polluted it: 36:19 And I scattered them among the heathen, and they were dispersed through the countries: according to their way and according to their doings I judged them.

In calling ourselves the people of God or the church of God we blaspheme and profane God’s name, because we will not live by the Word of God and therefore are NOT the people of God.

36:20 And when they entered unto the heathen, whither they went, they [physical and spiritual Israel] profaned my holy name, when they said to them, These are the people of the LORD, and are gone forth out of his land.

Then God will deliver his called out people, not for their sakes for they are most wicked; but for the sake of His reputation that he might be glorified by all people.

36:21 But I had pity for mine holy name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the heathen, whither they went.

Then Messiah will come and His holiness will be revealed that all peoples might glorify HIM!

36:22 Therefore say unto the house of Israel, thus saith the Lord GOD; I do not this for your sakes, O house of Israel, but for mine holy name’s sake, which ye have profaned among the heathen, whither ye went. 36:23 And I will sanctify my great name, which was profaned among the heathen, which ye have profaned in the midst of them; and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, saith the Lord GOD, when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes.

The Eternal shall correct Israel and all humanity to humble them; and He shall deliver all Israel and all of humanity;  that Israel and all people will know Him and exalt him above all their idols. 

36:24 For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.

When Messiah comes; he will wash away sins, with the washing of the whole Word of God; so that our own ways may be washed away and replaced with the holiness of the Word of God. 

Ephesians 5:25 . . . . even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;  5:26  That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,  5:27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church [Ekklesia, Bride], not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

Ezekiel 36:25 Then will I sprinkle clean water [the Word of God] upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.

Jeremiah 31:31   Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:

31:32  Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord:

31:33  But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

31:34  And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

31:35  Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The Lord of hosts is his name:

No more will spiritual or physical Israel follow idols of men and the false traditions of men!  Then every person will live by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God! 

Matthew 4:4  But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. 

Matthew 4:10   Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Ezekiel 36:26 A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. 36:27 And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.

As physical Israel will enter the physical promised land on their repentance and the Holy Spirit will be poured out on them, enabling them to keep and to live by every Word of God (Joel 2:28);  so those in called out spiritual Israel who sincerely repent of their apostasy of following idols of men, and who  fully internalize the whole Word of God, living by every Word of God,  shall enter the spiritual Promised Land of eternal life!

36:28 And ye shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; and ye shall be my people, and I will be your God.

As physical Israel and all of humanity are cleansed from all uncleanness of sin; so the sincerely repentant of spiritual Israel shall be cleansed from all uncleanness of sin, and from all blemishes of evil (Eph 5:27).

As physical Israel will have no more physical famine;  spiritual Israel will never again suffer from a famine, a lack of, or scarcity of the Word of God, as they do today!

36:29 I will also save you from all your uncleannesses: and I will call for the corn [grain], and will increase it, and lay no famine upon you.

Much physical fruit is analogous to the bountiful spiritual fruit of the millennium and beyond.  The tree of life is Jesus Christ, not any particular man or organization. 

If we abide in men and organizations, and have no zeal to learn, to keep and to fully internalize the whole Word of God; we have no spiritual life abiding in us! 

It is only by abiding in Christ and the whole Word of God, that we may be spiritually fruitful and have eternal life abiding in us.

John 15:1 I am the true vine [trunk of the tree, the Logos the whole Word of God], and my Father is the husbandman. 15:2 Every branch in me that beareth not fruit [is NOT faithful and zealous to live by every Word of God as Christ does] he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit [living by EVERY WORD of GOD], he purgeth [trims and trains] it, that it may bring forth more fruit.

If we abide in the Word of God, doing those things that please Christ and God the Father; they will abide in us through the Spirit of God.  If we are NOT zealous to KEEP the Word of God; WE ARE NONE OF HIS!

Remember that, when you are asked by your elder to pollute the Sabbath; take Passover and observe High Days on the wrong dates, or in the wrong ways; or are told that you need not eat Unleavened Bread every day of the Feast as God has commanded. 

Remember after washing the disciple’s feet; they were all clean except one who was washed but not clean having sin.  That one being the person who did not spiritually abide in Christ the true VINE

15:3 Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

Beware false Christ’s who tolerate sin and are not filled with Christ-like zeal to live by every Word of God; Because without a firm close FULL UNITY with the true Christ who lives by every Word of God; our religion is vain and meaningless, and falls to the status of a human social club.

15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

To be grafted into the true vine of Christ; we MUST be called of God the Father; believe, repent and be baptized for the remission of sins to be granted. And IF we remain abiding in God; with him dwelling us; IF we follow the Holy Spirit’s lead into all truth diligently keeping God’s Word, then we shall bear much fruit!

15:6 If a man abide not in me  [living in Christ-like zeal to live by EVERY WORD of GOD], he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

Those who compromise with any part of the whole Word of God , which Christ loves; and who tolerate sin, which Christ hates; will be rejected and cast into the furnace of affliction; and if they still do not repent, cast into the fire of ultimate destruction.

15:7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. 15:8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

15:9 As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.

“Continue in my love” means that Christ wants our loving relationship with HIM to continue, through our learning and keeping the Word that he has preached; which is to do God the Father’s will and live by every Word of God.

Watch Out!  Many will teach to keep the commandments, but by commandments they mean their own false traditions and not the whole Word of God.

15:10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.

What did Christ command us?  He kept the whole Word of God fully and we are to do likewise, living as he lived and as he will live in us. 

Jesus Christ lived a life of perfect obedience to his beloved Father, and he will live a life of perfect obedience to God the Father in us!

Matthew 19:17 . . . . but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments

Ezekiel 36:30 And I will multiply the fruit of the tree, and the increase of the field, that ye shall receive no more reproach of famine among the heathen.

When Messiah comes, there will be sincere repentance for physical Israel and Judah, and for the apostates among spiritual Israel!

36:31 Then shall ye remember your own evil ways, and your doings that were not good, and shall lothe yourselves in your own sight for your iniquities and for your abominations.

God will do this to keep his promises and not because of any good in us.

36:32 Not for your sakes do I this, saith the Lord GOD, be it known unto you: be ashamed and confounded for your own ways, O house of Israel.

The millennial blessings of physical Israel are a type of the tremendous abundance of godliness and passionate zeal to learn and to live by every Word of God in all the earth. .

Isaiah 11:9   They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Ezekiel 36:33 Thus saith the Lord GOD; In the day that I shall have cleansed you from all your iniquities I will also cause you to dwell in the cities, and the wastes shall be builded. 36:34 And the desolate land shall be tilled, whereas it lay desolate in the sight of all that passed by.  36:35 And they shall say, This land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden; and the waste and desolate and ruined cities are become fenced, and are inhabited.

When the Eternal has done this; the deceits of the idols of men who seek their own followings for their own false traditions will perish, and all the earth shall know that the Eternal is God, and the nations will come up to Jerusalem to worship the Father and to accept the Kingship of Messiah and his chosen; to learn and to keep the righteousness of the whole Word of God! 

36:36 Then the heathen that are left round about you shall know that I the LORD build the ruined places, and plant that that was desolate: I the LORD have spoken it, and I will do it.

Then all the earth shall know

Deuteronomy 4:35   Unto thee it was shewed [and recorded for us today], that thou mightest know that the LORD he is God; there is none else beside him.

We are to hear and keep the whole Word of God!  which was written by the authors under heavenly inspiration from God Almighty!

4:36 Out of heaven he made thee to hear his voice, that he might instruct thee: and upon earth he shewed thee his great fire; and thou heardest his words out of the midst of the fire.

4:37 And because he loved thy fathers [God has kept his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob], therefore he chose their seed after them, and brought thee out in his sight with his mighty power out of Egypt;

Spiritually the Lamb of God has overcome the Adversary by the mighty deeds of a perfect life and a perfect sacrifice to redeem his people.   

4:38 To drive out nations from before thee greater and mightier than thou art  [Satan is mightier than we and God has called us out and delivered us from his bondage and given us his kingdoms of the whole earth, if we faint not], to bring thee in, to give thee their land for an inheritance, as it is this day.

4:39 Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the LORD he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath: there is none else.

4:40 Thou shalt keep therefore his statutes, and his commandments, which I command thee this day, that it may go well with thee, and with thy children after thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days upon the earth, which the LORD thy God giveth thee, for ever.

In the tribulation spiritual and physical Israel will be humbled to seek the Eternal and they will seek Him!  Then the whole earth shall also turn to the Eternal and be grafted into the tree of life, Jesus Christ (John 15); and become part of spiritual Israel.

Ezekiel 36:37 Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them; I will increase them with men like a flock.  36:38 As the holy flock, as the flock of Jerusalem in her solemn feasts; so shall the waste cities be filled with flocks of men: and they shall know that I am the LORD.


Ezekiel 37

A prophecy of the main fall harvest of Israel and by extension all of humanity as they are grafted into Israel.  God commands three harvest feasts for his people based on the harvests in Judea. 

The first is the Feast of Unleavened Bread which pictures the early harvest being called out of the Egypt of sin.  The calling out of physical Israel from Egypt and their journey for six days capped by a seventh day High Holy Day is a type of a kind of spiritual Israel being called out of sin beginning with Abel for 6,000 years and then the resurrection from the Red Sea of death to eternal life and a millennial Sabbath in the presence of our Creator. 

After physical Israel entered the land and began to till the soil, the harvest  could not be reaped until the Wave Offering was lifted up to God the Father, picturing the beginning of the spiritual harvest with the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. 

On the sixth day of Unleavened Bread Israel come up out of the sea and celebrated God’s Victory High Day Sabbath of the called out of physical Israel.  This pictures the harvest of the spiritually called out of the past six thousand years who have overcome and been chosen; being changed to eternal life and rising up from the Red Sea of death [the grave] to the Victory of God and eternal life. 

Then at Pentecost at Sinai all the called out of physical Israel entered into a Covenant with God, as a type that all Israel and all of humanity would later enter into a NEW Covenant (Jer 31:31); at the beginning of the millennial Sabbath of rest on a future Day of Pentecost; and God’s Spirit would be poured out on all flesh!  (Joel 2:28), as happened in a fore-type in that first century Pentecost.

The spring Feast of Unleavened Bread celebrates the barley harvest in Judea; while spiritually picturing the harvest to spirit of Jesus Christ as our Wave Offering, and of those that are his at his coming at the end of 6,000 years from creation.

The Feast of Pentecost pictures the establishment of the theocracy of physical Israel,  and represents the establishment of the reign of Jesus Christ as King of kings over all the earth and the millennial Kingdom of God.

The seventh day is still a part of the week!  Therefore those who live during the millennial seventh day are a part of the early harvest and will be changed or die in their sins at the age of 100. 

Revelation 20:5   But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished

The scriptures tell us that the resurrection of the chosen overcomers would take place at the end of the sixth day and before the millennial seventh day [thousand years], and that there would be no more resurrections; until AFTER the millennium! 

Then AFTER the millennium; the main harvest of the Feast of Tabernacles will begin in a seven thousand year great judgment of the whole of remaining humanity which died in sin. 

Revelation 20:13  And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works

The main physical harvest celebrated by Tabernacles, represents the main fall harvest of lives for God. 

No! The early harvest is not resurrected in the fall!  That is inherently contradictory [oxymoronic]!

No! Seven days do NOT picture 1,000 years which is absolutely contrary to scripture (2 Peter 3:8)!  We have been taught falsely on these things in direct contradiction to the Word of God!

Ezekiel 37 pictures that main harvest of humanity who have all died in their sins being resurrected to physical life and judgment represented by the seven day Feast of Tabernacles.  Remember that the early harvest is resurrected to SPIRIT to begin the millennium, but this harvest of Ezekiel 37 is resurrected to FLESH, and we know that no resurrection takes place before the early resurrection to spirit and the millennial 1,000 year Sabbath is completed.

Ezekiel 37:1 The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones, 37:2 And caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry [very ancient] .

37:3 And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.

37:4 Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the LORD.

Jesus Christ will resurrect the long dead in their sins to physical life

37:5 Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live: 37:6 And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

The dead  bodies are restored

37:7 So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. 37:8 And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them.

This is a process where physical bodies are created first, after which the spirits of the dead are placed back in the new bodies and the breath of air is given to the bodies, and that they might breath and live.

37:9 Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.

37:10 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army.

Here we are told that these are the dead of all Israel

37:11 Then he said unto me, Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel: behold, they say, Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts.

God will resurrect all Israel who has ever lived and not yet been changed to spirit to physical life and they shall dwell in the physical promised land

37:12 Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel.

When people who in their last conscious instant knew they were dying often horribly, are brought back from the grave;  They will KNOW the power and greatness of the Eternal God!!! 

They will KNOW that he is the Life-Giver and that he can be their salvation if only they will follow him!!!

They will know and will turn to him in sincere repentance to live by every Word of God and be brought into the spiritual Temple [Family] of God, and their teachers [The laborers of the already spiritually changed] will rejoice greatly as they bring the sheaves of the harvest of humanity into the family of God!!! 

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37:13 And ye shall know that I am the LORD, when I have opened your graves, O my people, and brought you up out of your graves, 37:14 And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you in your own land: then shall ye know that I the LORD have spoken it, and performed it, saith the LORD.

While this prophecy is specific to Israel, we know that it also pertains to all humanity for during the Feast of Tabernacles of the fall main harvest, a bullock is sacrificed for each one of the seventy families [primary racial groups of the Genesis 10 Table of Nations]  of mankind.

The healing of the breach between Judah and Israel.

Judah and the ten tribes of Israel will be united again under David in the millennium and forever afterwards!  Even so, at the resurrection to spirit; all the chosen overcomers will be fully One and fully UNITED with Christ and with each other! 

37:15 The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying, 37:16 Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the house of Israel his companions: 37:17 And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand.

37:18 And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying, Wilt thou not shew us what thou meanest by these? 37:19 Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand. 37:20 And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand before their eyes.

37:21 And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: 37:22 And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king [David shall rule BOTH Judah and Israel again] shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.

There will be no more following idols of men who say this or that scripture is for others or for a different time, or who say you must follow me regardless of what the Bible says.  This blasphemy of exalting men and their false ways above God is so common today.

In the millennium no one will defile themselves by being zealous for idols and false traditions of men above any zeal to learn to keep and to internalize the whole Word fo God!  Never again will men be hypocrites calling themselves God’s church [people] while following others away from any zeal to live by every Word of God!

 37:23 Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwellingplaces, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: so shall they be my people, and I will be their God.
David will be king over physical Israel and each of the twelve apostles will be a king over one tribe of Israel. On thing is sure, neither Jesus Christ nor David will tolerate sin like many elders do today.  No more of the hypocrisy of calling the Sabbaths holy and then polluting them!

37:24 And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them.

As God told us again and again in Deuteronomy; possession of the physical land is totally conditional on faithful obedience to every Word of God.  Since God says that they will be gathered back to the land and will remain in it; it is clear that they will be faithfully keeping the whole Word of God!

The same is true of entry into the spiritual Promised Land of eternal life!  No person who follows a corporate leader instead of being zealous to live by every Word of God shall be in the resurrection to spirit, and all who follow idols of men shall be rejected by Christ and cast into the fiery furnace of the tribulation. 

Corporate entities are NOT God’s Ekklesia!  That is an abominable LIE designed to lead the brethren away from any zeal for God and any zeal for keeping God’s Word, and enslave people into following men and their false traditions!   Following them will not save you, it will result in your rejection and correction by Jesus Christ!

37:25 And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children’s children for ever: and my servant David shall be their prince for ever.

37:26 Moreover I will make a covenant of peace  [Jer 31:31] with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore.

37:27 My tabernacle also shall be with them: yea, I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

37:28 And the heathen shall know that I the LORD do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore.


Ezekiel 38

The vast majority of professing Christianity DOES NOT understand the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39 because they have been deceived into thinking of this as exclusively a tribulation pre millennial fulfillment. 

The placing of these two prophecies seems to be in reverse order preventing a proper explanation until now. Ezekiel 39 is a prophecy about the coming of Christ, but Ezekiel 38 is about the release of Satan and his final deception 1,000 years AFTER the coming of Christ!   

Since this prophecy is mainly about Gog and Magog we should begin by identifying them.

The Madai are identified as the Medes who ruled with the Persians and are now located in Ukraine, where a struggle is going on between Russia and the EU for control of the Medes. 

Meshech is simply an old spelling for Moscow the capitol of Russia today.

Likewise Tubal is the old spelling of  Tobolsk the capitol of Siberia today. 

Magog are the Mongolian and Chinese people.

This is a DUEL prophecy:  First fulfilled at the end of the tribulation (Ezekiel 39); and later fulfilled AFTER the millennium (Ezekiel 38). 

Ezekiel 38 is dominantly post millennial, and Ezekiel 39 is dominantly the coming of Christ at the end of tribulation.

Ezekiel 38:1 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 38:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, [and against] the land of Magog, [Gog being the chief nation of the nations of Asia, Gog being the chief ruler of today’s Russia] the chief prince of Meshech [Moscow] and Tubal [Tobolsk, Siberia], and prophesy against him,

The prophecy of Ezekiel 38 refers to the period after then end of the millennium.

Here this Ezekiel prophecy is NOT about the coming of Christ at the end of the tribulation;  rather it refers to a time when all are at peace and living in abundance and safety.

38:3 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech [Moscow] and Tubal [Tobolsk, Siberia]: 38:4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:

With Russia will come the Iranians, the Chinese, the Mongolians of the north; and Ethiopia and Libya will be with them; while in the tribulation Libya and Ethiopia will be allies of the enemy of Asia, the king of the North! A totally different situation.

38:5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: 38:6 Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.

38:7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

Here the term “latter years” refers to the period AFTER the millennium and not to the “latter days’ which refers to the millennium.  Here the reference is to the promised land being filled with people in peace and prosperity.

38:8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.

Revelation 20:7 is the key to understanding Ezekiel 38-39

Revelation 20:7   And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

20:8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea

20:9 And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

Ezekiel 38:9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.

38:10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:

Satan tempts the nations to be led by Gog [a type of Satan] to try to despoil and seize the great riches of post millennial Israel! 

Notice the time period, all Israel has been brought to the promised land and is living in total security and abundance because of their zeal to keep the whole Word of God. nothing about being captive and massive suffering in great tribulation here!

38:11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled [undefended land] villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, 38:12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.

38:13 Sheba, and Dedan [India], and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?

Jesus Christ will bring up the nations of Asia that he might one more time demonstrate his power!

38:14 Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog [The ruler of the nations of Magog and a type of Satan], Thus saith the Lord GOD; In that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it? 38:15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts, thou, and many people with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company, and a mighty army: 38:16 And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

Then Jesus Christ the Messiah, ruling as King of kings; shall destroy these armies.

 38:17 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Art thou he of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them? 38:18 And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, that my fury shall come up in my face.

Then the King of kings shall thunder and shake the earth in his wrath and shall cause the invaders to turn upon and kill one another.

38:19 For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel; 38:20 So that the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. 38:21 And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord GOD: every man’s sword shall be against his brother.

Then the real Jesus Christ will rain hail and fire upon the invaders.

38:22 And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.  38:23 Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the LORD.


Ezekiel 39

The Coming of Christ

Ezekiel 39 is about the coming of Christ as King of kings, to destroy the armies gathered at Jerusalem

The Biblical  account of the tribulation and the Asian armies.

Remember that the beast and false prophet first conquer Israel / Egypt and later in the third year attack Asia (Dan 11:42)

God is against the people of Asia for their pride and wickedness; therefore God will cause the beast ruler of the New Europe to attack Asia in the third year of his kingdom.  Asia will endure the European attack, and will respond, striking and devastating Europe and then pouring through the Middle East to attack the final false prophet and the beast at Jerusalem. 

In doing this the Asian armies will destroy the New Europe and all her Mideast allies.  Finally Messiah the Christ will come to destroy all the enemies of the righteousness of zeal to learn and keep the whole Word of God (Zec 14). 

This prophecy is Dual; with Ezekiel 39 and being a fore-type fulfillment ending the tribulation, and later it will be fulfilled in its Ezekiel 38 fullness after the millennium!

Only one sixth of the invaders will survive.

Ezekiel 39:1 Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: 39:2 And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel: 39:3 And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.

This verse alludes to Revelation 19 and the coming of Christ.

39:4 Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured. 39:5 Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD.  39:6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly [securely] in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.

The coming of Messiah and the deliverance of Israel will turn them to true godliness!  They will not again rebel at the keeping of every Word of God as physical and spiritual Israel does today.

39:7 So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel. 39:8 Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this is the day whereof I have spoken.

39:9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years: 39:10 So that they shall take no wood out of the field, neither cut down any out of the forests; for they shall burn the weapons with fire: and they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and rob those that robbed them, saith the Lord GOD.

The graves of Gog in Israel

39:11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will give unto Gog a place there of graves in Israel, the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea: and it shall stop the noses of the passengers: and there shall they bury Gog and all his multitude: and they shall call it The valley of Hamongog.

39:12 And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land. 39:13 Yea, all the people of the land shall bury them; and it shall be to them a renown the day that I shall be glorified, saith the Lord GOD. 39:14 And they shall sever out men of continual employment, passing through the land to bury with the passengers those that remain upon the face of the earth, to cleanse it: after the end of seven months shall they search.

39:15 And the passengers [travelers] that pass through the land, when any seeth a man’s bone, then shall he set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it in the valley of Hamongog. 39:16 And also the name of the city shall be Hamonah. Thus shall they cleanse the land.

Revelation 19:17   And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

19:18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

The kings of the east along with the remaining forces of the new Europe will turn and fight Christ at his coming.

19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

Ezekiel 39:17 And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood. 39:18 Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all of them fatlings of Bashan. 39:19 And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you. 39:20 Thus ye shall be filled at my table with horses and chariots, with mighty men, and with all men of war, saith the Lord GOD.

All the earth will see the power and glory of Messiah the Christ when he does this thing and defeats the massive armies gathered to fight against him at his coming;  they shall then have a repeat lesson one thousand years later.

39:21 And I will set my glory among the heathen, and all the heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them.

Israel shall then turn to the Eternal in sincere repentance and the nations of the earth shall know that Israel was corrected by the Eternal and shall also turn from their wickedness to the Mighty One of Jacob.

Ezekiel 39 is about the coming of Christ and the conversion of all Israel

39:22 So the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God from that day and forward [forever more]. 39:23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.

It is because of our wickedness that we are corrected

39:24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them [correcting them in great tribulation].

39:25 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name; 39:26 After that they have borne their shame, [been corrected for their sin]  and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid.

39:27 When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies’ lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations; 39:28 Then shall they know that I am the LORD their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen [for all our abominations]: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.

Then God will pour out his Spirit on all Israel (Jer 31:31) and on all flesh (Joel 2:28).

39:29 Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD.


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