Egypt Invades Sinai to Take Out Islamic Radicals

UPDATE  11:25 EDT:    After the government began an investigation into yesterday’s incident the Al Nur party resumed negotiations and today the Egyptian government spokesman announced  that the economist and former finance minister Hazem el-Biblawi was named provisional prime minister, shortly after Saudi Arabia and the UAE transferred $5 billion in emergency aid to Egypt’s central bank. Mohamed ElBaradei is named vice president for foreign  affairs.

The Islamist Nur Party Tuesday reaffirmed its endorsement of the Egyptian military coup against the Muslim Brotherhood after condemning the shooting of more than 51 Brotherhood supporters in Cairo Monday. Nur backs the appointment of former finance minister Samir Radwan as provisional head of government.  The support of the Nur party is helpful for Defense Minister Gen. Fattah al-Sisi’s next steps in Sinai.  

Egypt Invades Sinai to Take Out Islamic Radicals

For over two weeks Egypt has been sending strong military forces into Sinai in full cooperation with Israel.  At the same time Egypt has massed huge military forces on the Suez Canal under the cover story of protecting the canal.  While this has been going on Israel itself has be reinforcing its forces opposite Sinai and Gaza in preparation for the imminent Egyptian Sinai offensive.

Early today the Egyptian forces massed on the Canal pushed into Sinai

The Egyptian army Tuesday pumped large military contingents into Sinai, and Maj. Gen Ahmed Wasfi, commander of the Second Army, arrived in the northern Sinai town of El Arish and established a command center to oversee a major campaign against Islamist radicals and  terrorist networks. 

Heavy Egyptian military forces were seen pouring into Sinai in the early hours of Tuesday. The plan to destroy Islamic Extremists began its major operative phase today with substantial military strength pouring into Sinai, with Israeli approval,   from the Suez Canal towns of Port Said, Ismailia and Suez and redeploying them in Sinai.

The primary reason for the ousting of Morsi was his refusal to launch just such an offensive against Islamic Extremists over the past year.  The friction between the Army and Morsi on the subject had grown to such a level that the United States which had put Morsi in the presidency, thinking that as a Muslim, Morsi would be the ideal man to take out the Islamist Radicals; decided in favor of putting a more pliable man in office.

This time there will be no mistake, as the military will do the job before another government is formed.

 Maj. Gen. Ahmad Wasfi, head of the Second Army, arrived Monday in the northern Sinai town of El Arish to set up a command center for the forthcoming campaign against the Islamist opposition and its allies, the Salafist networks linked to al Qaeda and the radical Palestinian Hamas.

It is understood  that the radicals inside Egypt proper are getting their instructions and support from Iran through their proxies in Sinai.  It is therefore believed essential to destroy radical Islam in Sinai to cut off the head of the extremist movement in Egypt proper.

As the Egyptian army moves to destroy radical Islam in Sinai, it is expected that Gaza militants will strike out at Israel, giving Israel a reason to invade Gaza and complete the job of destroying Islamic extremists to the south of Israel.

An article published by the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awasat newspaper suggests that terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula are planning to target Arab-Israelis as part of a larger plan to cause damage to the Sinai tourism industry and Egypt’s economy in general. The report quotes an “Israeli defense source” who claims to have highly credible information about a number of armed terror cells affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and even Hamas.

According to the source, the Brotherhood and other organizations know that their anti army activities will hurt their public image, and are therefore trying to balance this by attacking  Israelis.

“The attacks will target Israeli citizens in general, and Jewish citizens in particular,” he added. “According to my information, for the first time they also want to hurt Israeli Palestinians.

At the same time Syrian forces are in the mopping up stage after liberating the city of Homs, and are very near the final battle to liberate the  insurgent stronghold of Aleppo.  It is reported that Aleppo will fall to the government in late Aug or Sep time frame, and the Western created and backed insurgency will be defeated.

In light of the need to save the insurgency, it is expected that foreign intervention will be needed when the decisive battle for Aleppo takes place.  It is reported that Russia will deliver its S-300 air defense system to Syria in a matter of weeks now, probably just before the Aleppo offensive, to help protect Syria against an foreign intervention in favor of the insurgency. 

Reports are also circulating in Israel; that Israel will begin bombing the S-300 when it arrives, triggering war with Hezbollah and Syria.

It is beginning to look like this could become the regional war that I have been warning of.  We shall see.


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