Egypt Deploys 30 Tanks to Gaza Border

U{DATE 11:45 EDT:  Monday, July 1,  four members of the Morsi cabinet, the ministers of tourism, environment, communication and legal affairs, handed in their resignations. 

Egypt’s defense minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi issued a statement on behalf of the armed forces Monday, July 1, warning that the army would intervene in  48 hours if the politicians had not agreed on a solution.

The warning comes as the attack on the Muslim Brotherhood offices has been linked to an Islamic extremist militia.   

The MB spokesman then announced that “self-defense units” might be mobilized to protect the movement. What this means is that the Muslim brotherhood is contemplating activating armed militias, or paramilitary groups, in the face of attacks by “Extremist Islamic units.”

From the radical side the next stage is a planned general strike and shutdown of public transportation, factories, financial companies and the flow of oil and gas in and out of Egypt. If successful, the country will face electricity and water outages.

Rather than an  anti-Islamist movement, the is an anti Muslim brotherhood movement based on the Brotherhood’s cozy relationship with the west and its discrimination against Islamic radicals.  The  banners, placards and chants raised over Cairo’s Tahrir Square echo the slogans of pan-Arab, nationalism, socialism and xenophobia, with which the charismatic Gemal Abdel Nasser caught the Arab world by storm half a century ago.

The Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, is facing the challenge of a  nationalistic uprising, similar to the Nasser era, led by Islamic Salafi extremists backed by Islamic Jihad and Iran/Syria.

The face of the uprising is Hamdeen Sabahi, who came in third place after Morsi in last year’s presidential election.

There was also a strong strain of anti-American sentiment, since it is well know that the Muslim brotherhood has been a CIA/British asset since the 50’s when it was co-opted by the west as a counter balance to Nasser.

In Cairo, placards of US Ambassador Anne Patterson, accused of currying favor with the Muslim Brotherhood, were hoisted alongside those of President Morsi – both defaced with large red X’s. 

This radical Islamist uprising seems doomed to failure as the army is poised to intervene to bring order against these radicals; and they have failed to produce demonstrations in the expected numbers; massing 500,000 rather than the two million expected.

This appears to be the Muslim Brotherhood battle against the radical Islamists that we have been predicting for the past year.

Egypt Deploys 30 Tanks to Gaza Border

Sunday’s demonstrations, which brought half a million people to Cairo’s central  Tahrir Square and a similar crowd in the second city, Alexandria, resulted in at 16, with 781 injured on Sunday.

The opposition in Egypt demanded that Morsi decree a new round of early elections and have given President Mohamed Morsi an ultimatum, to resign by 5pm on Tuesday or face mass civil obedience, Israel Radio  reported on Monday morning.

Morsi and his family are now staying on an Egyptian military base where he is directing  resistance to this attempted putsch against his elected government by a conspiracy of opposition party’s with a core of Islamic Extremists and Nasserite party’s.   

The headquarters of Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood was overrun by radical Islamic militia who ransacked the building after those inside were evacuated on  Monday, following a night of violence that killed at least seven people.  Medical sources said more than 100 people were wounded.

Palestinian and Egyptian eye witnesses told Turkey’s Anatolia news agency that the Egyptian military has boosted deployment on the Gaza border by sending 30 tanks that are patrolling the area. “We’ve gotten used to seeing only armored vehicles, this is the first times we’ve seen tanks,” one witness said.

Egypt is sealing off the Gaza border because Islamic Jihad and other Gaza militants have joined with the Sinai and Egyptian Salafi’s to support the new Egyptian revolution.

The struggle between the American and British asset, the Muslim Brotherhood; and radical Islam is now coming to a head with hundreds of thousands of Egyptians being brought to the streets through manipulation of their frustrations.

Egyptian security will be hunting down the radicals stirring up the demonstrations; who’s backing is being orchestrated from Iran and Syria in reaction to Morsi’s call for the overthrow of Assad and his continued efforts to stifle Gaza.

A week ago 30 heavily armed Islamic Jihad militants entered Egypt, and Israel is on its highest alert expecting an attack in conjunction with the uprising in Egypt.

John Kerry has now left the region after having achieved the basics of an agreement.  He spent 13 hours with Netanyahu and only five hours with Abbas indication that the real problems were with Netanyahu and the Israeli coalition.  The real problem for Bibi is Israeli politics and he needs to pass the 12013-2014 budget before causing any further coalition friction.

The budget has passed the first reading in the Knesset and has passed the Finance Committee today, and is now well on its way to becoming law; although that may still take a few weeks.  After the budget passes Netanyahu can agree to peace talks during another Kerry visit. 

In the meantime war in the region is a distinct possibility.  Israel deployed Iron Dome batteries, with one deployed in Haifa and another in Karmiel northern Israel on Sabbath.

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