Donald Trump, the Middle East and Europe

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Breaking:   Trump slaps sanctions on Iran and Iran announces completion of abandonment of US dollar for March 21.

President Trump met Jordan’s King Abdullah on Feb 2, and will meet Israeli PM Netanyahu on Feb. 15.  The agenda concerns the coming overwhelming offensive against the Islamic State and the regional Mideast war which is expected to follow.  Trump also spoke with Saudi king Salman last Sunday by phone on the same subject.

Trump is preparing a major buildup of US and coalition forces in Iraq – Syria for a final move against the Islamic State as soon as the weather improves enough for aerial support this spring-summer.  

Right now the US Coalition is conducting a massive airlift of weapons and supplies into Iraq and Syria and an announcement on plans is coming after Congress has completed approving the Trump cabinet.  

The 90 day ban on visits by people from seven Islamic countries is in the way of preparation for this final demolition of the Islamic State so that Trump can claim that he took every possible precaution against any retaliation on American soil.

In another thread, once the ISIS is on the ropes, Russia is expected to move most of its forces back to Russia in preparation for action in Ukraine in response to the coming take down of Iran and Assad in Syria.  Ukraine has just begun attacking the Russian speaking areas in the east and this provocation seems to be timed and orchestrated to further entice Russia out of Syria.

Israel is expected to attack Gaza and completely destroy the various militant groups there including the Hamas Military Wing once the Islamic Sate is under control.  The Hamas Political Wing which wants peace with Israel may survive as a political party now freed from the Military Wing.

This war is expected to spread to include a resounding defeat of Hezbollah and the destruction of the remaining strength of Syria, allowing the rebels to rush in from their safe havens and topple the Assad regime with most Russian forces then out of the area.

A very bloody and costly war, probably sometime this year, is expected to bring thousands of missiles on Israeli cities and result in a new peace oriented government in Israel.

In coordination with the Israeli war Trump is preparing to demolish the Revolutionary Guards in Iran bringing a “Made in America” regime change to Iran.  Iran conducted a 600  mile long missile test of a ballistic missile last Sunday which Trump and Netanyahu are claiming is nuclear capable and a violation of the nuclear agreement, and they will be discussing the possibility of the US unilaterally reneging on the nuclear deal and a resumption of sanctions on Iran by the US during their Feb 15 summit.

An Israeli election is also expected and all of these events could easily take much of the remainder of this year or longer.

Once new governments are formed a genuine peace negotiation will reach a real peace deal while the situation in the EU deteriorates.   

A peace deal will probably be agreed by summer 2018; that said, events could speed up or slow down and take somewhat longer; and then ratification referendum’s will be needed, followed by the deployment of peacekeepers.  

The crisis will move from the Middle East to Europe and bring extreme pressure on the present EU.

A New Federal Europe and constitution have already been prepared, the problem is how to get nations to agree on giving up more sovereignty.  That will be the job of an impressive miracle working pope who will endorse the plan and ten nations will join.  

This man could be set up as early as autumn 2018 or a year or two later depending on the speed of events, and this man will be going to Jerusalem to declare peace and safety has been achieved in about 75 days after he was empowered to do miracles.

The Jewish extremists will sabotage the peace deal bringing in a flood of armies from surrounding nations as per Psalm 83; into a land from which God has removed his protection.  

The New Federal Europe could take over the assets of NATO as Trump withdraws in favour of the rising New Europe as a counter balance between east and west.  The New Europe will gain the support of the Islamic countries [except Egypt] and will also ally with the mainly Catholic nations like Latin America.

This alliance will  abandon the US and its worthless Petro-Dollar, and America will collapse from the weight of its massive debts and internal strife.  It looks like the economic collapse will bring chaos and massive internal strife and a state of emergency could be declared giving Donald Trump the dictatorship if he remains as president that long.

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