Congratulations President Trump! What Now?

Congratulations President Trump!  

Defying all of the conventional wisdom Trump has passed the 270 electoral vote threshold necessary to win the presidency and is well on his way to a landslide victory with a possible 315 electoral votes projected.  The Republican party also has control of the House and the Senate [which deals with treaties].  

The mainstream “Christians” believe that this will bring a resurgence of America for the immediate future:  nothing could be further from the truth!  

For those who don’t know; Trump claims to be a Presbyterian who was initially educated at Fordham University, a Jesuit school in the Bronx, and sent his children to the Jesuit [Georgetown University] and won because of overwhelming backing by the Catholic mobilized “Christian” denominations including the Catholic Church, Evangelicals and Protestants. Trump is the choice of the Roman Catholic Church [particularly the Jesuits] to bring about the New World Order of a New Federal Catholic Europe

In reality Donald Trump – an establishment insider claiming to have no establishment connections – is dedicated to fulfilling the Neocon and Jesuit New World Order agenda [just as wholeheartedly as Hillary Clinton], of establishing a New Federal Catholic Europe.  There has been no change to that Neocon agenda!  

1.   Watch for the Neocons to now redouble efforts to take down the Islamic State and bring a confrontation with Russia as soon as they can; to set the conditions for the rise of a New Federal Europe.

2.   Watch for the fall of the Israeli government and a broader Mideast war involving Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah and a contrived confrontation between East and West.

3.   Watch for crises in Europe which will open the way for the setting up of a pope doing miracles in the Vatican, who will call for a New Federal Europe.

4.   Watch for Trump and the Senate to jump on the bandwagon of this pope and his call for a New Federal Europe, being eager to extricate America from the heavy obligations and  expense of NATO.

5.  Once Trump has aided the miracle worker in creating the coming New Federal Europe by giving it the assets of NATO; watch for a peace deal to be declared and for this miracle worker to go to the holy place in about 75 days after being empowered; triggering the occupation of Jerusalem and invasion of Judea.  

The 2,300 Day Prophecy reveals that these things could be fulfilled in 2017 or shortly thereafter!

6.  Watch for God’s two servants to be set up – AFTER the miracle worker in the Vatican is set up – accompanied by all the biblically described signs: Only to be rejected by the COG groups claiming that God’s servants are Satan’s agents trying to prevent them from doing their supposed 3 1/2 year Elijah work between a peace deal and the tribulation.

Once a peace deal is reached and declared, immediate tribulation will come (1Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15).  No, there will NOT be any 3 1/2 year period after a peace deal and before the tribulation begins; and these organizations which have absolutely NO zeal to live by every Word of God like Elijah did: Will NOT do the Elijah work of turning people to zealously live by every Word of God!

7.   Watch for the New Europe [Assur being Germany, Austria, Hungary]  to become the darling of the Islamic countries – except Egypt – (Psalm 83) by aiding them in occupying the Jewish State in the name of peace; thereby bringing a move away from the Petro-Dollar to the currency of the New Europe.  

8.   From there the dollar driven Anglo Saxon countries will spiral down into collapse as the tribulation progresses.  

No, Donald Trump is NOT the Saviour of the United States and the Judeo Anglo Saxon nations; he is the man who with his control of the Senate, will take America out of the NATO Treaty and give NATO’s assets to a rising New Federal Europe!  

Donald Trump is the man selected by the Establishment to declare martial law as the nation’s economy collapses so that they can rule through him with rigor.  

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As these things are now beginning to unfold, please do remember the many detailed warnings I have been giving for the past almost ten years and make a wholehearted effort to get right with God through living by every Word of God.

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