Chemical Weapons Out of Syria by Dec 31

A Russian American agreement calls for Syrian chemical weapons materials to be removed from by Dec. 31, and for all remaining Syrian chemical weapons storage facilities to be destroyed by the beginning of March.

The actual chemicals are to be incinerated in other countries, probably the United States by the end of 2014.

Weapons experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) say they have already verified the destruction of chemical production and mixing equipment at 22 of the 23 sites declared by Syrian authorities in October.

The organization now faces a more challenging second phase of operations and is negotiating with Syria a detailed shipment  plan for the chemical agents and a plan for the destruction of the remaining facilities, which must be agreed by next Friday, under the schedule set by the UN Security Council in late September.

Russia and the United States, which jointly brokered the original deal for Syria to destroy its stockpile of nerve agents and other toxic munitions by the end of June 2014, presented their draft timetable to the OPCW this week.

Sarin is a binary weapon with two separate innocuous components harmless in themselves.  The component isopropanol alcohol- one of two main precursors for sarin will be destroyed in Syria while the other secret main component will be removed from Syria be Dec 31 2013 for destruction in other countries.

Under the plan, all chemicals should be out of Syria by Dec. 31, except for isopropanol alcohol- one of two main precursors for sarin – which should be destroyed on site by March 1. Unfilled chemical munitions should be destroyed by the end of January.

It also appears to reject a Syrian request to convert for peaceful use some of the facilities declared under its weapons program, saying any facilities which were used for purposes prohibited by the international Chemical Weapons Convention should not be approved for conversion.

All or nearly all Syrian chemical weapons will have been removed from use by the removal of the min ingredient of the binary product by Dec 31.  That opens the way for outside military intervention to take down the regime to happen at any time after Jan 2014.

The United States is laying the groundwork to claim that Syria is trying to hide chemical weapons.  All it would take is one false flag incident by the rebels, blamed on Syria after Dec 31 to bring on a western aerial assault on Syria.

The  removal of Syrian chemical weapons by an allied show of force and the clever manipulation of Russia into thinking that such a removal of chemical weapons would allow for a peace conference, was a remarkable diplomatic coup by the United States.

A regional war is expected in 2014 and being prepared for by Israel and other countries.  This removal of Syrian chemical weapons is a precursor to the upcoming war, removing the possibility that a falling Syria could use them against Israel. 

Far from bringing peace, the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons opens the way for open foreign intervention in Syria. 

U.S. to join largest aerial drill in Israel’s history, along with Italy, Greece Israel Air Force hopes to turn the drill into a tradition that other nations will seek to take part in in the future, official says. (Haaretz+) 

The Israeli Air Force will conduct a joint drill with a bevy of some 1,000 pilots from three other nations in the Negev Desert later this month.

The two-week exercise will take place at the Uvda air base, near the southern resort city of Eilat, and will include air crews from the United States, Italy and Greece, the IAF announced Tuesday. The drill, which has been dubbed “Blue Flag,” will be modeled after the U.S. Air Force’s annual Red Flag desert exercise. More than 100 aircraft will be on hand to participate in simulated dogfights and surface-to-air exercises.

It will be the largest international drill ever held in Israel, requiring the IAF to conduct extensive preparations.

In connection with the aerial exercise, the IDF will simulate seizure of Gaza in Ashkelon drill,  – Thousands of soldiers will soon flood Ashkelon to participate in training exercise of Gaza seizure. Residents offended by comparison between the cities. (Yedioth/Ynet)


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