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Catholic Church Proclaims Indulgences for World Youth Day

Pope Francis is now in Brazil for World Catholic Youth Day.

The Roman Catholic pope who exults himself above all that is called God by taking the title “Holy Father”  has issued an indulgence for all sins to the participants of its World Youth Day. The indulgence has the effect of automatically having all sins forgiven by the Roman church for those taking part in the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day pilgrimage of pope Francis.

That’s one way of increasing interest in the occasion.

(Vatican Radio) On Tuesday, the Apostolic Penitentiary – a tribunal of the Roman Curia primarily responsible for issues relating to the forgiveness of sins – issued a decree announcing Indulgences granted for participants at the upcoming World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

“The word indulgence is not very familiar to many people today, especially to the younger generation,” says Monsignor John Kennedy, an official at the Congregation of the Faith. “In fact, you might be surprised to know that the Christian meaning of the word indulgence really comes from Latin ‘indulgentia’ and it means kindness or tenderness, and refers, in this context to God’s kindness in forgiving the effects of sins.”

Msgr. Kennedy says indulgences “are linked to a theme that Pope Francis has spoken very frequently about since the moment of his election – that is to say, to the gift of God’s mercy.” 

The decree grants a plenary indulgence for taking part in the “sacred rites and pious exercises” that will take place during World Youth Day, an indulgence that can be gained by those who cannot make it to Rio de Janeiro if they follow the events by radio, television or the new means of social communications.

In order to gain the plenary indulgence, one must also make a sacramental Confession, receive the Holy Eucharist in Communion, and pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.

A partial indulgence can be gained throughout the period of World Youth Day every time one offers a “fervent prayer” to God and for pious devotions invoking Our Lady or the patron saints of the event.

The decree also encourages priests to make themselves available for Confession “In order that the faithful might more easily obtain these heavenly gifts.” Below please find Vatican Radio’s translation of the complete text of the Decree of Indulgences, followed by the official prayer

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