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Vatican Assumes Role as Moral Leader for Peace

The United States, the EU, the UN and most of the world’s nations have accepted the new Palestinian interim government and the coming Palestinian elections, to provide a legitimate elected government and president for Palestine, to complete the peace process.  While Hamas has no representative in the new government, Netanyahu is insisting contrary to the entire […]

Vatican Prayer for Peace Set for Pentecost.

The head of the  Press Office of the Holy See, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi has confirmed that the invitation to pray together for peace in the Vatican, with Jesuit  Pope Francis the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, and the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, has been accepted and will take place in  the afternoon of […]

Vatican Seeks Moral Supremacy Over all Religion

UPDATE 22 March:   This 45 minute video of the Evangelical Summit and reconciliation with the Vatican, covers comments by the Anglican friend of the pope, pope Francis himself and the Ken Copeland response.  The Lutherans and Methodists have already reconciled with the pope, now it is the evangelicals.  Besides this the Mennonites have been in dialogue with the […]

Feb 22; Nineteen New Cardinals Created

Pope Francis created 19 new cardinals last Saturday, they are: PIETRO PAROLIN: Part of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps since 1986, he was Apostolic Nuncio in Venezuela between 2009 and 2013, when he  became the  Vatican Secretary of State. he is on the short list for the next pope. LORENZO BALDISSERI:  Previously Apostolic Nuncio in Brazil, […]

March Papal Visit for Israel Palestine

If things go off on schedule Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Israel before the conclusion of Israeli Palestinian peace talks at the end of April. The pope will discuss peace with regional leaders in a whirlwind visit of less than 48 hours.  The pope appears to be trying to give a push to the peace […]

Papal News

PAPAL NEWS:   Rumors abound that the pope will visit Israel soon.  Maariv reports that the pope will visit Israel and Palestine next month to give the peace process a boost. Pope Francis plans to visit the Holy Land in November, Hebrew-language Israeli daily Maariv reported Friday. The pope’s tour is set to include sites in both […]

Vatican Launches Papal Peace Offensive

President Obama is making the rounds of six major news anchors to record his plea for war against Syria.  As part of his pitch the Administration has released 211 video clips of people suffering from a chemical attack alleging without proof that the attack was made by Syria.  Meanwhile proof is circulating around the world […]

Vatican Seeks World Moral Leadership

Papal effort at reconciling Catholics and Muslims in Amman A two day conference on the challenges facing the Middle East’s Christians wraps up today in Amman, Jordan. The conference, called by Jordan’s King Abdullah and organized by his chief advisor for religious and cultural affairs, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, brought together representatives at the highest […]

Pope Francis Seeks World Moral Leadership

Pope Francis uses Easter to appeal for world peace, making a big push for the role of world’s peace maker and ultimate moral authority. His message is timely coming as the Allied forces have gone to Operational Alert for an attack on Syria and regional war in the Middle East.  Operational Alert means that they are on standby to attack within […]

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