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March Papal Visit for Israel Palestine

If things go off on schedule Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Israel before the conclusion of Israeli Palestinian peace talks at the end of April. The pope will discuss peace with regional leaders in a whirlwind visit of less than 48 hours.  The pope appears to be trying to give a push to the peace […]

Vatican Launches Papal Peace Offensive

President Obama is making the rounds of six major news anchors to record his plea for war against Syria.  As part of his pitch the Administration has released 211 video clips of people suffering from a chemical attack alleging without proof that the attack was made by Syria.  Meanwhile proof is circulating around the world […]

Vatican Seeks World Moral Leadership

Papal effort at reconciling Catholics and Muslims in Amman A two day conference on the challenges facing the Middle East’s Christians wraps up today in Amman, Jordan. The conference, called by Jordan’s King Abdullah and organized by his chief advisor for religious and cultural affairs, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, brought together representatives at the highest […]

Pope Francis Seeks World Moral Leadership

Pope Francis uses Easter to appeal for world peace, making a big push for the role of world’s peace maker and ultimate moral authority. His message is timely coming as the Allied forces have gone to Operational Alert for an attack on Syria and regional war in the Middle East.  Operational Alert means that they are on standby to attack within […]

Pope Francesco: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The Vatican has chosen another Pope:  76 year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Italian Argentine Jesuit:  Pope Francesco. The name Francis means “A Frenchman” and is in honour of the founder of the Franciscans; St Francis of Assisi.   This man like his namesake seems to be an ascetic mystic, who has an appearance of […]

Vatican Conclave Set For Tuesday

The eighth General Congregation of the College of Cardinals meeting in the Vatican Synod Hall Friday has decided that the Conclave for the election of the Pope will begin on Tuesday, 12 March 2013. According to the Apostolic Constitution, on the afternoon of the first day, one ballot may be held. If a ballot takes […]

Vatican Germany Discuss EU Economic Crisis

THE HOLY SEE AND GERMANY REFLECT UPON THE ECONOMIC CRISIS   Vatican City, (VIS) – This morning [8 Dec] in the Vatican Apostolic Palace Benedict XVI received in audience the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck, who subsequently went on to meet with Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone S.D.B., accompanied by […]

The Rising of The New Europe

A new European treaty is being produced which is hoped to be finalized early next year and then ratified before the Mid 2014 EU parliamentary elections. However with the New Treay ready and up for ratification by member countries; there may be deadlock in the ratification process as many nations will not agree on its content. Events may […]

The Vatican and Europe

While criticising societies which are “man centered”  instead of “God centered”  the Vatican does exactly the same thing; only in a far more deceitful manner; by misrepresenting their own ways, as God’s ways, instead of being faithful to all the word of God;  claiming to be godly as they rebel against God’s commandments and word.  “A […]

Pope Benedict Flexes Political Muscle, Calling on Christian Democrats to Work for the Coming New Europe

Pope Benedict guided by his Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone, addressed a meeting of the Christian Democrats in the Vatican on Friday.  Besides referring to Protecting the Family, he called on the Christian Democrat parties to work tirelessly towards the solution of Europe’s problems. The word “Christian” in Christian Democrat reveals [and it has never been any […]

Vatican Calls For Bold New Evangelism

The hour of Roman Catholic dominance as the world’s moral authority is fast approaching and will quickly fade.  God has given the final Pope exactly 1,335 days from the time he is set up working miracles, before the true Holy Father in heaven will send Christ to take over all the kingdoms of this earth, Dan […]

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