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el-Sisi to be Egypt’s Next Strong Man?

In Egypt the government cabinet has ordered the security forced to disperse pro Morsi demonstrators.  “The continuation of the dangerous situation in Rabaa al-Adawiya and Nahda squares, and consequent terrorism and road blockages are no longer acceptable given the threat to national security,” a statement from the interim government said on Wednesday, adding that it […]

Europe Prepares for War with China

The scriptures tell us that a New Europe of ten nations will arise organized as a modern Holy Roman Empire system and will dominate the western world after the collapse of the Judeo, Anglo American dominating system. And after two years, during the third year the new Europe will turn against and attack the Asian […]

The Rising of The New Europe

A new European treaty is being produced which is hoped to be finalized early next year and then ratified before the Mid 2014 EU parliamentary elections. However with the New Treay ready and up for ratification by member countries; there may be deadlock in the ratification process as many nations will not agree on its content. Events may […]

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