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The Gathering Storm Part 1: A New Federal Europe Rising

Thread One: the Islamic State Unannounced President Donald Trump has approved efforts against the Islamic State which include more troops and the removal of restraints on commanders.  Besides Iraq Syria, a sustained attack is underway against extremists in Yemen. The United States is continuing with several days of heavy aerial bombardment of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula […]

Coming a Peace Deal for Israel

Parisian government officials involved in preparing for the January 15, 2017 Paris Middle East Peace Conference told Maariv’s Gideon Kotz that the Paris conference will determine the major principles for the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, before we the possibility of a solution fades entirely. Netanyahu is boycotting the event, but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will come, […]

The Middle East Peace Plan

Senator Kerry is making giant strides in establishing a genuine Mideast peace after the coming war.  The war will motivate all sides towards a real peace agreement and intense preparations are under way to establish that peace. To entice Palestinian agreement they are being offered a 4 billion dollar infusion of cash and the establishment of […]

Europe Prepares for War with China

The scriptures tell us that a New Europe of ten nations will arise organized as a modern Holy Roman Empire system and will dominate the western world after the collapse of the Judeo, Anglo American dominating system. And after two years, during the third year the new Europe will turn against and attack the Asian […]

The Rising of The New Europe

A new European treaty is being produced which is hoped to be finalized early next year and then ratified before the Mid 2014 EU parliamentary elections. However with the New Treay ready and up for ratification by member countries; there may be deadlock in the ratification process as many nations will not agree on its content. Events may […]

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