Breakthrough in Syria Conflict

Update 6 Jan, 2017:   

Scores of thousands of Syrian rebels are being concentrated in Idlib province, Syria; as they evacuate various towns in the country.  To stop the fighting in many areas the Assad regime is allowing the rebels to evacuate to Idlib and by allowing the rebels to evacuate to Idlib rebel forces are being concentrated there.   The Russian Turkish plan is to make a peace deal with these rebels in February and then destroy the Islamic State, after which Russia plans to withdraw its forces from Syria.

Once the Islamic State is on the ropes and war breaks out with Israel, Hezbollah will be thoroughly defeated and the remaining power of Syria will be degraded to the point that the peace deal will become irrelevant and the rebels will be in a position to flood out of Idlib and the Turkish border safe haven to take over Syria.


President Vladimir Putin has announced that the Syrian government and rebels have signed a truce deal and are ready to begin peace talks. The ceasefire begins Thursday, Dec. 28/9, at midnight local time.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the Syrian government and seven rebel groups with a total of about 62,000 soldiers had signed the agreement which excludes the Islamic State the ex-Nusra Front and all groups linked to them.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said earlier that Turkey and Russia would act as guarantors under the plan.  

The ceasefire with moderate rebels is intended to allow Syria, Turkey and Russia to destroy the Islamic State inside Syria and prevent the US backed Kurds from creating their own autonomous zone in Syria.

Inclusive intra-Syrian negotiations to be convened under UN auspices in February 2017, including the Syrian government and the seven Rebel Factions; on sharing power in a new Syrian government after a preliminary conference in Astana, Kazakhstan   

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has invited the incoming US Trump administration to join the Syrian peace talks along with Syria, the seven Rebel factions, Russia and Turkey.

The agreement will move the military focus on towards destroying the Islamic State and Al Qaeda in Syria / Iraq

The deal includes a plan for the withdrawal of Russian, Iranian, foreign Shia fighters and Hezbollah forces from Syria.


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