Behind the Iraq ISIS Crisis

UPDATE 12:00 EDT:  Saudi Arabia is mobilizing its military to defend its border against any spillover during the coming anti ISIS offensive.   Egypt is assembling an expeditionary commando force to fly to Saudi Arabia and bolster its border defenses.

Behind the Iraq ISIS Crisis

Russia and China have resisted continued attempts at the UN to authorize a military intervention in Syria, however these countries also have their own terrorist problems and have now come onside to support a military intervention in Iraq Syria against the Al Qaeda ISIS threat. The UN  has now approved military action against the ISIS and is calling for military and political solutions.

US State secretary John Kerry has been shuttling between Bagdad and Irbil to help form a national unity government in Iraq; and while Maliki has a political interest in denying he is agreeing to outside pressure; events are moving fast. 

Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with America’s top Sunni state allies in the Mideast to discuss the growing ISIS Al Qaeda turmoil in Iraq/Syria.  Kerry calls the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant a concern and critical issue for all of the nations represented at Thursday’s meeting in Paris. They include Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Kerry also met earlier Thursday with the Sunni former prime minister of Lebanon.  Kerry is also meeting with the French and Israeli foreign ministers and is to meet with the Saudi king tomorrow.

UN Secretary- Moon’s Special Representative in Iraq Nickolay Mladenov is in Bagdad helping out and the Iraqi parliament has been called into session for July first to approve a new national unity government.  It is interesting to note that the UN representative working to help establish a unity government along with the American’s is Russian. 

America has used the Al Qaeda to weaken Assad, and then had the other insurgents sponsored by the US and Allies drive the ISIS out of various parts of Syria into the Syrian Iraqi border region. 

In reality the ISIS had made an agreement with the local Sunni tribes who already controlled the area; and the Iraqi troops withdrew before the advancing ISIS to avoid a fight with the Sunni tribes of Iraq, except at key points and little real fighting taking place. 

The power and strength of the ISIS has been greatly exaggerated to justify a military intervention to destroy the Al Qaeda in the region; the real political struggle is to split off the Sunni tribes from their alliance with the ISIS.

This was a tactical decision not to fight the Sunni tribes, because the ISIS had gained the cooperation of the Sunni tribes in the area.

The reason for the new unity government in Bagdad is to regain the loyalty of these Sunni tribes and split them of from the ISIS. Then the ISIS will be reduced to the small Al Qaeda force it really is.  This is why a political deal in Bagdad is essential before the attack on the ISIS to wipe out Al Qaeda in the area. 

A military  attack on the Al Qaeda ISIS is coming as soon as the political maneuverings aimed at splitting the Sunni tribes off from the ISIS and giving the tribes some say in the Bagdad government has been completed.

After consulting with Israeli, French and other European foreign ministers in Paris today; Sec of State John Kerry will visit the Saudi king tomorrow:  The subject Iraq Al Qaeda ISIS and the coming regional war. 

When the Al Qaeda ISIS are destroyed in the coming military operation; it will have the consequences of removing the main rival of the American Allied backed insurgency in Syria, allowing that insurgency to move to overthrow the Assad regime and take over Syria without the taint of association with Islamic Extremists.

Right now massive supply convoy’s are moving via Saudi Arabia under Jordanian and American air cover, to the US Allied backed Syrian insurgents in Syria; to enable them to overthrow the Assad regime after the Allies take down the ISIS.  At the same time Iran is sending in some supplies to Iraqi Shias to help them defend the Shia holy sites in Iraq. 

This attack on the ISIS is expected to come soon, along with an Israeli invasion of Gaza; and the Gaza conflict will very probably escalate into an Israeli war to destroy Hezbollah and the remaining Syrian strength.  Which then should lead into an American backed insurgent offensive to overthrow Assad. 

The destruction of the Gaza militants will open the way for Egypt to resolve its Sinai problem, and Islamic Extremism will be solidly defeated in the region. 

Then the Israeli Yesh Atid and Hatnua parties are expected to bring down the Netanyahu government and the new president Rivlin is expected to appoint a new peace centered coalition government for Israel. 

**President-elect Ruvi Rivlin endorses peace,  today announcing he would be willing to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Maariv and Yedioth reported. “I ​​listened closely to (Abbas’) words when he called out to the kidnappers: “Bring back the boys.” I see the words of Mahmoud Abbas as an opportunity to build a relationship of trust between the sides.”  And in a barb against Netanyahu, [in support of Israeli peace parties]  who has boycotted talks with the Palestinians, Rivlin said: “Direct dialogue is a prerequisite for our Middle East to be a place of life.”

It should be noted that an Israeli Palestinian peace deal has already been agreed and only a government motivated for peace is needed to sign the deal.  Further, the American sponsored insurgents due to take over Syria, have a close relationship with Israel and have already agreed to a peace plan. 

Talking about peace again – Haaretz is convening the Israel Conference on Peace on July 8th to provide a platform to discuss this critical national issue. Most Israelis believe that peace is a vital building block for the security of the State of Israel  (Haaretz)

Iran is bound by treaty to assist Syria against any outside attack and if she does, the United States and Allies are planning a bombing campaign in support of Israel against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which will weaken the regime and bring regime change in that country with a “Grass Roots” NGO prepared: Made in America revolution.

It surely Is going to be an amazing summer!  as the way is prepared to bring the prophesied peace and safety declaration, 1 Thess 5:3; which will bring sudden destruction on the Jewish state and her allies when the Jewish Radials sabotage the peace deal!

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