Behind the American Financial Crisis

Experts like Lindsey Williams report that this economic crisis is being deliberately orchestrated to move towards the New World Economic Order.

Chase Manhattan Bank has set limits on withdrawals and stopped all international wire money transfers as of Nov 17th 2013.

Meanwhile the Senate and House of Representatives each passed the new spending measures after Republicans dropped efforts to link the legislation to changes in President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.  The new legislation funds the government until January 15 and raises the debt ceiling until February 7, so Americans face the possibility of another government shutdown early next year.

Another economic crisis is expected in the United States in the new year, and another next spring/summer with a takedown of the present world economic system.  The purpose of this series of American financial crisis is to break the credibility of the US economy and the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Next spring / summer a regional war is expected in the Middle East that will include Iran and the closure of the Persian Gulf shipping lanes.  This will bring an economic crisis in Asia and Europe which will blend with the American financial troubles in such a way as to force the nations to agree to the new world reserve currency of Special Drawing Rights replacing the US Dollar.

A new world reserve currency of Special Drawing Rights replacing the dollar was agreed at the recent St Petersburg financial meet and now the world’s business and public are being softened up for the changeover.

The present American financial crisis was only the beginning of a deliberate and carefully choreographed series of economic crisis to bring a collapse of confidence in the US dollar, triggering a world economic crisis which will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and create a new world financial system. 

Potentially trillions of US Dollars could be simply renamed Special Drawing Right, relieving the world of dependence on the US Dollar and relieving America of the crushing debt load of all those international dollars.

This could be presented as a “win win” situation for America and the world at large; however, included will be the ceding of control for international finance directly to the Anglo American Financial Establishment, who will control the New World economic system.

In turn, when the United States collapses economically due to its coming confrontation with a rising New Europe, the Anglo Judeo American Financial Establishment will also fall. 

The New Europe and the world will be insulated from the US Dollar and will be in a position to take over International finance and to prosper as the new world financial leaders for a time.

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