Banking Versus Politics and the Fiscal Cliff

NEWS: Twenty thousand US forces are entering Iraq from Kuwait and massing at prepared staging areas at Balad military garrison in Salahuddin province and al-Asad air base in al-Anbar province for Syrian operations.

Understanding The Money Tree: or, To Enslave a People

When the American constitution was originally produced, the creation of money was deliberately put in the hands of the Congress and money was defined as gold and silver.

Article 1 – The Legislative Branch Section 8 – Powers of Congress

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

Article I, Section 10, Clause 1. No State shall…coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debt.

As an interesting aside, the word Dollar comes from the word Thaler. For an excellent article on the Thaler see wiki.

From the original constitution forward, the banks sought to take away the powers of the Congress to create money and assume such powers for themselves.

There were repeated attempts to get the government into deep debt and move towards a central bank with the bankers controlling the creation of money; for the one who controls the money supply controls the economy and government of the nation.  Nearly all of America’s wars and crisis were deliberately brought about by men seeking control of the creation of money.

Few people know that in the early 1850’s the subject of controlling the United States was the big point of talk in the crowned houses of Europe, and that the American civil war was the direct consequence of such deliberations.  The object was to create a war that would bankrupt the nation and force American’s to bow to the bankers and get so deeply into debt that they would then control the United States.

Lincoln understood this along with Seward and Greenbacks were issued instead of borrowing from these bankers; Lincoln’s total rejection of banker control was the real reason for his assassination.

The Jekyl Island Club was created in the contrived panic of 1907. And by 1913 the the government surrendered to the bankers with passage in 1913 of the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve System of today, mirrors in essence the plan developed on Jekyll Island in 1910.

In terms of control, the bank was to issue stock and one third was to be owned by the major banking houses, one third was to go to the government and one third was to be offered to the public. The government never took its third and the other third was never offered to the public; leaving the Fed completely controlled by the major banking families.

In terms of function, the Fed was to take over the congressional right to create money and would control the money supply.  When the government needed more money than they received in taxes, they would go to the Fed and borrow what they needed.  The Fed would make a note in its books that such and such amount had been created, and would then issue a debt bond to the government, which the government would repay with interest.

From that point on, it became the purpose of the elite who controlled the banking houses which control the Fed, to get the nation as deeply into debt as possible.  In that way they would reach a tipping point of total economic control. If they said no, or raised the interest rates, the nation would go into recession; and if they inflated the money supply, the economy would rebound.

The various economic crisis and conflicts continued as the new Fed worked to get the government deeper and deeper into debt and therefore under more and more control by the Financial Military Industrial Establishment.

Woodrow Wilson won the election with the slogan “He kept us out of war” and immediately upon election declared war when the British reserve cruiser Lusitania was sunk while transporting high explosives from America to Britain.

World War One put billions into the bankers coffers.

In 1929 the bankers crashed the stock market by first getting out themselves and then issuing a demand for immediate return of all margin loans. Most people bought stocks on margin [money borrowed for the purpose] and as everyone tried to sell their stocks to repay the banks, the market collapsed. This provided the cause for their agent FDR to borrow massive sum to stimulate the economy.

They then moved backinto the market buying up choice properties for pennies on the dollar of their true worth.

Then the banking elite  financed the National Socialist Party in Germany financing the rise and rearming of Germany on money loaned to the US Government by the Fed, and then given by the govwernment to over one hundred major US corporations building the NAZI war machine.

The financing of Hitler and the subsequent war brought billions into Anglo American banker coffers as they financed the war with their loans, guaranteed by the US government and through them, to other allies.

Then they encouraged the war on Poverty, the War on Drugs, now Health Care etc etc and then the inexplicable War on Viet-Nam which was fought for the express purpose of moving hundreds of billions of dollars from the taxpayer and into the coffers of the Federal Reserve Bank and its owners.

There are many resources that would cover this far more deeply.

The Fiscal Cliff is a fraud designed to get people to support another power grab by the bankers. They create a panic and then offer a solution that supports their best interest.

So what is their goal? Nothing less than control of the whole world by creating a World Bank with all the powers and control over the world’s nations that the Fed has over the US today.

To do this they intend to use the methods tested in the United States, and create a world economic crisis that will have the nations beating a path to their door for a remedy.

The exact solution they have in mind is still to be revealed, but it is fair to say that they have a solution that empowers them and advances Satan’s plan to unite humanity against God; before they create a crisis.

There is one caveat: Pro 16:33 The lot [or plan is set in motion] is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.

The Almighty will intercede to insure that his word and prophecy is fulfilled.

This coming war will close the Strait of Hormuz if it it expands to include Iran. If that happens it will bring a real financial crisis in Asia which will extend to Europe and the Americas.  It is highly probable that a new international reserve currency system will be put in place that will replace the US dollar.

This will be a major step in forming a planned world government. The plan is to then confront China and Asia in a few more years . The Arab Spring planned by Brzezinski and his establishment associates for the past decade was to first secure the Middle East under full American hegemony and then confront China Russia and Asia.

They are working towards a final war between East and West by the beginning of the next decade, to bring in the New World Order of a united humanity under their control as desired by Satan.

Satan’s plan will be overruled by Jesus Christ, who will intervene to insure that the scriptures are fulfilled.

This new international reserve currency will insure that the world’s economies are free from the American dollar, so that when the dollar does go down the remainder of the world will continue and prosper.

When Christ tells satan NO FURTHER in his plan; then Satan will mount up to heaven to attack in his frustration and anger.  Then Michael will stand up and defeat Satan throwing him  back down to the earth, Dan 12:1 and Rev 12:7.  Then Satan apoplectic with rage will go to set up his abomination, the man of sin, and move to destroy the called out who are mainly based in the Israelite nations.

It will be in the third year of Babylon [the New Europe] that Europe will attack Asia, and the armies of Asia will have a final confrontation with the west at Jerusalem, where the forces and leaders of the new Europe will have fled after the devastation of Europe.

Let us now take a practical look at the world’s and America’s financial crisis.

The present crisis is entirely artificial and very easily fixed!

The real ultimate solution

The US government [and all other governments] should repeal the Federal Reserve Act and nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank. Then they only need to forgive the fraudulent artificial fantasy debt!

In short they need to restore the powers of Congress as they were originally intended, to free the nation from the artificial debt that was deliberately created by unscrupulous and satanic elite bankers to enslave the nation.

When Jesus Christ comes, he will destroy this wicked system of economic power concentration, and will establish a just and fair economic system that will endure in fair equity forever, for the good of all peoples!


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