America Proposes International Force for Middle East

John Kerry has proposed Gen Allen’s plan for an American commanded international force to secure the Middle East including Sinai, the West Bank and Jordan Valley.

The security provisions Washington promised Israel under a final settlement of its dispute with the Palestinians are assuming a broader, regional form, as a US blueprint, on which the Obama administration is still working, will be for an alliance of nations and a regional force to control the whole Middle East under American command and control. 

American, British, French, Saudi, Jordanian, Egyptian and Qatari units arte envisioned as part of the broader force, which would secure parts of Syria, as well as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the future Palestinian state and Israel.  The Regional Force area of operation would be extensive, ranging from southern Syria to Sinai, including Israel and the potential Palestinian state.

The secretary of state proposed integrating Israeli and Palestinian special forces units and placing them under American command in the Jordan Valley section of the regional force,

Under American Command the IDF would be able to continue performing its security functions in Judea, Samaria [Israeli forces could continue to act as they want (without Palestinian permission) in the same manner as in the past inside the new Palestinian State]  and the Jordan Valley, as part of the new force. This amounts to continued Israeli occupation under an American fig leaf.

But by the same rule, Palestinian forces would be allowed by mutual consent [that is with Israeli permission], to serve in parts of Israel in the same multinational framework.

This plan is not acceptable to the Palestinians since it continues the occupation behind an American fig leaf.  This plan is not likely to be approved by the Palestinians as presented, however it does present the subject of an international force.

The moderate Israeli peace parties are working hard to bring Yesh Atid into their company, which would bring down the far right government in Israel, changing the Israeli government to a peace oriented moderate government, which is far more flexible in the issues.   

Labor’s new leader Herzog  who is leading the moderate charge,  accepts Jerusalem as being the capitol of BOTH Israel and Palestine.



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