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The Gathering Storm Part 1: A New Federal Europe Rising

Thread One: the Islamic State Unannounced President Donald Trump has approved efforts against the Islamic State which include more troops and the removal of restraints on commanders.  Besides Iraq Syria, a sustained attack is underway against extremists in Yemen. The United States is continuing with several days of heavy aerial bombardment of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula […]

News Blog, February 2017

Our other sites:   For articles full of Comfort and Hope visit here.   Visit our School of Biblical Studies   28 Feb:  Trump speech at 21:10 EST. An ancient palace has been discovered in ancient Nineveh. Reports are circulating that there will be a big US troop surge to Syria to take down the Islamic […]

Breakthrough in Syria Conflict

Update 6 Jan, 2017:    Scores of thousands of Syrian rebels are being concentrated in Idlib province, Syria; as they evacuate various towns in the country.  To stop the fighting in many areas the Assad regime is allowing the rebels to evacuate to Idlib and by allowing the rebels to evacuate to Idlib rebel forces […]

Trump, Syria and Where Events are Heading

Now that they have fulfilled their purpose, Donald Trump is planning to withdraw support for the Syrian Al Qaeda groups which have been supported by the Obama administration. This will allow the Russian backed Syrian forces to destroy Al Qaeda [the Al Nusrah Front] in Syria. On Sunday Nov 20 Hezbollah sent  two brigades [5,000 […]

Mosul Offensive Set to Begin

The operation to liberate Mosul, Iraq from the Islamic State is set to begin within days  On Tuesday Oct 4, Iraq launched a radio station to help Mosul residents stay safe during the upcoming military offensive.  The radio will give instructions on possible safe exit routes, places to avoid, where to find assistance and emergency […]

News Blog, June 2016

  Daily News Archives The most far right extremist government in Israeli history has been sworn in.  The beleaguered Islamic State has promised Ramadan [6 Jun – 5 July] attacks on Europe and Israel.  The new Israeli governing coalition has been established to use any attack as a casus belli to wipe out the Gaza militants […]

News Blog April 2016

  Daily News Archives   29 APRIL:   A convoy of Italian marines, British special forces and Libyan troops traveling from the northwestern city of Misrata  with the Libyan National Army, a militia commanded by Gen. Khalifa Haftar [a Libyan who has American citizenship]; toward the Islamic State  stronghold of Sirte, located 273 kilometers [165 miles] to […]

Text of Obama Islamic State Speach

President Obama’s speech on the Islamic State laid out his reasons for declaring ISIL a terrorist entity subject to American attack under the anti-terror laws of the United States. He then declared war on the Islamic State and pledged to attack them wherever they are found including inside Syria.  The operation to destroy ISIS would […]

Gaza Ceasfire and its Implications

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office confirmed Tuesday afternoon that an open ended ceasefire agreement was reached and an official statement would be made by the PA leader – after an Egyptian announcement. According to a senior source in Hamas, the agreement includes the opening of the Rafah crossing under the supervision of the Abbas’ Palestinian Authority security […]

Geopolitics: Connecting the Mideast Conflicts

BREAKING NEWS 13:15 EDT:  Egyptian sources report that Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to another 72-hour ceasefire starting Sunday at midnight.  The Arab League will meet on the Gaza subject Monday and the ceasefire is to allow them to debate and make their recommendations. Israeli sources  stress that envoys will only set out for Cairo […]

Behind the Iraq ISIS Crisis

UPDATE 12:00 EDT:  Saudi Arabia is mobilizing its military to defend its border against any spillover during the coming anti ISIS offensive.   Egypt is assembling an expeditionary commando force to fly to Saudi Arabia and bolster its border defenses. Behind the Iraq ISIS Crisis Russia and China have resisted continued attempts at the UN to authorize […]

Homs Liberated by Assad

In a huge defeat for the Syrian insurgents, the Syrian opposition fighters surrendered the old city of Homs and were being allowed to withdraw from Homs Wednesday under a deal with the government brokered by the UN and Iran. Aid can now reach the population for the first time in two years. Earlier this year, about 1,400 […]

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