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Putin signs accession act with Crimea

Russian president Putin has signed the Crimea accession bill after addressing a joint session of the Duma. Putin started his address with a review of the profound historical, national and religious significance of Crimea as the cradle of Russian civilization and went on to say that the Ukraine is also a Russian historical sphere of […]

NATO Suffers Massive Defeat in Ukraine

An apparent big power agreement has been made in secret negotiations chaired by Germany.  Russian forces appear to be remaining in Crimea at least for the present, while Putin has ordered other forces on the Ukrainian border back to their permanent bases.  The agreement is reported to require NATO to back off from trying to […]

Ukraine; Black Eye Coming for NATO?

UPDATE 14:15  EST:   The navy high command called on all ships to defect to Russia last night and resigned.  Then the Ukrainian coup President Aleksandr Turchinov; made Rear Admiral  Denis Berezovsky the new Navy Chief.  This morning the new navy chief fled to the Crimea.  The newly appointed head of Ukraine’s navy has now sworn allegiance […]

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