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31 OCT:  

HasakaToday the US-backed alliance of Kurds and insurgents announced an offensive against Islamic State in the northeast province of Hasaka, a day after the United States said it would send special forces to advise insurgents fighting the jihadists.  “Today… we announce the start of the liberation of the southern countryside of Hasaka province,” a spokesman for the Democratic Forces of Syria.

Hasaka province is between the Syrian and Iraqi Islamic State areas, and the offensive will split the IS in two.  

BREAKING 04:00  EDT:   Plane returning to Russia with tourists crashes in Sinai.

Update 06:30 EDT:   The wreckage of the Russian passenger airliner which crashed in central Sinai Saturday has been sighted in the Jabal Halal mountain range. It was completely destroyed with no sign of survivors among the 217 Russian holidaymakers and seven crew members. They had just taken off from the Red Sea Sharm el-Sheikh resort on a charter flight returning to St. Petersburg. Cairo has sent 45 ambulances to the scene, but the crash site is almost inaccessible in the mountains. 

The wreckage, was found a few minutes ago, completely gutted and destroyed, only a short distance away from Bir Al-Hassaneh, in the central Sinai Jabal al-Halal mountain range, where Ansar Beit al-Miqdas Islamic State has its hide outs.  It is possible that the Islamic State may have chosen to retaliate for the buildup of Russian forces in Syria and Russia air strikes on its bases in Syria.

The Egyptian prime minister has called the cabinet into emergency session to deal with the disaster.   


Representatives of both Syria and the moderate Syrian opposition have been invited to attend the next international conference on Syria in two weeks. 

The RWM Italia bomb manufacturer is rushing aerial bombs to Saudi by air freight.  For Yemen?  or for the coming anti Islamic State offensive?


30 OCT:   


The 17 nations meeting in Vienna Friday, led by the US, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia, reached accord on six main points for a political resolution of the Syrian civil war.

1) Syria’s territorial integrity and secular character will be preserved.

2)  Government institutions, including the army and security forces, will continue to function after a political accord is achieved.

3)  Syrian territory must be secured.

4)  The Islamic State and other extremist Islamist groups must be defeated.

5)  Syrian government and moderate rebel parties  will meet to hammer out a political solution for ending the conflict.

6)  General elections will take place under UN auspices.

The main issue still outstanding is the fate of Bashar Assad. This will be discussed / decided when the multinational session conference is reconvened in two weeks’ time.

The US announces the embedding of fifty special forces soldiers in Kurdish and Syrian rebel units for the coming anti IS offensive.  They will advise and assist, calling in close air support and coordinating the various Kurdish and rebel units.  Among their tasks will be calling in air drops to  re-supply those forces as they advance towards Raqqa

The Syrian opposition are being asked to agree a common approach and make-up of a delegation for talks with the Syrian government, Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, was quoted as saying on Friday by the Interfax news agency.

Russia and Saudi Arabia had exchanged lists of Syrian opposition figures to be potentially included in the talks during a meeting in Vienna, and Russia wanted the Syrian Free Army and the Kurds to take part, he was quoted as saying.


Bogdanov said Russia’s list had 38 names on it, but that Moscow was flexible and happy for the list to be expanded, Interfax reported. He said the United States had promised to hand over its own list.

The Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front is now allied and fighting together with  the Islamic State.

Debkafile reports it has obtained the list of the six elite Iranian brigades which have been sent to Syria so far.

The Saberin brigade, a Special Operations unit established in 1992 to fight Kurdish and Arab guerillas with separatist aspirations. Most of its fighters are from Tehran,

The Fatemyoun brigade, consisting entirely of Afghan Shiites. Their regular duty was to guard the Tomb of Zeynab, a Shiite shrine in the suburbs of Damascus. But a month ago, the IRGC expanded the brigade to division strength of 15,000 fighters for front-line combat in Syria and Iraq.    

Brigade 15 – or the Emam Hassan Mojtaba Brigade. Made up of fighters from central Iran, the brigade specializes in guerilla and urban warfare.

Independent brigade 83, or the Emam Jaafar Saydeq Brigade. This is an airborne unit whose fighters are rated as the toughest, most merciless and religiously motivated of all IRGC contingents. Not surprisingly, they come from Qom province, whose center, the city of Qom,  houses Iran’s clerical establishment and is the most important Shiite site after the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala in Iraq.

Brigade 33, or the Al-Mahdi Brigade. This is another airborne unit with extensive experience in guerrilla warfare, which is based in the city of Jahrom.

The Ahwaz Armored Brigade, or the Hazrat-Hojjat Brigade. Its fighters come from the largely Arab-speaking and constantly restive province of Khuzestan in southeastern Iran. The brigade was upgraded recently with advanced weapons systems for fighting in Syria, Iraq


29 OCT:   A Syrian rebel group which is part of a US-backed alliance that also includes the Kurdish YPG militia announced on Thursday plans for an imminent offensive against Islamic State militants in Raqqa province, the jihadists’ stronghold in Syria.

 US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said earlier this week the US-led coalition would support local forces as they put pressure on Islamic State in Raqqa and in neighbouring Iraq.  “We will soon announce zero hour for the beginning of the battle of liberation 


Russia announced that it will receive intelligence information from the  Lebanese air force as well as military, tactical and ground data from Hezbollah to boost its military operations in Syria, Thursday. Lebanon’s air force will provide Russia with data on its flights while Hezbollah is to inform Moscow of the locations of its positions and the movements of its fighters so the Russian military will not accidentally fire on them.

The announcement came less than 24 hours after David Cohen, deputy head of the CIA, visited Beirut and met with senior Lebanese defense and intelligence officials to discuss how to cooperate with the Russian effort.

Andrew Parker, director-general of Britain’s MI5 intelligence service, warned Wednesday that British jihadists are planning to carry out a major attack in the UK, saying that the threat was the most serious in his entire 32-year career.

The Russian air force carried out heavy bombing runs this morning,against Islamic Extremists  in southern Syria, including the Daraa area as well as continuing strikes in other areas.

Kerry in route to Vienna for Syria talks tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s talks are expected to set the parameters for a series of lower level talks to work out details of a resolution to the Syria violence and coordinate the destruction of Islamic Militants in Syria – Iraq, before the G 20 Summit.

The Iranian buildup in Syria continues as a massive anti Islamic Extremism offensive is planned in coordination with the United States. For weeks the Iranian civilian airline, Mahan Air, has been flying military personnel into Syria several times each day from Tehran to Latakia while Russian cargo planes bring in weapons.


28 OCT:   The US military is insecure and highly susceptible to cyber attack. 

Obama being asked to send attack helicopters and pilots to Iraq Syria.

Netanyahu heads to US for Obama summit and meetings with defense officials. Netanyahu to Address Liberal Think Tank During Upcoming Washington Trip – Netanyahu will address the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning policy institute that endorsed the Iran nuclear deal, a day after meeting with Obama. (Haaretz)

Israeli, German Armies Hold Joint Training Exercise in Israel to Practice Urban Warfare – Over a hundred German soldiers arrived in Israel three weeks ago as part of the largest joint training ever between the two countries. (Haaretz+) 

Jordan, Israel expected to stream holy site footage – Surveillance cameras are due to be installed on the al-Aqsa Mosque compound within days, according to Israeli and Jordanian officials, with the goal of ultimately stream the footage live on the internet for maximum transparency. (Agencies, Ynet)


27 OCT: 

BREAKING 15:00 EDT:   Syria Deal Close; US Troop Surge Coming

The United States which has been secretly involved in ground operations in Iraq Syria is now abandoning its denials.  US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday that the American military would start carrying out ground operations against ISIS overtly in Syria and Iraq, in addition to its airstrikes with coalition partners. In comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee, he said the US will not refrain from assisting its partners or from taking action itself, “whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground.” 

American special forces are expected to be embedded in Iraqi and Kurdish units to lead the coming anti Islamic State offensive.  The US and allies have trained more than 40,000 Kurds and Iraqi’s for the coming destruction of Islamic Extremism in Syria Iraq.  The Pentagon is asking for more US troops to be surged for the fight. 


26 OCT:   In the past three days of operations, the Russian aviation group in Syria has hit 258 targets belonging to the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra [Al Qaeda] terror groups, Russia Defense Ministry.  Russia is testing and demonstrating its military and equipment in Syria. 

Israel bombs two Hamas sites after one rocket was fired from Gaza.

Netanyahu threatens to revoke residence permits for tens of thousands of East Jerusalem Palestinian residents most of whose families have lived there for generations. 

The US and Russia conducted joint air strikes on Raqqa the Islamic Sate capitol in Syria.  Command and Control facilities and an oil refinery were hit.  Announced; There were strikes last night that struck Daesh-controlled oil refineries, command and control centres and transportation nodes. There were 26 targets and all 26 were struck.” 

After American training Iraqi F16s have begun attacking Islamic State forces inside Iraq.  IS forces now backed into concentrations by the Ramadi offensive were bombed yesterday. 


25 OCT:   Kerry making the Middle East rounds to update allies on negotiations with Russia on Syria.   Russia and the US teams are to meet again on 30 Oct to cobble together details of an agreement to be presented for approval at the G 20 leaders summit in mid Nov.

A few details being worked on are:

1   Recognition by Syria of the American backed moderate portions of the Free Syrian Army as the legitimate opposition, 

2  An anti Islamic Extremist alliance between Assad and the Free Syrian Army backed by the US and Russia,

3  If the above can be agreed, a massive allied offensive will be launched by the Kurds and the above Groups against all Islamic Extremists as identified in a Russian American agreement.

4  Syrian presidential and parliamentary elections during a six month transitional period.   

The remaining sticking point is whether the still extremely popular Assad will be allowed to stand in the elections.  Russian officials report that  Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is ready to stand in a new presidential election. Russian lawmaker Alexander Yushchenko reported after meeting Assad in the Syrian capital  “He is ready to conduct elections with the participation of all politicalforces who want Syria to prosper,” . 

PM Netanyahu has confirmed that he has agreed to continue Israel’s longstanding policy, under which “Muslims pray on the Temple Mount; while non-Muslims may visit nut not pray.” Israel re-affirms its commitment to upholding unchanged the status quo of the Temple Mount, in word and in practice….while maintaining public order and security.” 


24 OCT:   As part of the Russian American anti IS cooperation the Iraqi government on Saturday gave the Russian military authorization to extend its anti-ISIS operations into Iraq. Russian war planes will be based at the Al Taqaddum airbase which is also being used by US troops for operations against Islamic State.

Brett McGurk has been named as US President Barack Obama’s new envoy to the coalition against ISIS. He will replace Gen. John Allen, who is stepping down in November. McGurk is currently serving as Allen’s deputy. 

As their negotiating position Russia and Syria want parliamentary and presidential elections under international supervision.  Talks to resume next week.

US ground forces to assume combat role in Iraq as advisors. Defense Secretary Ash Carter followed up his non-combat pledge with a promise to launch even more raids, then attempted to shift the narrative, claiming that sending ground troops into direct combat “doesn’t represent us assuming a combat role,” and that the raids are part of the advise and assist mission.  This is the rationale which will justify embeding special forces with the Kurds and Iraqi’s to call in close air support during the coming offensive.

Russian special forces are being embedded in Syrian units to call in close air support.


23  OCT:  Summit on Syria ends with diplomats going home to consult with their governments before resuming talks on 30 Oct. 

The Islamic State counterattacked Friday cutting Highway No. 5 which connects Aleppo to Homs, Hama and Damascus, thereby blocking the Syrian army’s supply route to Aleppo. 

The Islamic State is being drawn into throwing its resources against teh Syrian offensive just as the American backed Kurds and insurgents ready a powerful offensive against the IS from the north. Yesterdays rescue operation to liberate IS held Kurdish prisoners was to save them from execution when the Kurdish offensive begins. 

John Kerry tells Netanyahu to make the Extremist Settler Movement back down on Temple Mount incitement which caused the present violence.

Russian President  Putin admits that Moscow and the Western countries are sharing information on the location of ISIS forces in Syria.

Disagreeing with the Israeli far right government Israel’s nuclear advisory panel endorses Iran nuclear deal. 

Warplanes begin bombing the Islamic State capitol in Raqqa Syria today; apparently in advance of the planned Kurdish anti IS offensive


22 OCT:   Russian warplanes have carried out 53 sorties in Syria over the past 24 hours destroying 72 Islamic State targets.  As Russian experience increases and more intelligence is coming in, each plane is now hitting more than one target.  Also to Russia’s advantage is the fact that the Islamic State is pulling forces out 0f Iraq to meet the coming Kurdish offensive and Russia is catching many convoys out in the open.   

Since September 30, the Russian Aerospace Force has carried out 934 sorties in Syria, destroying a total of 819 Al Qaeda / Islamic State facilities, the Russian General Staff announced Thursday.  Local Al Qaeda field commanders are beginning to sue for peace, propose local ceasefires and seek peace negotiations with the Syrian Army,

Islamic Extremists in Syria have lost offensive capabilities amid the Russian airstrikes and are deserting en masse towards Turkey and Jordan, Andrey Kartapolov, head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Directorate stated.

BREAKING 12:00 EDT:  American and Kurdish special forces carried out a predawn raid on an ISIS prison in Hawija, west of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq on Thursday, freeing dozens of Kurdish hostages and taking several ISIS fighters captive. After the area was hit with airstrikes, the troops swooped in on helicopters. One part of the force attacked the prison while the other part secured the roads leading to the facility in order to block any ISIS reinforcements.

Hamas leaders in the Gaza strip called on all Palestinians on the West Bank and Jerusalem to observe a “Day of Rage” Friday. The call comes as the IDF and police are rounding up large numbers of Hamas and Islamic Jihad members in sweeps reminiscent of teh lead up to the last Gaza operation. The IDF and Israel’s security service announced they would continue to operate in expanded mode to “preserve the peace and security.” 

The USAF has deployed 12  A-10 Warthogs close air support (CAS) aircraft to Incirlik, Turkey. The A-10s will start flying right away against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria, with a focus on air support for the coming Kurd / Syrian insurgent offensive against the Islamic State.

Russia is testing new weapons including the recent cruise missile strikes. Now a new small drone which is actually a flying bomb with a camera which allows an operator to guide the actual drone to hit a target is being tested. During the past few days the drones have been launched from the Hamimim airbase in Latakia at targets of the Ahrar al-Sham group. Syrian news agencies said Wednesday that the new weapon had made direct hits and caused significant damage to rebel positions. 

Supplies entering Syria by ship.


21 OCT:   Assad visits Moscow for talks with Putin on the future of Syria. 

One Gaza rocket has struck in an open area of Israel’s Sha’ar Hanegev region. 

Russia’s intelligence services report that ISIS is seeking to join forces with the Al-Nusra Front and other Islamist extremist groups

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will hold a joint meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in Vienna on Friday to discuss the situation in Syria.


20 OCT:   

Breaking 10:00 EDT:   Work moves forward on the Western position for a final Syaia solution. Turkey is ready to accept a political transition in Syria in which President Bashar al-Assad remains in symbolic power for six months before leaving office, two senior government officials said on Tuesday.

“Work on a plan for Assad’s departure is underway … (Assad) can stay for six months and we accept that because there will be a guarantee of his departure,” one of the officials told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“We have moved forward on the issue to a certain degree with the United States and our other allies. There is not an exact consensus on when the six month period would begin, but we think it won’t be too long.”  

Russia will present its own positions at the mid November G 20 meet. 

Once a deal is made Russia has agreed to withdraw from Syria.

A landslide victory of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party ends the nearly 10-year rule of the Conservative Party of Canada led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has resigned as Conservative leader. 

Seventy militants were killed in Baiji as Iraqi forces mop up.

Kurdish Syrian forces are preparing to attack the Islamic State in Syria with 25,000 men and intense American Coalition air support; the object being to demolish the IS while Syria Iran Russia are still busy with Al Qaeda. 

In preparation for the offensive the US has reached an agreement with Russia over air coordination and air safety over Syria.

Israeli forces detained Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousuf Monday night at his home in Betunya, near Ramallah, after Hamas exhorted its members to revert to suicide attacks against Israeli targets in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  Israel has announced the arrest begins a massive sweep and arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem.


19 OCT:  After heavy Russian air attacks several columns of Islamic State fighters,  several hundred men each, are leaving the Damascus area for the town of Marj Al-Sultan 9 mi [15 k] NE from Damascus. 

Syrian Iranian forces are now advancing rapidly against Al Qaeda, and a large besieged Syrian air base is about to be relieved, providing another site from which Russia can launch air craft.

US Russia agree on air control protocols over Syria,  opening the way for a large escalation of air strikes.

BREAKING 08:45 EDT:   Israeli security sources claimed Monday that Hamas had instructed its West Bank cells to begin suicide attacks against Israeli targets on the West Bank and in Jerusalem.  

More than 200 Israeli settlers attacked the Palestinian villages of Wad al-Haseen and Wad al-Nasara near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba with fire bombs overnight in the eastern Hebron district. 

The Iraqi anti Islamic State offensive is moving north up Hwy 1 towards Mosul after liberating Baiji.  Troops are entering Azwya on the other side of the Tigris from  Hawijah, an IS occupied Sunni city.  If this offensive gains momentum Mosul could be liberated soon. 

Syria with Russian support is making extensive headway in liberating Al Qaeda occupied areas and demolishing the Islamic State infrastructure in Syria.

President Vladimir Putin has revealed that SEVEN thousand jihadi fighters from Russia and the former Soviet east are fighting for Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. “One of their goals is to push into the Central Asian region [after securing Syria]. It’s important that we are prepared to react to this scenario together.” said Putin.  When the Islamic State is demolished many of these fighters are expected to go to central Asia which is why 10,000 US troops are remaining in Afghanistan.

Kerry will meet with leaders from Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the coming days to work on the future of Syria in advance of the G 20 summit. 


18 OCT:   An assailant walked into the Beersheba central bus station Sunday night, Oct. 18, and shot dead an Israeli soldier, then took his assault rifle and opened fire on people in the station, injuring 11 including four policemen. The man was shot dead by security forces as he tried to exit the station. An accomplice  was critically wounded by police gunfire.

Israel allows police to conduct physical searches of persons and their belongings without probable cause; rights group:

Egyptians go to the polls on Sunday for parliamentary elections which are expected to consolidate Al Sisi as the new Egyptian strong man. Out of the 596 seats up for grabs in Egypt’s lower house, 448 will be decided through direct voting, 120 will be chosen from party lists and 28 are to be determined by the president.

The bi-annual Blue Flag joint Air Force exercise begins today morning at the Ovda Air Force base in southern Israel with the participation of the US, Israel and allied nations. The exercise lasting two weeks will simulate “a high-intensity confrontation against a political entity with a strong army.” US, Greek and Italian aircraft have arrived in Israel in the past weeks.

Israeli military sources report that more reinforcements are being sent to Jerusalem and Hebron as well as beefing up military strength on the West Bank and Gaza Strip border. Courses are being ended prematurely and more reserves are being mobilized.


17 OCT:   35 buses destroyed by fire in unguarded Tel Aviv Dan bus company yard.

Russia is extending and preparing a second runway at its Hmeymim Syria air base, the runway has been used for parking planes until now. Satellite images show the construction of concrete parking pads that would allow both runways to be used, effectively doubling the number of potential air strikes.  

The semi-official Iranian Fars news agency reported Wednesday “preparation of the Syrian Army, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Russian Air Force for a massive operation under a Joint Command Room” to retake the city in coming days. That offensive to liberate Aleppo province began this morning local time as Syrian Iranian forces advanced under heavy Russian air support.

The Iranian Syrian forces are currently fighting Islamic extremists from the Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham and al Qaeda’s Syrian wing, the Nusra Front, as well as the Suqour al-Sham and Failaq al-Sham Islamic insurgent groups. 

The reasons for the Russian intervention and the ground offensive against the Islamic Extremists is now becoming clear. 

The first reason is to destroy Islamic Extremist groups before more of the fighters return to Russia, Chechnya, China and other areas to make more trouble for Russia and China. 

The second reason and the reason that the US is so upset is the G 20 meeting in Turkey in Mid November which is to chart the future of Syria. 

The G 20 is expected to agree on a plan for the future of Syria which is then to be presented to the Security Council for final approval.  Russia is resetting the realities on the ground in Syria and Putin desires to have a real influence at the conference coming from a position of  substantial strength.  America and Allies are miffed at not being in a position to dictate the final solution to the Syrian situation. 

The final agreement will probably be some type of arrangement for internationally supervised elections in the country, or a ceasefire with the parties remaining in their positions at the time of the deal. 

Russia has declared that once the Islamic Extremists are defeated they will end their military campaign and withdraw their air force from Syria.  Once that happens Israel can destroy the power of the Assad regime in the coming regional war.

Three stabbing terror attacks were foiled on Saturday morning in Hebron and Jerusalem, two of them against Border Police forces and one against an Israeli settler. 

The present round of violence began with Israeli incursions onto the Temple Mount and Palestinian protests, events spiraling from there.  Yesterday, calls were made in the Security Council for international supervision of the Temple Mount, which was immediately rejected by the Far Right Extremist Netanyahu government.  When Israel gets a new government such an international supervision of the Mount will have to be a part of any peace agreement. 

It is already abundantly clear that the Jewish Far Right Settler Movement Extremists will strenuously object and will do everything possible to sabotage such a peace deal. Remember Rabin? 

When the miracle working pope goes to the Mount, it is highly probable that a Settler Movement provocation will trigger the 42 month occupation of Jerusalem and the start of the tribulation of “Jacob’s trouble.” 


16 OCT:   Israeli live fire killed 2 Gazan’s wounded 98 others as they swarmed the border fence.  One Palestinian killed in Nablus demonstrations and riots across the West Bank.

As the Palestinian organizations embarked on a “day of rage”  a mob burst into the Joseph’s Tomb compound, near Nablus early Friday and set the building on fire. It was badly damaged. 

Syrian allied forces advancing as Al Qaeda in retreat. 

Kerry trying to arrange calm in Israel.


15 OCT:  

President Obama today announced a full halt to America’s planned drawdown of military forces from Afghanistan through the end of his term in office in 2017, ensuring that the American occupation will endure in the country for years to come.

Unrest continues in Israel despite crackdown on Palestinians.

Syrian Hezbollah forces have launched an offensive against Al Qaeda just north of Hama.  Russian air strikes led the way around the town of Talbiseh and Teir Malla, about three miles (5 km) north of the government-held city. 

At least 3,000 Iranian troops and a brigade of Cubans has arrived in Syria to fight Al Qaeda and then the Islamic State.  More will be coming.  The US alliance of Kurds and Syrians is in a race to attack and defeat the Islamic State and liberate its capitol in Syria, Raqqa before the Russian Syrians Iranians can defeat Al Qaeda and turn against the IS.

The Iranian fighters have been arriving at Damascus airport for the past two weeks and being transported to a military base in the coastal town of Latakia from where they were deploying on the ground — mainly in the northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.  Officials said the Iranian troops and their allies were building up for a huge offensive against insurgents in Aleppo province, which would be announced in the coming days.

Iran’s Guardian Council has approved the nuclear deal today, the last obstacle to the deal’s ratification by the Islamic Republic. This sets the agreement on the fast track to being implemented by them and the rest of the participants, the P5+1. The Iranian parliament had already voted twice in favor of the deal, but before implementation they needed assurance from the Guardian Council,  a kind of senate which includes high profile religious and legal scholars. 

Yesterday Iraqi Security forces in Ramadi killed 40 militants.  Yesterday Iraqi forces also launched an assault to liberate the city of Baiji in northern Iraq.  Iraqi forces fought their way into the center of the city 90 miles from Mosul in a matter of hours supported by intensive US Coalition air strikes.  These assaults are part of the move against Mosul the Islamic State capitol in Iraq.  In the coming weeks the Islamic State in Iraq is to be reduced to a besieged redoubt in Mosul; after which Mosul itself will be liberated and the IS destroyed in Iraq


14 OCT:  

Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom announced today that the immediate family members of Israeli Palestinians who commit terrorist attacks against Jews would be stripped of their residency as well as the economic benefits they receive from the government. Shalom said he had already decided to cancel the residency of 19 residents of East Jerusalem who were involved in attacks, and that the land upon which terrorists’ houses stood would be expropriated after those houses were destroyed.

The United States is green lighting the final Iraqi push to liberate Ramadi after extensive airstrikes have severely damaged and demoralized the Islamic State.

General Joseph Dunford, new chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, will visit Israel next week to discuss security cooperation, and a massive influx of military aid as well as the coming Juniper Cobra air defense exercise.

Israeli police have thrown up roadblocks on the main highways of central Israel and sensitive points in Jerusalem.  Overnight, police special forces rounded up scores of Palestinians across east Jerusalem and the West Bank.  

Hundreds of IDF soldiers are being deployed and a decision is coming today on calling up reserves.  East Jerusalem communities are being sealed off with roadblocks and the IDF will place two soldiers on every bus and more at transportation facilities until private transportation guards can be trained. 

Israeli Palestinian Knesset members are scheduled to make collective visit to the Temple Mount on Thursday. The visit was delayed until Thursday while some members returned from abroad.


13 OCT:  

BREAKING 15:00 EDT:   Israel to deploy military forces to cities;  East Jerusalem to be cut off by checkpoints and roadblocks.

The Israeli Health Ministry today ordered hospitals across Israel to go on emergency footing for a potential national contingency of multiple casualties as Israel prepares to call up military reserves and launch an extensive operation to round up militants and secure the West Bank. Medical and auxiliary staff and supply centers were put on a state of preparedness.

 An IDF vehicle came under sniper fire from the Gaza Strip amid extensive demonstrations on the Gaza border.

Russia’s air force has made 88 sorties, hitting 86 Islamic State targets in Syria in the last 24 hours, targets were hit in Ragga, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Aleppo.  Meanwhile the American coalition struck 11 sites in Iraq and 3 in Syria.

Monday night, Iran began additional large scale deployments of ground troops into Syria. 

The Israeli security cabinet is meeting in urgent session at noon today. 

Four Israelis were killed this morning and seventeen were wo0unded in coordinated attacks.  Hamas is being blamed for the uprising.

Two Palestinian gunmen opened fire Tuesday, Oct. 13, on a bus in the Armon Hanatziv district of Jerusalem, killing one Israeli and injuring 16, at least six seriously. The gunmen were shot. At the same time a Palestinian ran down a group of pedestrians waiting at the Malchei Israel bus stop. He then jumped out of the car to stab the victims. One was killed and three injured before the killer was shot dead.  

Today an Israeli in front of the city hall of Raanana, north of Tel Aviv. City hall security guards opened fire and seriously wounded the terrorist. The victim was lightly wounded.  Later in the morning,  four Israelis were stabbed in the same city before being neutralized by the police. One of the victims was seriously injured. 

Proposals surfacing to force American women to register for the draft.


12 OCT:  

BREAKING 14:00 EDT:  Last night the United States began air dropping munitions to the alliance calling itself the Democratic Forces of Syria which includes the Kurdish YPG militia and Syrian groups which have been fighting together in a campaign that drove Islamic State from wide areas of northern Syria earlier this year. 

In the first of many planned deliveries, fifty tons of munitions were air dropped last night.  The deliveries are in preparation for an offensive against the Islamic State and its capital in Syria, Raqqa, in the coming weeks. 

Two people have been wounded in yet another stabbing attack by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem, in the third such attack Monday.

Female stabs Border Policeman at Ammunition Hill  [Jerusalem] opposite Israel Police headquarters, injuring him moderately. He shot her and she was apprehended and hospitalized.

Jewish attacks on Palestinians get little attention in the Israeli media. . Haaretz+ posted this on its Live Updates page Sunday: “Jews tried to run over a group of Palestinian children in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, Palestinian reports say. There were no injuries. (Nir Hasson)” Ynet wrote the following near the end of an article: “Police received a report of a group of Jewish girls in Jerusalem who used tear gas to attack a Palestinian employee at a store. Police detained three suspects for questioning.” 

Israel mobilizes 19 battalions [about 20,000] paramilitary border police reserves for the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Russian jets carried out at least 20 air strikes on the town of Kafr Nabuda in Hama province in western Syria, and hundreds of shells and rockets  hit the area as the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters advanced.  Meanwhile Russia is carrying out furious airstrikes against Al Qaeda and the Islamic State across the rest of Syria.


11 OCT:   Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian forces advancing behind extremely intense Russian bombing are making substantial headway in destroying Al Qaeda.  The Islamic Extremists considering it their religious duty to stand firm are being slaughtered in mass.

Iraqi warplanes bomb IS convoy and a leadership meeting killing numerous Islamic State  leaders. 

South Africa to withdraw from the Western Establishment Kangaroo Propaganda Court [the International Criminal Court]

Turkey blames Islamic Sate for yesterday’s attack in Ankara.

Gaza opened fire on IDF troops providing security for Israeli workers who were fixing a section of the border fence adjacent to Kibbutz Kisufim on Sunday morning. Nobody was injured but the windshield of a civilian vehicle was damaged. The fence was damaged during earlier demonstrations. 

Demonstrators are gathering at the border fence with Israel in the northern Gaza strip, some of whom are throwing stones and burning tires. IDF troops are firing warning shots.

Confrontations are reportedly taking place between Palestinians and Israeli security forces a the Huwwara checkpoint in the West Bank, following the arrival of a march from An-Najah University in Nablus. demonstrations are also taking place at Abu Dis and in other areas.  Police presence to be drastically increased in Jaffa tel Aviv.

Israeli police prevented a suicide bombing by a female Palestinian on Sunday morning when they became suspicious of her behavior as she drove towards a checkpoint in the West Bank and ordered her to pull over. When one of the policemen at the A-Zayim checkpoint, located on the Maaleh Adumim highway, approached the vehicle, the woman yelled “Allahu Akbar” and detonated an explosive device she was wearing. Both the policeman, who suffered burns on his face, and the terrorist, who was seriously injured, were taken to a local hospital.

Palestinian citizens of Israel have announced that there will be a general strike on Tuesday throughout the Arab sector, which will include businesses and schools, in protest at the situation regarding al-Aqsa Mosque. A demonstration will be held in Sakhnin on the same day.

Russia expands airstrikes:  Over the last 24 hours Russian aircraft have attacked terrorist positions in the Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Raqqa provinces of Syria. In total, 64 sorties targeted 63 Islamic State installations, among them 53 fortified zones, 7 arms depots, 4 training camps and a command post. 

A multi pronged attack has been launched to liberate Ramadi and is making excellent progress with intense American air support.

10 Oct:  

BREAKING 21:00 EDT:   Israeli warplanes bombed multiple sites in Gaza about 2 am local time.  Strikes targeted the Hamas al-Qassam Brigades sites. One woman was killed and two family members injured when her house collapsed, rescuers are searching for her child.

A Chinese ship carrying military advisors has transited the Suez canal in route to Syria.  Another Chinese ship carrying large numbers of combat troops is also underway.

BREAKING 16:00 EDT:    One rocket shot down over Ashkelon.

BREAKING 13:00 EDT:  Syrian forces are beginning to liberate ground from Al Qaeda.

Two Gaza teens – aged 13 and 15 – were shot dead by IDF fire 23 others wounded. 

Israel begins calling up border police reserves.   

Israel increased to five the number of Iron Dome batteries deployed within rocket range of Gaza. 

Around 1,500 people demonstrated in Nazareth Saturday afternoon, while other protests occurred throughout the West Bank, around Jerusalem, and on the Gaza Strip border.

Israel deploys Iran Dome rocket defenses in the south. 

Three Israeli policemen were injured outside Nablus Gate in Jerusalem Saturday afternoon. Two were stabbed and the third sustained a serious gunshot wound. It is not clear whether the shot was friendly fire during the altercation.

Heavy Russian bombing of Syrian Islamic extremists continues today.  Last night The Russian Air Force conducted 64 sorties and hit a total of 55 targets, “Our aviation group destroyed two militant command centers, 29 field camps, 23 fortified facilities and several troop positions containing military hardware,”     This is in addition to yesterday’s strikes reported below. 

Russian warplanes have now destroyed the biggest and most important supply hubs of the Islamic State as well as many other Islamic extremist targets.

In Turkey two explosions took place Saturday morning near the central train station of Ankara, killing at least 20 people according to first reports.  UPDATE 09:00  EDT:  Turkey’s Interior Ministry says two bomb explosions apparently targeting a peace rally in the capital Ankara has killed 86 people and injured nearly two hundred others. The ministry said the explosions occurred as demonstrators were starting to gather for the rally Saturday. It condemned the attack which it said “targets Turkey’s democracy and peace.”

With some fanfare, the United States announced the end of its program to train Syrian dissidents, calling the program a failure since only a dozen or so trained persons were inside Syria.  This is pure disinformation. 

The US Army is a very professional and competent organization and has trained thousands of people for the Free Syrian Army. The CIA and other countries have trained many thousands more. 

These forces have not yet entered Syria, holding back inside Jordan and Turkey until the Islamists are destroyed by Russia.  The end of the training program was a propaganda exercise to confuse people.  The program was not a failure, it was ended because they have completed the job, and the next phase [that of arming them] under the cloak of arming the already armed Kurds is beginning. 

These folks are being prepared to move in and overthrow the Assad regime [after Russia destroys the Islamists]  if they cannot take over politically.


Yesterday Russian air forces carried out 67 sorties, striking 60 separate targets in northern Syria in the past 24 hours, the Defense Ministry has reported. Two senior Islamic State field commanders are reportedly among some 300 militants killed in the strikes.

“Among the targets were communication hubs, command posts, fuel stores and terrorist training bases located located in Raqqa, Latakia, Idlip, Aleppo and Hama,” said deputy chief of staff Lieutenant-General Igor Makushev, in a Moscow media briefing.

Makushev said that drone footage verified that a precision hit destroyed the headquarters of Liwa-al-Haqq, an Islamist group, which has been fighting the government of Bashar Assad since 2012.

The Liwa al-Haqq headquarters was destroyed in the strike, and Russia reported that some 200 fighters were killed there, including two ISIS field commanders who were visiting the base. Liwa al-Haqq has been part of the Syrian Islamic Front since Dec 2012, Russia said that a radio intercept confirmed the deaths of 200 fighters of the Islamic Extremist organization

Another 100 Islamists were killed in an airstrike against an Islamic State munitions depot near Aleppo, in which Russian Sukhoi jets destroyed a base and armaments store housed in a former prison.

Hamas has declared an Intifada [uprising] in the West Bank and Jerusalem.  Israel is expected to crack down as it did in operation Defensive Shield and this is expected to escalate into war with Gaza. 

A Palestinian stabbed two Israeli men in their 60s walking on Hanevi’im Street, Jerusalem Saturday morning, before he was shot dead. Both were taken to hospital. 

At Rahat, in the western Negev, masked assailants threw rocks and iron bars at passing highway cars and smashed security cameras. In central Israel, at Um al Fahm and Baqaa al-Garbiyeh, and in the northern town of Nazareth, there was  same pelting of rocks, firebombs and burning cans and tires with the intention to block national highways.

Route 6 was reopened to traffic Saturday morning after it was cleared of rocks and burning tires. Palestinians in the turbulent Jerusalem Shoafat suburb clashed with police Saturday morning


09 OCT:   

UPDATE 18:00 EDT:    Haaretz  LIVE UPDATES: In addition to the Gaza situation one Palestinian Killed, 410 Wounded in West Bank, East Jerusalem Clashes. 

First rocket strikes Israel from Gaza.  Israel threatening all out operation.

UPDATE 16:00 EDT:   Two Salafist rockets fired from Gaza fall short and land inside the strip.

UPDATE 13:00 EDT:  Six dead, seventy more wounded [ten critically].  The toll is climbing as Israel also fired on other demonstrations in Gaza. 

BREAKING 11:20 EDT:   Israeli forces fired on about 400 demo9nstrators at the Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip using live ammunition,  killing five and wounding thirty-five people.  The possibility of rockets from Gaza in response and Israeli retaliation bombing is very real.

Around 150 protesters demonstrate near Taybeh on road 444 burning tires.  Two violent riots have broken out in Hebron close to two different checkpoints in the city. Forces responded by dispersing the demonstration, with one Palestinian shot.  Numerous other demonstrations, riots and stabbings

The super carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt is headed back to the US for maintenance [refinishing its non skid flight deck coating].  There will be no US carriers in the Mideast for the next two months as the US prepares them for a massive surge of force to the region in the new year. 

Taking advantage of the Syrian offensive against Al Qaeda the Islamic State has joined in attacking the Al Qaeda groups and seized the villages of Tal Qrah, Kfar Qares and at least four other small villages in the northern Aleppo countryside.  This move by the IS is a jockeying for better defensive positions for when the Syrian offensive turns to them. 

When American propaganda says that most of the Russian attacks are not on the Islamic State, they fail to mention that these non IS attacks are on Al Qaeda groups.  Western propaganda is obviously trying to build a case for an East West confrontation.

Iranian Gen. Hossein Hamedani, second in command of the Al Qods Brigades under Qassem Soleimani, was killed in the fighting outside Aleppo in northern Syria Wednesday. Hamedani is the highest ranking officer Iran has lost so far in the Syrian war. 

Live updates of Israel attacks.

Netanyahu called for a broad unity governmentwhich Opposition leader, Isaac Herzog rejected saying the country needed a prime minister not a PR machine and that Netanyahu should “give back the keys” because he has lost control.  This leaves a new election as the only option.

Four Bedouins stabbed in Dimona, Jewish suspect arrested Jewish suspect admits to nationalistically-motivated stabbing attack on 3 municipal employees, 1 other Bedouin in Dimona. The 17-year-old stabber, known to police, admitted under questioning that he believes all Arabs are terrorists and that is the reason why he stabbed them

Jewish extremists marched down Jerusalem streets Thursday night, searching for Arabs to attack and chanting ‘Death to Arabs’ and and clashing with police. Hundreds of members from the right-wing extremist Lehava group and from La Familia, the radical Beitar Jerusalem soccer team fan club, marched asking passers-by if they were Arab or not.  Police prevented them from entering a Palestinian neighborhood. After the stabbing attack in Afula, Jewish residents of the city attacked an Arab citizen and a policeman protected him with his body, Maariv reported. Other Jewish residents stoned passing cars of Arab citizens. In the northern West Bank, Israeli settlers assaulted the Palestinian Authority Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Alam Moussa, smashing his car windows during the attack, 

The police are attempting to suppress rallies among Israeli Arabs. Buses transporting participants in a protest rally against Israeli policies at the Temple Mount and aggression toward Palestinians. Police used stun grenades to break up the rally shortly after it started, lightly wounding several people, and arrested some of the youth organizers, who organized another rally in Nazareth for today.

The IDF is preparing today for a Palestinian ‘Day of Rage’ with thousands of troops deployed along roads and flashpoints, while IDF officers and Palestinian security apparatuses coordinated their response. In the Old City, the police set up metal detectors to try to prevent stabbings. Maan reported that the unprecedented blanket ban prohibiting Palestinians from entering the Old City continues since Saturday, with an exception to those who live within the site. Jerusalem high schools remained shut in protest of the lack of funds to pay for security guards to stay past 1:30PM.


08 OCT:   Jewish Israelis are being instructed to carry weapons if they have them.   

The Israeli prime minister held a press conference with Defense Minister Ya’alon and interim police Chief Benzi Sao in which he blamed Hamas and others for the violence.  

Israel is still holding back from a powerful operation on the West Bank and in Jerusalem but that might change if the violence does not abate.

Palestinian members of the Israeli parliament announced on Thursday that they will delay their planned visit to the Temple Mount to pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque until Sunday so that several other Palestinian members of the Knesset, who are currently abroad, can join as well.

Two Israelis in the city of Afula on Thursday evening. Police captured the perpetrator at the scene.   A female soldier and four others were attacked b a Palestinian wielding a screwdriver in Tel Aviv, a passing air force officer chased the fleeing assailant and shot him dead.

Numerous stabbings, shootings, violent demonstrations and fire bombings across Israel and West Bank today.  Palestinians in the Shuafat refugee camp opened fire on police forces who i8nvaded the camp on Thursday evening while other Palestinians threw molotov cocktails, large stones and sharp objects at the police. Nine policemen were lightly injured. The police returned fire, and a 19-year-old Palestinian was killed. 

In Yemen where thi Houthi tribe is backing the elected president against a Saudi, Egypt, US backed coup president; UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Wednesday the Houthis have accepted a UN Security Council resolution that calls for an end to violence, withdrawal of their forces from all areas they have seized and a halt to undermining the political transition in the country.  The legitimate president Selah and the coup president Hadi with its sponsors also accepted the seven point UN plan to end the war.  President Selah had been deposed in a Western sponsored coup and then the usurper Hadi won an uncontested “election” in which Hadi and his foreign backers refused to allow any others to run. 

Iraqi forces have launched an offensive under American Coalition air support and have liberated several areas north and west of Ramadi as efforts to close in on the Anbar provincial capital seized by jihadists in May intensify, officials said Wednesday.  A brigadier general from the Anbar operations command said the areas liberated  included Zankura, Albu Jleib, Al-Adnaniyah and parts of Albu Risha and an area known as Kilometre 5.

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced Thursday that it launched cruise missiles at ISIS targets in Syria for the second straight night, targeting command centers, ammunition dumps, training camps and facilities for production of explosives and artillery shells. The missiles were launched from four warships in the Caspian Sea.

The United States is publicly saying that they are not in a coalition with Russia; nevertheless  they are doing everything possible to facilitate the Russian actions including. 

The United States to release thousands of federal prisoners held on drug charges. 

The Israeli ruling coalition tottering

In an effort to contain the current wave of Palestinian terror, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu barred ministers and members of parliament from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount until further notice. The step was intended to reduce tensions and deny Palestinians a pretext for the continuing violence.

The move back fired after the Prime Minister’s Office clarified Thursday that the order applied to Arab lawmakers and public figures as well as Jewish ministers and lawmakers. Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi thereupon announced that he would lead a large Arab delegation to Friday prayers on Temple Mount.

The step of forbidding MKs to go to the Mount  not only failed in its purpose, it further alienated the far right in the governing coalition as Jewish lawmakers said they too would defy the order.  If they do it would be a deliberate extreme provocation which would certainly inflame the situation and might even  bring new elections for Israel

An Israeli man, was seriously hurt when a Palestinian stabbed him in the throat Thursday at the Light Rail station near Police National Headquarters in NE Jerusalem. The terrorist was captured after he tried to snatch the station guard’s sidearm Injuring the guard as well. 

The Israeli mayor of Jerusalem has called on all Jewish residents to carry weapons.


07 OCT:  Latest Russian news on Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now canceled his trip to Germany  because of the Israeli security and political situation.

Four Russian warships fire 26 cruise missiles across Iraq to destroy militant sites in Syria.  This could not have been done without Iraqi permission including coordination with tacit approval from the US and NATO. 

US Russia agree to coordinate war in Syria.

 A Syrian government offensive began on four fronts Wednesday in the northwestern provinces of Idlib and neighboring Hama. Syrian troops backed by heavy Russian airstrikes are attacking Islamic Extremist areas in central Syria.  Russia conducted dozens of airstrikes and heavy artillery bombardments in support of today’s Syrian offensive.  Syrian forces are also being supported by Russian helicopter gunships.

The offensive was launched with an intense wave of Russian air strikes hit the Syrian province of Hama and nearby areas in the neighbouring province of Idlib on Wednesday,

Heavy clashes have been taking place in Jaffa and across the West Bank and in Jerusalem.  An Israeli woman was just stabbed in Jerusalem.  Border police seized a cache of 15 pre-prepared firebombs in a raid on a home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of A Tur overnight. 

Amid multiple other attacks and riots a group of Palestinians threw stones at cars on the road leading from Tekoa to Har Homa. A 50-year-old woman was lightly injured and evacuated from the scene by ambulance after reporting that the attackers smashed her windows in an ambush, while attempting to physically remove her from the vehicle, while a Palestinian  assailant in Kiryat Gat stabbed a soldier and grabbed his weapon. The soldier is believed to be lightly wounded.

PM Binyamin Netanyahu has reduced his scheduled trip to Berlin Thursday to a few hours in order to return home to deal with the political crisis. He will only open the annual two-day government-to-government session attended by senior German and Israeli ministers before immediately rushing back home. The session will continue without him. The meeting was to have been one of the events this year to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of German-Israel diplomatic ties.

Netanyahu is facing strong criticism and rebellion from at least six of his government ministers and is threatening to call a new snap election. 

In addition to the security situation the Jewish radicals are enraged as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told top settler leaders that there is a de facto freeze on all new settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, based on “current pressures” from the US. The settlers were demanding massive new building to spite Palestinian protesters complaining about recent crackdowns.

The meeting came amid reports that the United States gave Netanyahu an ultimatum, demanding he stop announcing new settlement construction, and warning that the US would not veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning the illegal settlements if they continued expansion. 

A giant oil deposit has been found in the southern Golan Heights and estimates are that the amount of oil found will suffice to make Israel self sufficient for many years to come.


06 OCT:   Netanyahu, with only a one seat majority in the Knesset is facing a revolt over the security situation.   settlers have injured at least two Palestinians, including a 10-year-old boy, in settler revenge attacks that have swept the West Bank. And Monday, two Palestinian youth, aged 15 and 13, were shot dead by Israeli forces in clashes that have been taking place across the West Bank. The Palestinian Health Ministry said that 13-year-old Abdel Rahman Abdullah was shot in the chestwhich the IDF deniedThousands attended the funeral of the slain Tulkarem teen, Huthaifa Othman Suleiman, 15. The Red Crescent said that 499 Palestinians were injured in 3 days since Saturday, at least 41 of them had been shot with live rounds, and 143 injured by rubber-coated steel bullets. Islamic Jihad Takes Credit for Jerusalem Attack, Threatens Suicide Bombings – 58-second video shows a purported Islamic Jihad member preparing for a suicide attack disguised as an Israeli soldier; group also tells AFP Jerusalem stabber who killed 2 was a member. (Haaretz)

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cut short his family trip to Berlin Sunday and convened a late night security cabinet meeting that lasted five hours.

President Barack Obama has authorized the resupply of Syrian Kurds and the Free Syrian Army. 

 The decision comes, as despite US propaganda to the contrary, the Free Syrian Army and Kurds strongly approve of Russian actions in Syria and have requested further Russian intervention.  Assad and Russia have also invited the FSA to join a Syrian transitional government. 

The Free Syrian Army is a loose confederation of several independent groups, some of them moderate and some of them Islamic radicals.  It is true that Russia is bombing the radical Islamic elements within the Free Syrian Army, on the other hand Russia is reaching out to the Free Syrian Army moderates and inviting them to take part in an interim Syrian government. 

The reason behind the American disinformation propaganda against Russia is not clear since the US and Russia had agreed on the campaign months ago.  It appears that the new world order people are trying to set up a US / Russia confrontation to help bring in their NWO.

Russia has deployed  artillery, as well as four BM-30 multiple-launch rocket systems.  The weapons have been spotted near Homs, Hama and Idlib and west of Idlib where a Syrian Hezbollah Iranian offensive against the Al Nusrah Front Al Qaeda Islamists is being prepared. 

The Russian military has deployed its mobile, ground-based electronic warfare system Krasukha-4 in Syria.  Both a truck-mounted system and a number of pods that can go on aircraft have been observed, providing the ability to jam Islamist communications. 

Latest Russian air strikes.


05 OCT: Russia suggests it will be sending volunteer ground forces to Syria. Russia called up 150,000 reservists on Oct 1.

BREAKING 15:00 EDT:   Hamas cell responsible for murder of Israelis.   Karim Lutfi Fathi Rezaq, 23  was accidentally shot by cell members during the attack and was hospitalized with a broken arm. A group of Israeli soldiers responding to intelligence leads arrested him and took him from his hospital bed where under intense interrogation he broke down and confessed betraying his confederates.  

Israel security forces Monday announced they had captured the Hamas cell responsible for the attack following an intense intelligence effort.

The Hamas cell based in Nablus had five members, all of whom have confessed.  Each was allotted a task: One kept an eye on the road, three traveled in the attack vehicle – a driver and two shooters – and a commander who stayed back in Nablus. They were identified as Ghaeb Ahmad Muhamed Aliwi, 37, Yahya Muhammed Naif Abdallah Hajj Hamad, 24, and Karim Lutfi Fathi Rezaq, 23 – the two gunmen who fired the fatal shots; Samir Zahir Ibrahim Kusa, 33, the driver; and Zeid Ziyad Jamil Omar, 26 who kept observation.   A number of accessories were also arrested. 

The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries have reached  agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Mahmoud Abbas called an emergency meeting Monday night of Palestinian Authority officials and security chiefs at PA headquarters in Ramallah, and instructed them to deescalate the current wave of Palestinian violence. Israel must not be given a pretext for retaliation.

Russia’s deputy chief of staff, Gen. Nikolay Bogdanovsky, accompanied by a large military delegation, arrives in Israel for a two-day visit on Tuesday,  to discuss increased coordination between the two militaries.

Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, promised a “harsh offensiveagainst Palestinian violence Israel bans all Palestinians from the Old City who are not resident there.  The security cabinet will meet Monday night.

The Israel Defense Forces struck several Hamas infrastructure sites in Gaza early Monday morning in response to one rocket which struck southern Israel last evening and another which fell short landing inside Gaza. 

The Russian air attack on Syrian Islamic State and Islamic Extremists continues. 

The US pledges to dramatically escalate its airstrike on Iraq and in support of the Kurds in Syria. 

Iraqi forces have surrounded Ramadi for many weeks and as they ready an offensive to liberate the city, the Islamic State sensing a big loss has withdrawn its leaders and foreign fighters from the city leaving only a handful of local radicals behind. 

The Russian intervention in Syria is making the setting up of a proposed “No Fly Zone” to establish a safe haven for terrorists from which to overthrow Assad  impossible. 


04 OCT:    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called an emergency meeting with Israeli security officials later on Sunday to discuss measures for dealing with the flare-up of violence centering on Jerusalem and the West Bank.  Heavy IDF and police strength have meanwhile been called up and deployed for a massive crackdown.

Today the Border Guard police detail guarding Rachel’s Tomb was firebombed, in the Jerusalem village of Issawiyeh, a Palestinian was shot in the leg while hurling rocks and clashes with Israeli security forces continued Sunday at Bir Zeit near Ramallah, the IDF’s Anatot base outside Jerusalem, the Tapuach junction in Samaria and the El-Arub refugee camp and Kafr Horsa near Hebron.

Palestinians report that more than 100 Palestinians have been wounded by gunfire and tear-gas with clashes with the IDF today. Palestinians also report numerous revenge attacks are being carried out by settlers.

In what appears to be a repeat of events leading up to the last Gaza conflict, Israel is engaged in a huge West Bank crackdown and is busy rounding up Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other militants.  Over night A large armed IDF force with tractors raided the Jenin refugee camp early Sunday and using loudspeakers called on Qais a-Saadi of Hamas to turn himself in.  Palestinians report the incident is ongoing with gunfire. The Hamas man barricaded himself in his home during arrests by security forces in the Jenin refugee camp. IDF Forces surrounded the house and opened fire at the building.

A 15-year old boy was knifed early Sunday on Haneviim Street. He was seriously hurt. Police shot the assailant dead,  At El Bireh near Ramallah, a large Israeli force is surrounding the home of yesterday’s attacker Muhand Halabi, who stabbed two Israelis to death in the Old City of Jerusalem Saturday night. His family was ordered to leave the premises. Some were taken in for questioning. Palestinians who clashed with the force were dispersed by tear gas.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry expressed support on Saturday for Russia’s military involvement in Syria, saying it will help halt the spread of terrorism as well as deal a fatal blow to Islamic State (ISIS).

“Russia’s entrance, given its potential and capabilities, is something we see is going to have an effect on limiting terrorism in Syria and eradicating it,” Shoukry said in a televised interview on Saturday. 

In fact the Russian operation has been extremely successful so far.  Russia has already achieved substantial success completing the destruction of most of the command and communication facilities of the Islamic State as well as nearly all of the munitions and fuel dumps, and is ready to begin attacking fighting forces.  The Islamic State fighting forces is reported to be in a confused condition close to chaos, with hundreds of foreign fighters beginning to flee Syria. 

Once the fighting forces have been substantially damaged by the bombing; a Syrian / Hezbollah / Iranian force ground offensive to liberate the  Islamic extremist occupied areas is at the ready. 

While Russia is grabbing the headlines the US Coalition is ramping up its own air war in Iraq.


03 OCT:  

BREAKING 16:00 EDT:   Two dead and five injured in an Islamic Jihad  stabbing attack in Jerusalem. Saturday evening a father and a second man trying to help him died of their injuries before reaching hospital, the mother is in grave condition. Their child was struck in the foot. Another victim is in very serious condition. After his stabbing attack, the terrorist snatched the sidearm of one of his victims and began shooting at passing tourists before Border Guards police cut him down. The dead terrorist has meanwhile been identified as Muhand Halabi, 19, from El Bireh near Ramallah. 

Nehamia Lavi, 41, resident of the Old City of Jerusalem and a rabbi at the Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva, was one of the two Israeli men stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist at the Lions Gate Saturday night. Rabbi Lavi was married with seven children. Two women who were also stabbed are in serious condition. Aharon Benita, 23, an IDF serviceman, is the second victim of the Palestinian terrorist attack Saturday night in Jerusalem, to be named. Benita lived at Beitar Ilit with his wife and two year old son. His wife who was injured in the attack and  is in grave condition. Their child was slightly hurt.

This second attack  comes after the shooting murder of an Israeli settler couple on the West Bank yesterday and after Hamas calls for a violent uprising in response to recent Israeli incursions on the Temple Mount. 

Islamic Jihad has claimed that Muhand Halabi, 19,from El-Bireh near Ramallah belonged to the group and was under orders to kill Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Netanyahu will confer with European leaders on his way home from the UN and a meet with Obama. 

Russia announces that the bombing campaign against Islamic terrorism in Syria will be greatly expanded in the coming days.  Up until now Russia has been concentrating on destroying Islamic State infrastructure and they are now almost ready to begin directly attacking IS fighters and fighting positions.

Alexei Pushkov, a top Russian foreign affairs official, commented to French radio earlier: “The US is criticizing Russia for ‘lack of selectivity in our targets’ in Syria. So what stopped them from picking the right targets over a whole year, rather than just pointlessly bombing the desert?” 

Russia has been striking munitions, fuel and supply dumps, vehicle parks, weapons facilities and command centers, doing more real damage to the Islamic State inside Syria in three days than the US has done in the past year.   The US apparently hoping that Assad and the IS would bloody one another.

At the UN, the selection of a committee for discussions on a solution and the final outcome of the Syrian conflict is under way; with British Premier David Cameron and others suggesting more openness to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remaining in power for a “transition” period.

Russia has been pushing this idea all along, advocating a transitional “unity” government in Syria,  Currently at the UN, discussions are centered around who will be in the talks to set up the post Assad government in Syria. 

Russia is proposing a broad based group of nations to discuss the issues with the inclusion of all P5+1 members, as well as several other Middle Eastern states, including Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

At this time the EU nations have come around to supporting the Russian proposals.  The Europeans want Iran, the Americans, Russians, Chinese, Saudi Arabia and Turkey included.  Two diplomats — one European the other from the Middle East — said that Britain, France and Germany all spoke up in favor of that format.

The US is trying to exclude the Europeans from participation in order to have American control of the committee.  The  US is proposing a five nation effort, led by themselves, and including Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The assumption from this is that Turkey and Saudi Arabia will back the US position, giving them a 3-2 majority at the negotiating table.

The IDF has sealed Nablus (pop. 50,000) and set up roadblocks around the throughout the town.  Over night a huge Israeli armored column entered the city and raided scores of home looking for the killers of two Israelis.


 02 OCT:  

BREAKING 10:00 EDT:   Israel preparing to fix blame for yesterday’s murders. Israeli media report that the Shin Bet and IDF have a general idea as to the identity of the perpetrators of Thursday night’s attack. The attack was apparently carried out by an organized Palestinian cell with an infrastructure base, and not a “lone wolf” attacker. 

The Fatah military wing has claimed yesterday’s killings of two Israelis, saying it was in response to recent Israeli murders of Palestinians.

Putin meets with French / German leaders to discuss Ukraine and the future of Syria. 

Russia begins intensive bombardment of Islamic State with heavy attacks of their headquarters in Raqqa, and other areas of Syria.  Chinese warplanes are on their way to Syria.

The US-led coalition joined in the intensification of the aerial assault on the Islamic State contributing 28 air strikes of its own in Syria and Iraq on Thursday.  Twenty of the attacks were in Iraq with six of them concentrated near the city of Al Huwayjah. Air strikes also were carried out near eight other Iraqi cities, hitting tactical units, vehicles, fighting positions and other Islamic State assets, according to the statement from the Combined Joint Task Force.

The eight strikes in Syria included six near the city of Al Hasakah, hitting tactical units, vehicles and equipment,

Thousands of Israeli troops are surrounding the Nablus area in the search for yesterday’s killers.

Russia campaign in Syria to intensify could last three to four months, the head of the foreign affairs committee at the State Duma, Russia’s parliament, said on Friday.  “There is always a risk of being bogged down but in Moscow, we are talking about an operation of three to four months,” Alexei Pushkov told French radio Europe 1.

Ukraine: Russian submarines with nuclear missile launching capabilities patrolling the Atlantic were a “response” to NATO’s plans to build up its operations in Eastern Europe over Ukraine. “These are the rules of the game…. So this is a response,” Pushkov said.


01 OCT:  BREAKING 21:00 EDT:   After assailants murdered a couple in an gunfire attack on their car in the West Bank Israel  has deployed an additional four battalions of troops to the West Bank and is searching for the assailants.  

This is almost a reprise of the kidnap murder of two Israelis which prompted the last Gaza conflict and Hamas may well be blamed again.  Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) called on the PA to encourage even more violence against Jews and Israelis and to halt security coordination with Israel and to unleash an armed uprising against the Jewish state

Hamas praised the terrorists who carried out the attack in Samaria, in which Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin were murdered in front of their four children.  According to Kol Yisrael radio, a Hamas spokesman said the group “welcomes the heroic attack and calls for more quality attacks. The Zionists will pay the price for Netanyahu’s criminal policy everywhere.”

Russia is now revealing that since the Islamic State is a branch of Al Qaeda, Russia will target all Al Qaeda groups.  Russia will now help the Syrians to wipe out the various militant groups first, before moving against the Islamic State. 

Russia rightly states that these groups including the Al Nusrah Front have been declared terrorist groups throughout the world including in the US; and therefore Russia is obligated to go after them while the US is breaking the law by supporting them.

Hundreds of Iranian troops have arrived in Syria during the last ten days with thousands more on the way, ahead of a joint ground operation by Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces against the Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front in the areas of Idlib and Hama.  Russia will command the operation and provide air support.  See our June article: Iran Plans to Surge 50,000 Plus Troops to Syria to Fight Islamic State

It has always been understood in this building [the Pentagon] that the Russians would provide the air force, and the Iranians would provide the ground force in Syria,” an American official said. 

There has been a plan to do this for some months.

Russian warplanes carried out a new wave of attacks in Syria, striking 30 different targets Thursday morning and early afternoon. Most of the strikes were carried out in areas of the northern part of the country, including Al-Shughour and Kafr Nabl, where there are concentrations of rebel groups. Lebanese television reported that the Al-Nusra Front was attacked in Al-Shughour. 

Text of Pres Abbas / PM Netanyahu Addresses to the UN, Sep 30, 2015

The United States has been working non stop for most of the year to build more facilities for the massive Juniper Cobra 2016 missile defense exercise with Israel

America has welcomed Russian help in attacking the Islamic State in Syria with the caveat that Russia not attack US backed insurgents. 

Secretary of State John Kerry responded by announcing that the United States is prepared to welcome Russia actions in Syria if they are directed at the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda, and promising that the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Syria would “dramatically accelerate our efforts.”

Russian and American military authorities will meet on Thursday to organize the war effort to prevent any unintended conflicts between their efforts.  

It appears that Russia could attack all militants in Syria against American wishes, including the al Qaeda linked Al Nusrah Font with whom the US is forging an alliance.  There is little that America can do about that at this time.   Who would have thought? America trying to defend Al Qaeda.

After the Islamic State is destroyed,  possibly along with other militant groups that the US is supporting, possibly by spring; at which time the missile defenses over Israel will be completed; Israel can attack Hezbollah / Syria at will with America attacking Iran and demanding that Russia hold back from any intervention against Israel. 

Russia might possibly then respond in Ukraine.  Everything is lining up for a serious East West confrontation crisis as soon as next year.


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