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29 FEB:   Turkey has rejected the Syrian ceasefire and sent over 100 Islamic Extremists across teh border to attack a town in northern Syria in coordination with other extremists inside Syria and with heavy Turkish artillery fire support.  Russia responded yesterday with aerial support for the attacked town.  The Turkish president also stated that he would ignore court orders in Turkey.  It appears the Turkish president may be  a block to destroying Islamic Extremism in the region.  The US coalition also continues bombing Islamists in Iraq and Syria with dozen of strikes yesterday.


28 FEB:   The next war between Hezbollah and Israel is expected to break out as soon as Hezbollah is relieved from the violence in Syria.  Israel is preparing the public with reports on IDF preparations

A so called “Green Zone” ceasefire between Syria and certain Western backed rebel groups is holding, allowing everyone to focus on Extremist groups.  A major offensive is looming in  Idlib province to finish off the Al Nusrah Front and allies,before taking on the Islamic State in the east.   Israel and the US will use Hezbollah to help fight and destroy the Extremists and then take out Hezbollah.

US, British, International special forces are now organizing and training a Libyan Army for action against Extremists.


27 FEB:   The High Negotiations Committee, the US sponsored Syrian rebel umbrella group, has accepted a pause in hostilities after the  Syrian ceasefire has been reduced to a 14 day test truce.  The truce between US – Coalition – Israeli backed rebels has taken effect and is holding.  The truce will not affect any organization on the UN terrorist list [which is most of the rebel groups in Syria].

America has just withdrawn its B1 heavy stealth bombers based in Europe and the Middle East and deployed them to the Asia Pacific region around Korea.   They have also announced that the stealth heavy bombers will be deployed to the Middle East in summer.

Currently the US and ROK are to run a practice take down of the North from March 5 to the end of April.  The exercise will be the largest ever held in Korea with 290,000 ROK troops and tens of thousands of Americans and other allies backed by heavy bombers and naval assets.  They will practice the take out of North Korean leadership and the destruction of the countries military assets as well as major raids inside that nation.  The object is to bring that country to collapse.  The exercise is also a practice for the coming war with Iran.


26 FEB:   For more than a year US military construction teams have been building the infrastructure for a massive missile defense system in Israel.  The computer phase of exercise Juniper Cobra began last Sunday and next Sunday the practical phase is to begin.  This year’s one month exercise is the largest missile defense exercise in history

US President Barack Obama directed his national security team Thursday to press the US-led international campaign to destroy the Islamic State group “on all fronts.”  This is seen as a go ahead on further action in Libya.

Syria Russia are planning to use the ceasefire with the American sponsored insurgents to launch a large anti extremist offensive.  The ceasefire between Syria and the American backed insurgents is an important part of the overall plan and the insurgents have used that point to squeeze as many concessions as possible from Syria – Russia. 

Turkey wants to promote the KDP over the PKK and YPG as the leader of the Kurds so that a Turkish special relationship with the Kurds and long term peace can be achieved.

According to Kurdish Gen. Bahram Yasin, Turkey has over 1,000 ground troops in Iraq, backed by M60T Sabras tanks. The deployment is centered around the Nineveh Province, not far from the ISIS-held city of Mosul. Ankara’s move has drawn furious protest from the Iraqi government in Baghdad, as it signals a growing entente between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) under Kurdistan  President Masoud Barzani. 

Iranian parliamentary and Assembly of Experts today.  Hardliners are expected to win and the US National Endowment for Democracy is planning to foment demonstrations in Iran.  The incumbent head of state Khomeini is 75 and has been battling prostate cancer for more than five years.  The cancer has spread and he is under heavy medication and not expected to live much longer.  The Assembly of Experts will chose his successor.


25 FEB:   In polls DUTCH voters want their own in/out referendum on EU membership amid fears in Brussels, Czechs and others to follow Britain if she leaves after referendum.


24 FEB:   France’s “Le Monde”  reports that members of the French special forces and the country’s DGSE overseas intelligence service, supported by attack helicopters, are engaged in guerilla warfare in Libya against ISIS. The secret operation authorized by French President Francois Hollande is being directed from a forward base in Niger on Libya’s southwestern border.

North Korea warns the US – ROK over exercises practicing an attack on the NorthIn March – April the US – ROK are to do a full dress rehearsal for taking out the North’s missile / nuclear facilities and scientists with commando raids  while decapitating its leadership and demolishing its military by air strikes.

Donald Trump continued his march to the Republic nomination for presidential candidate with a 44-45 percent win in the Nevada caucuses, according to incomplete returns. Senator Marco Rubio came second with an estimated 25 percent of the vote, followed by Senator Ted Cruz with 20-21 percent. These two men are dividing the vote and allowing trump to win the nomination. 

Israeli Knesset honors homosexuals day by discussing ways to make homosexuality more acceptable to those Israelis who object to it.

Germany and France stepped up pressure on Kiev and Moscow to implement the terms of a peace deal in Ukraine’s separatist territories, warning on Tuesday that the credibility of the agreement itself was at stake. The two-year-old ‘Minsk’ ceasefire agreement has failed to stem violence between government troops and pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. Other conditions of the deal — including holding local elections — have not yet been carried out.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry, along with the US controlled rebel ‘High Negotiations Committee,” have announced that they intend to comply with the US-Russia brokered ceasefire deal, which is intended to go into place on Saturday

Libyan forces continue to advance against extremists backed by foreign special forces and air support.  

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested the latest push for a ceasefire in Syria could amount to the last chance for one, and suggested that the US would see a partition of the country as “plan B.”  The breakup of Syria was always the goal of the Israeli American clandestine proxy war on Syria. 

In addition to troops US mercenaries are flooding Iraq in addition to the 2,028 Pentagon contractors, another 5,800 are employed by other agencies, including the State Department.


23 FEB:  KOREA WAR ALERT;  Tensions are high as the US and South Korea plan a highly provocative practice invasion of the North. 

A multitude of unidentified aerial bombings in Libya has turned out to be a clandestine US drone war against the Islamic State in Libya.  Special forces on the ground have been calling in drone attacks on Islamists in Libya for over a month.  Backed by Egypt and US / European states a Libyan Government offensive has made significant gains against extremists  in recent days.

The Libyan parliament wrapped up debate Monday on the line-up and policies of the proposed new government, but Today’s confidence vote was postponed while the various parties held internal consultations.

Fighters loyal to CIA controlled anti-Islamist Gen Khalifa Haftar are reported to have taken over the port, a hospital and have cut off a key weapons supply line in Benghazi.

The US has been putting the F22 Stealth war plane through its paces in Iraq Syria.  Many of the planes have now been deployed to Korea.

By presidential decree Syrian ruler Bashar Assad has announced a general election to take place on April 13. This is the normal election cycle as the current parliament’s term expires in May. 

Iraqi reinforcements were deployed to the Ain al-Asad base in preparation for an assault on Hit and Kubeisa. These towns are upstream from Ramadi on teh way to Mosul.

Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin talked on the phone Monday and agreed on Saturday Feb. 27 as the date for another ceasefire attempt with moderate foreign backed Syrian rebels. The White House spokesman Josh Earnest commented later: “We recognize… this is going to be difficult to implement.” There are obstacles and difficulties ahead and delays and holdups are to be expected.  The main obstacle is that this is a Big Power deal and many rebels refuse to sign on.


22 FEB:   In Britain Cameron’s “In” side suffered a severe blow when his good friend who is the extremely influential mayor of London Boris Johnson joined the “No” camp.

The Libyan army is advancing in Benghazi

The computer aspect of air defense drill Juniper Cobra began on Sunday.  1,700 US troops are in Israel for the drill backed up by thousands in Jordan and Germany. 


21 FEB:   Britain gets EU opt outs from:  all EU federal unity efforts, any EU army, any help for the Euro and Euro states; Britain also gets special status for the pound, the City and British financial institutions; and gets controls over EU immigration and support for immigrants. 

In spite of this deal, the “out” side in Britain is moving to make its case and the deal may fail in the coming June 23 referendum.  Whether Britain stays or goes is a moot point since the agreement means the end of Britain’s participation in Europe as anything more than a preferential trading partner.  However the deal could inspire others to demand a similar deal.

 After Friday’s postponement of the Syrian ceasefire committee John Kerry held talks with  his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, and they have reached agreement of teh big powers.  Kerry has now briefed Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh in Amman, Jordan,  about the agreement. Now, he said, both the US and Russia planned to reach out to the various sides of the conflict and hold teh postponed ceasefire conference to work on the details.

President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin will talk soon and seal the deal, hopefully, after that, implementation could begin.Kerry said details of a ceasefire still need to be resolved, such as enforcement.

Donald Trump maintained his  lead in the race for the GOP presidential nomination with a win in South Carolina’s primary, racking up 32.5 % of the vote.  Jeb Bush placed fourth (7.8%) and abruptly “suspended” his campaign, as Marc Rubio marginally beat Ted Cruz – 22.5% versus 22.3% – for second place.  In Nevada, Hillary Clinton scored a much needed win (52.7%) against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ 47.2%. It was her second win – but only by a tight 5 percent. 

Analysis:  The establishment owns all the horses in the race. Hillary Clinton is a loyal establishment figure, a pro abortion woman and a well known bisexual,  having the support of the feminist and homosexual communities.  She is a life long liberal, pro Israel and  Illuminati Grande Dame [the highest female level in Satanism], therefore having the support from the establishment, liberal, minority  and esoteric communities, but is still generally unpopular in the conservative electorate.

Donald Trump a major establishment figure running as an establishment “outsider” as if one could make billions as an outsider. 

To secure a Trump primary win, a multitude of rivals has been arrayed to divide the primary votes against him.  The election is planned to be  a Hilary vs. Trump contest, both horses being owned by the same people.


20 FEB:   For all practical purposes Britain has been allowed to opt out of every part of the EU except the trade agreements.  From now on, even if British voters approve the deal, Britain is out of the EU except for its trading relationship.  If other countries want the same deal, this spells the end of the present EU as a movement towards a united Federal Europe.  Full details expected soon.


19 FEB:   Britain reaches deal with the EU.  Cameron to present details to cabinet tomorrow.

Supported by heavy American air strikes the US backed Syrian rebel Kurdish Alliance captured al-Shadadi in Hasaka province today, three days after the beginning of a fresh offensive against Islamic State to isolate the IS Syrian capitol Raqqa.

BREAKING 08:00 EST:   American warplanes have carried out airstrikes on an Islamic State base in western Libya pulverizing buildings at a compound close to al-Ajaylat, outside Sabratha, 40 miles west of Tripoli. Not yet identified aircraft have bombed other Isis bases in the eastern Libyan towns of Sirte and Derna in recent days. 

Today the Pentagon announced that they will attack any Islamic State or extremist sites in Libya that become known to them.  A major offensive is expected next month.

Syrian forces completed the liberation of Latakia province yesterday and are rapidly advancing in the Golan.  Syria is now preparing for an operation to liberate Idlib province from the Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front and the Islamic State.  When successful that operation will leave only parts of east Aleppo city and the Islamic State area east of the Euphrates remaining in extremist hands. 

UPDATE:  Conference postponed: The U.S. and Russia are co-chairing an initial meeting of a Syria cease-fire task force in Geneva today.  This series of meetings is intended to stabilize all of Syria except for the Al Nusrah Front and Islamic State controlled areas.  A decisive offensive to destroy the Islamic State is planned for later this year. 

Iran to accept the Euro instead of the US dollar for its exports and China is easing its use of the dollar as well.  Iran offers Russia 12 billion Euros to modernize its military over the next ten years.  Iran’s departure from the dollar means a US operation against Iran if they do not change course.


18 FEB:  Libya:  Prime Minister  and acting Defense Minister Khalifa Al-Ghawiel has given the go ahead for the General Staff of the Libyan Army and all armed brigades to move to Sirte and free it from ISIS.

During his speech at the Ministry of Defense on Wednesday to mark the 5th anniversary of the Libyan revolution, Al-Ghawiel called on all Libya’s militias to join the government operation to fight ISIS and liberate Sirte.  Libyan forces are expected to be backed by a strong international effort.

As part of a broader trip to Latin America President Barack Obama will visit Cuba in the coming weeks.  He had previously met with Raul Castro in April in Panama

Russia tested three short range ballistic missiles yesterday, firing them at suburbs of Aleppo.

Large numbers of Israeli Jordanian backed Syrian rebels are throwing down their weapons and fleeing Syria. 

Despite western propaganda most of the besieged towns with starving people in Syria are loyal to the government and being besieged by rebels.  Yesterday seven towns loyal to the government were relieved with emergency supplies as the American backed Free Syrian Army agreed to ceasefires with the government.

The US has sent stealth war planes to Korea as South Korea warns that the North is preparing attacks.


17 FEB:  A car bomb has exploded next to a military convoy traveling near the Turkish government complex in central Ankara on Wednesday evening. At least 28 people were killed and more than 60 injured. Turkish government officials accused the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) of the blast. Kurdish sources blame the Islamic State.

Brazil to edge away from dollar into Euro’s

Ukraine’s American created coup government shaken

 Brussels (AFP) – British Prime Minister David Cameron entered the final stretch of negotiations to keep his country in the EU Wednesday.  Cameron met with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, European Parliament head Martin Schulz and top MEPs ahead of a summit of all 28 EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday and Friday

Russia began heavy bombing of Israeli American backed rebels in the Golan heights yesterday in order to help the Syria army’s 7th armored division liberate Quenitra and the Golan. 

Right now the Russia Syrian Hezbollah effort is intended  to cut off the rebel escape route into Israel.  This offensive is the reason behind the warning from Nasrallah not to intervene yesterday.


16 FEB:   Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, today threatened to shoot missiles at the ammonia plan in Haifa Bay in the next war. In a broadcast speech, he quoted Israeli experts as comparing the effects of a direct hit on an ammonia storage depot to that of a nuclear bomb.  Everyone knows that another war is looming and these threats, rather than scare Israel off are more likely to bring a preemptive strike by Israel.

Turkey has promised the “harshest response” if Kurdish forces come closer to Turkey’s  border, but the crisis has been defused, as the US has pressured Turkey to back down and the US – Russian controlled Kurds have stopped their northward advance and sent their forces southeast towards Raqqa. 

Rebels reject Syria ceasefire

Israeli forces invaded the Al-Amari camp in Ramallah to arrest a senior Palestinian Authority official and ended up wounding 26 protestors with live fire.  The intended arrest failed as the official escaped but 13 protestors were arrested.

Libyan parliament to vote on new list of ministers next Tuesday, once the government is formed an international “stability force” is to intervene in Libya to destroy Islamic Extremism and control the militias.


15 FEB:   Pope invites world charismatics to a Charismatic’s Jubilee at the Vatican for Pentecost 2017.

Ahead of the “Juniper Cobra 2016” anti missile and other exercises the IDF Home Front Command staged a nationwide drill for all of the country’s schools from 10 to 12 a.m. Monday. Special instructors prepared the children for the exercise with instructions on how to behave in a war emergency. 

Russia – Syria are expected to approach victory over the Islamic Extremists in a matter of weeks now, and a major Mideast regional war [including Israel] could break out in the coming months. That war could easily bring a confrontation between  Russia and the US. 

For the past few months Russia has been doing the hard work for the US in destroying the Islamic Militants in Syria, yet the US propaganda machine has been inexplicably vilifying Russia at every opportunity.  

The financial military industrial establishment has been planning an east west crisis for a very long time, to panic the nations into accepting their new world order.  Which is planned to be a new international financial system and a New Europe rising up as a neutral great power, as a balance between east and west to guarantee the peace.  

It is after this New Europe rises when peace is declared as achieved; that sudden unexpected surprise  destruction will fall upon the Judeo Anglo Americans.

For details read our “Bible Prophecy” book:  in the US. and Available in Canada

Internationally search for the title “Bible Prophecy Tribulation  and Deliverance” at your local Amazon bookstore.

Possible flash points between Russia and the US: 

1.  A confrontation  over Kurdistan in Syria 

2.   An Israeli war against Hezbollah including Israeli strikes inside Syria, which will likely include

3.   an American attack on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards 

4.   Ukraine


14 FEB:      Yesterday Turkey subjected Kurdish forces in the Syrian town of Azaz to two hours of tank fire and is threatening a cross border anti Kurd operation. 

Today the US and Russian presidents agreed in a phone conversation to cooperate in the implementation of the Syrian accord to divide Syria between a US sphere east of the Euphrates and a Russo Syria sphere west of the river which was reached in Munich.

After the Russian call Obama rejected the Turkish request for assistance and insisted that the US will veto any NATO support on the grounds that Turkey initiated the violence.

Pope Francis begins big push for uniting religions under the moral authority of the papacy.  Papal video

The rebels have refused to sign the ceasefire in Syria brokered by the Big Powers and Syrian forces are making major advances. 

Antonin Scalia, the influential and most provocative member of the Supreme Court, has died, leaving the high court without its “conservative” majority and setting up an ideological confrontation over his successor in the maelstrom of a presidential election year. Scalia was 79.  Scalia was found dead Saturday morning at a private residence in the Big Bend area of West Texas, after he’d gone to his room the night before and did not appear for breakfast,

On Oct 31 Pope Francis will take part in an ecumenical ceremony in Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and the Lutheran Catholic reconciliation.  Oct 31 is only the launch of a world year of religious unity push. All religions have been invited to visit the Vatican for a conference in spring 2017.

The event will include prayers according to the recently published “Common Prayer,” a jointly-written Catholic and Lutheran liturgical guide. The Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches are engaged in an ecumenical reconciliation, resolving their differences.   The first jointly developed liturgical order is based on the report “From Conflict to Communion: Lutheran-Catholic Common Commemoration of the Reformation in 2017”. Catholics and Lutherans are planned to remain different organizations but to achieve full unity of belief.   

Francis plans to visit Fatima on the 100th anniversary of the 1917 apparitions in spring 2017 and to use the Mary – Fatima connection and apparitions to call for Islam to enter into a relationship with Rome through the common veneration of Mary – Fatima.  The plan goes on from there to call Jews into a relationship with Rome at the Jubilee year of 2017 as determined by Cabbalist [occult]  Rabbi Judah ben Samuel of the 13th century.  These moves are not to unite the religions organizationally but to establish common ground  in order to exalt the moral leadership of the soon coming miracle working pope


13 FEB:  The present big power agreement over Syria does not mean that the US Russia problem is solved. 

The coming Israeli action [with US support] against Hezbollah, Syria and Iran could very easily bring an east – west confrontation and may possibly be actually designed to do so by spiritual powers; to set conditions to bring in the miracle working pope with a proposal for a neutral federal Europe to bring peace between east and west..

The general congregation to elect a new superior general for the Jesuits will begin with a Mass the evening of Oct. 2, 2016, the order announced.  Last May, Father Adolfo Nicolas, the current Jesuit superior, announced his intention to resign in late 2016 after he turns 80.  The present Catholic pope is also a Jesuit.


12 FEB:   An accord was signed by 17 nations  in Munich divided the Syrian conflict between the US Coalition and the Russian Syrian Coalition.  The US Colaition will have control of areas east of the Euphrates [Kurdistan] and Russia – Syria will control all other areas. 

Although a ceasefire was declared with moderate groups for Feb 19th, Islamic Extremist groups will be exempted and both sides will have the right to decide which groups they deem extremist or terrorist and attack them at their own discretion. 

This agreement will allow Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States as well as other nations including the US, to deploy forces on Syrian territory east of the Euphrates and formalizes the ongoing Russia US cooperation in Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are scheduled to meet in Washington next month and complete a deal on future defence aid to Israel.  The meet will be after the “Juniper Cobra 2016” missile defense exercise and will also discuss plans for the coming anti Islamic State and Mideast war   


11 FEB:  Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif arrived in Germany on Thursday to participate in the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) conference. The conference is to be held in Munich from February 12-14, attendees include Saudi Arabia and foreign ministers and delegations from many countries, including China, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, the Persian Gulf states, Russia, Lebanon, Britain, and the US, as well as the EU and the UN. 

Britain and other allies have begun flights of war planes over Libya mainly to provide reconnaissance material for the coming foreign military intervention.

Following two days of talks in Brussels, Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of NATO, said Wednesday that the alliance will approve a US request to assist its struggle against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. NATO would provide an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft, this is a token contribution to ease NATO into the war. Although this plane is generally thought of as an air traffic control craft it is an extremely powerful intelligence gathering tool. 

NATO also agreed to approve a new plan for European defense, details of which will be discussed and finalized at the July summit. 

The IMF is coming down hard on the extremely corrupt Ukraine fascist government brought to power by a US orchestrated coup in 2014.

Backed by American A-10 war planes the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and its Arab allies expelled Islamist and other rebel fighters from the Minnigh air base and adjacent town, east of Aleppo.  Syrian forces are advancing in strength on Aleppo from the North.

The IDF must be prepared for action in Gaza say senior commanders. 


10 FEB:   Water, electricity cut off to besieged terrorist held East Aleppo.

Israel expects large attack from Gaza soon.

Russia and Ukraine Russian speaking Donetsk Peoples Republic hold snap military exercises.

Lavrov is set to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday in Munich to discuss a new Russian peace deal for Syria.


09 FEB:   Iraqi forces liberate Juweiba in Anbar province

Iraq deploys 4,500 men to the Makhmour frontlines. The transfer is part of early preparations for the liberation of Mosul. 

Snipers kill senior Islamic State officials in Libya. The first reported victim, Hamed Abdel Hadi, was reportedly killed Jan. 13. Hadi, a Sudanese national, was supposedly a high-ranking member of the ISIS Sharia court. Abu Mohammed Dernawi was the second leader to allegedly fall to the sniper Jan. 19 near his home in Sirte. The third target, Abdullah Hamad al-Ansari, was killed Jan. 23 just after leaving a mosque.  Rumors are sweeping the region that full scale military intervention will begin in Libya in March.


08 FEB:   Israeli Labor party approves plank for next election which will separate the Palestinian village suburbs of Jerusalem from Israeli claimed Jerusalem.  See the Jan 21 post at Daily News January 2016  for the coming peace deal plan for Jerusalem.  Labor also approved calling an international peace conference to produce a Mideast peace deal after they form a government.

US intelligence agencies claim that about 6,000 Islamic State fighters and leaders have left Iraq / Syria for Libya. 

NATO meet in Brussels to discuss intervention in Libya / Iraq / Syria and confirm new tripwire Russia policy.  40,000 NATO troops mostly European will be posted to the Russian border this year. In addition the US will send hundreds of millions of dollars worth of supplies, equipment and munitions for a full armored brigade to storage facilities in central Europe; this is in addition to the multiple billions of dollars of American equipment and nuclear weapons already in storage in Europe.   When the new federal Europe is set up, the US and Britain – Canada will leave NATO and NATO will be transformed into an instant military for the New Europe.


07 FEB:   The US, Israel and allies will hold the massive “Juniper Cobra 2016” missile defense exercise this month [slow loading article]  instead of in May.  This means that the missile defensive system will be operational before the coming anti Islamic State offensive in Syria / Iraq and the expected Israeli Gaza-Hezbollah and Iran war mentioned yesterday.  The fact that this exercise was planned long in advance merely shows that the coming war was planned long in advance.  The US and allies have been practicing a war to take down Iran’s Revolutionary Guards for several years, while Israel has been preparing for and practicing a multi front war for several years as well. 


06 FEB:   35,000  Islamic Extremists mainly Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front, are now trapped in Aleppo city and Syrian forces with Russian special forces are advancing street by street grinding them up.  The Islamic Extremist rebels are trapped in Aleppo and are being exterminated as they try to resist. 

Except for the Islamic State the Islamist Extremist part of the  five year old insurrection in Syria is now nearing its end with a complete victory by the legitimate Syrian government. 

The turn of the Islamic State is next with a decisive US, Iraqi, Kurdish offensive planned to begin in spring or early summer. 

The IS is expected to attack Israel as it goes down,  bringing a major Israeli Gaza operation to destroy the Gaza militant wings and groups; which is very likely to spread north to include the destruction of the Hezbollah military, with Israel’s allies taking out the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. 

After that the moderate Syrian rebels will be in a position to take over the regime in Syria, while regime change comes in Iran.  A new government in Israel will then bring a genuine dialogue for peace in the region

US NATO defense officials meet in Brussels next week to discuss Libya intervention and the Islamic State war in Syria-Iraq.


05 FEB:  The Syrian army has effectively defeated the American Turkish backed Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusrah Front Islamic Extremists in Aleppo province.  Heavy fighting rages inside East Aleppo city as Syrian forces advance in the liberation of the city itself. 

Meanwhile the Syrian victories in Aleppo province have cut off the Idlib province Islamists from their source of supplies in Turkey.  The Islamic extremist organizations are collapsing much faster then anticipated, paving the way for another similar offensive against the Islamic State in Syria / Iraq. 

The H–y See and the patriarchate of Moscow are pleased to announce that, by the grace of God, His H—- Pope Francis and His H—- Patriarch Kirilll of Moscow and All Russia will meet on February 12th next. Their meeting will take place in Cuba, where the Pope will make a stop on his way to Mexico, and where the Patriarch will be on an official visit. It will include a personal conversation at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, and will conclude with the signing of a joint declaration. This meeting of the Primates of the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church, after a long preparation, will be the first in history and will mark an important stage in relations between the two Churches.

Syrian forces liberate Ataman a suburb of Daraa in the south.  Thousands flee heavy fighting in Aleppo.


04 FEB:   The US and Russia have reportedly agreed to destroy the Islamic State by a tentative target date of Jul-Aug. 

The BBC and western media today began to report on the Libya situation, preparing public opinion for the coming intervention.  More than six thousand allied troops mainly from the US, Britain, France and Italy are to be deployed to Libya within weeks.


03 FEB:  

Breaking 17:00 EST:   Syrian forces have liberated the besieged regime enclaves of Nobul and Zahra, suburbs of Aleppo. In so doing, they have cut most rebel supply lines to Turkey. 

After being soundly defeated in Latakia, rebel forces in Aleppo and in the south at Daraa are in a state of collapse.  Idlib, Homs and Hama provinces remain to be liberated as well as the Islamic State held areas [mostly in Kurdistan] but the tide has now turned in favor of the government.  The tiny rebel delegation at the Geneva peace talks has walked out in fury while the UN announced a suspension of talks to save face. 

Syria is now expected to complete demolition of the foreign created rebellion in a few months, while a massive Kurdish / Coalition offensive is expected against the Islamic State in spring or summer.

Syrian infantry and tank forces, backed by artillery and Russian air strikes, attacked the town of Athman, located 2.4 miles north of the rebel stronghold of Daraa, from three directions Wednesday morning.

Advancing government forces liberated the village of Hardatnin some 10 km (six miles) northwest of Aleppo, effectively encircling the extremist held area inside Aleppo. 

Rome conference decides to finish off Islamic State and allied extremists this year.


02 FEB:  U.S. Army Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, the head of the U.S.-led coalition battling Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, said he is looking to retake Mosul as quickly as possible, “I would like to get this wrapped up as fast as I possibly can.”

European Council President Donald Tusk has finalized the text of an EU deal with Britain which will be presented at a summit on February 18-19 for approval by member nations.  If agreed by the assembled nations the British will put the deal to a referendum as early as late June. 

Backed by massive Russian air strikes, Syrian government troops and allied fighters  launched a huge offensive north of Aleppo Monday. 

The US Drug Enforcement Agency announced Tuesday that American and European law enforcement agencies arrested senior leaders of a Hezbollah drug smuggling operation in Europe last week.  The DEA announced that “Project Cassandra” is aimed at breaking up an alleged Hezbollah network for shipping cocaine from Latin America to Europe and the Middle East.

The US is now saying a prominent focus of the talks at the Rome anti Islamic State conference  will be the possibility of expanding the war into Libya, something the US and France are pushing heavily for. Britain is likely to be on board for that push as well

In the first US presidential caucuses in the state of Iowa, Senator Ted Cruz scored 28 pc to Donald Trump’s 24 percent on the Republican side, while Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were in a virtual tie for the Democratic nomination with most of the votes in – Clinton 49.8 pc vs Sanders 49.6 pc. Senator Marco Rubio came in as third Republican choice with 23 per cent.   Mike Huckabee withdrew from the Republican presidential race after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses.  Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is suspending his campaign for president, The Huffington Post has confirmed

Russia begins testing the S-500, the latest generation of ballistic missile defense systems.  This defense system will save Asia from the coming nuclear attack by the now forming New Europe in the next few years.  See our book “Bible Prophecy: Tribulation and Deliverance.”


01 FEB:   Germany trains the next generation of Syrian elite.  Germany Syria Relationship Fulfilling Psalm 83 Prophecy   France, the US and others are also involved in large training programs for the next generation of Syrian elite. 

Iranian Revolutionary Guard and hard liners are objecting to new petroleum industry contracts that amount to the plundering of Iran, just as Iraq was plundered by western multinationals.  Those who back these contracts called “moderates” by the US administration are set to lose the Feb elections due to mass disqualifications of candidates.  A made in America “grass roots” uprising may be ahead for Iran after the elections. 

On President Rouhani’s trip last week to Italy and France, he signed a memorandum of understanding with the French firm Total to export up to 200,000 barrels of Iranian crude oil daily

Libya official army chief Gen Hafter [who is CIA backed] approves cabinet list for new Libyan government which will now go to a parliamentary vote.  [Slow load link] 

Small group of Syrian rebels arrives in Geneva and informs UN that its demands must be met before they will begin talks with Syria. 

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter,  is touring the world gathering support for the war against Islamist  extremists.

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