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30 SEP:   By the Biblical Calendar that God gave to Moses; today is the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles and a High Holy Day.  The Rabbinic calendar is contrary to  scriptura and is relatively modern only finalized in 1178 AD by the Rabbins. 

UPDATE 08:10  EDT:   Secretary of State John Kerry responded by announcing that the United States is prepared to welcome Russia actions in Syria if they are directed at the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda, and promising that the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group in Syria would “dramatically accelerate our efforts.” The US is welcoming Russian attacks on the Islamic State in Syria while firmly rejecting any Russian actions against other groups seeking to overthrow the Assad regime.

Russia begins air strikes in Syria.  According to initial reports from Middle Eastern sources, Russian Air Force jets carried out bombing runs against rebel positions in Syria on Wednesday afternoon, marking the first airstrikes by Russia since it intervened in the Syrian civil war. The jets targeted positions in the cities of Homs and Hama and in the areas of Ltamenah and Zaafrana Talbeseh,  The Russian air campaign takes over from the US in Syria and frees up US aircraft for an expected ramp up of the US air assault inside Iraq. Conspicuous in the swiftly evolving Syrian situation is the detailed advance planning which went into the Russian military buildup and partnership with the Americans which was negotiated over the past year.

After receiving a formal request from Syria for military help the Russian parliament on Wednesday unanimously granted President Vladimir Putin the right to deploy the country’s military and launch combat operations in Syria. 

Russia’s upper house of parliament has authorized the use of military force in Syria, Russian news agencies announced Wednesday, after President Vladimir Putin personally requested it consider the move.

“I want to say the result of the vote was a unanimous approval of the Russian president’s request,” Sergei Ivanov, who heads Putin’s administration, stated.

“Importantly: this is specifically about Syria. I want to underline that this is not about any kind of political objective or ambitions that we have been accused of by our western partners. It is only about international interests of Russian Federation.”

Among those interests, he said, are defending Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces against rebels.

“Already a range of states are conducting rocket bomb strikes in Syria and Iraq, including the United States. France recently joined those operations,” Ivanov said.

“But these actions violate international law. To be in accordance with international law, one condition must be observed: either a UNSC resolution, or a request for military assistance from the state on whose territory those strikes are to take place.”

Moscow’s military assistance is in response to a specific request from Assad for aid; Ivanov added that military involvement would be “temporary.”

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Tuesday instructed the Pentagon to establish a communication channel between US and Russian forces operating in the Syrian theater in an attempt to “avoid conflict in the air” and accidents as a result of non-coordination or pilot misjudgments, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook announced.  Responding to reports from the US on contacts to avoid confrontations between the American and Russian air forces in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that the flights will be coordinated via its war room in Baghdad.

Six advanced Russian SU-34 strike fighter jets have landed at Latakia’s Al-Assad international airport as Moscow continues to build up its military might in Syria. The warplanes flew in through Iraqi airspace in coordination with the United States.

The IDF  attacked four Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip last night in response to rocket fire at Ashdod Tuesday night, reported the IDF spokesperson.  The IDF statement further stated that “the Hamas terrorist organization is solely responsible.” this even though teh Islamic State claimed the two rockets. 

The Saudi-led coalition said on Wednesday it had seized an Iranian fishing boat in the Sea of Oman loaded with weapons destined for Shiite rebels it is fighting in Yemen.

A coalition statement said that the vessel was intercepted on Saturday and that 14 Iranians and weapons including anti-tank shells were found on board, AFP reports.


9 SEP:   BREAKING 17:45 EDT:  Air raid alarms sound in Ashdod and communities in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council on Wednesday at 10:48 pm local Israel time. A second siren was heard shortly after. One rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome system over Ashkelon, while a second rocket struck southern Israel. 

UPDATE:  The US will use all means necessary to defeat ISIS, President Barack Obama said Tuesday. Obama led a UN gathering of representatives from 100 countries, dedicated to combating the Islamic State terrorist organization.

Yesterday after chiding Russia on Ukraine Obama stated in his UN address that he would be “willing to work with” both Russia and  Iran to solve the Syria crisis. Putin / Obama then met for 90 minutes discussing Syria. 

Today President Barack Obama will chair a UN gathering of world leaders on countering extremism and Syria,  On Wednesday, Russia which is Security Council president this month, will chair a UN Security Council session on Syria. 

Putin / Obama agree to work to pass UNSC resolution on Syria and against Islamic State.  Russia to bomb IS after resolution passes UNSC.

After a single errant mortar round landed in an empty field in the Golan Israel launched artillery attacks on Quneitra yesterday and today.  Later in the evening another mortar round hit in the same area in the Golan.   The Israeli army stated, the two shells were likely errant fire from the fighting between regime and rebel forces close to the border. 

In his UN speech PA President Abbas is expected to set a deadline for Israel to keep its part of the Oslo agreement or the Palestinians will annul the deal.  The Palestinians have kept their part but Israel [Netanyahu] has been refusing to keep many aspects of its side of the deal.

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret who has been discharged from the Army for confronting a child rapist in Afghanistan, came out swinging in his first public statements saying, “Kicking me out of the Army is morally wrong and the entire country knows it.”

Martland’s statement was given to Republican California Rep. Duncan Hunter, who then shared the statement with Fox News. Martland was discharged after body slamming a local Afghani police chief Abdul Rahman who had been allegedly raping young boys. (RELATED: Army Rejects Appeal Of Green Beret Discharged For Confronting Afghan Boy Lover)

According to Martland, the confrontation did indeed take place, but the Green Beret intervened because the boy’s safety and the safety of American soldiers were at risk because of Rahman. Martland added, “While I understand that a military lawyer can say that I was legally wrong, we felt a moral obligation to act.”

Martland’s account of the events was closely corroborated by Capt. Daniel Quinn who was also present during the altercation. According to Quinn, an interpreter tipped them off that Rahman had tied a young boy to a bed post and then repeatedly raped him for ten days, and had the boy’s mother beaten when she tried to intervene.


28 SEP:   Special Exclusive Report:  The Syria End Game and Final Defeat of the Islamic State  

Obama commits US to support of UN Agenda  2030. 

Full Text of Papal Address to UN General Assembly


27 SEP:   America now expected to leave thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan after “Pull Out.” 

Senate Majority Leader John Boehner’s sudden announcement on Friday that he will step down from the speakership and leave the House on Oct. 30th, makes life difficult to Jeb Bush and the Republican Party.

France expands anti Islamic State airstrikes from Iraq into Syria. 

Russia’s  Tapir-class landing ship Saratov with 300 marines and at least 15 tanks aboard, and the Russian navy’s largest guided missile cruiser, the Moskva are due in Syria soon.  They will join five other Russian warships and a Chinese guided missile cruiser and the  carrier  Liaoning-CV-16.

200 Boko Haram fighters surrender in mass to Nigeria.


26 SEP:  Important Notice:  Part of the spin off from the Iran nuclear deal was for the Russians, Iranians and Chinese to join Hezbollah and Syria in an overwhelming offensive against the Islamic State in Syria; while the Kurds, Iraqis and the US attack the IS inside Iraq.  

Preparations are proceeding rapidly and the end of the Islamic Sate could come by next spring.   The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus yesterday, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser; with more Russian and Chinese ships and aircraft along with troops including Iranian troops to arrive over the next six weeks.  

Obama and Putin are holding a Summit on Monday; after the details come out either later Monday or on Tuesday I will be doing a major post on the situation including the major regional war between Israel and her allies against Syria / Iran; along with a serious  East – West confrontation to follow the Islamic Sate’s demise. 

A major world crisis is planned in an important push for the New World Order.  They will try to create panic to change the international financial system. 

Have no fear!  I have been warning of this world crisis for the past eight years.  This is NOT the 3 1/2 year great tribulation; which will only come after a miracle working pope is set up in the Vatican, the New Europe ten nation revival of the Holy Roman Empire church/state system [regardless of what it is named] comes together, Peace and Safety are achieved and then this false man of sin goes to the Holy Mount Mat 24:15. 

Yet, this is the prelude to the 3 1/2 year great tribulation which will begin when the above signs are in place.  


24 SEP:    Syrian aircraft continue heavy bombing of Palmyra for third straight day.

Russian Marine Brigade 810 joined the Syrian army and Hizballah special forces in an attack on Chechen elements of the Islamic State forces at the Kweiris airbase, east of Aleppo this morning. The IS force defending the air base is dominated by Chechen fighters under the command of Abu Omar al-Shishani, who is considered one of the organization’s leading commanders.  

Obama’s ISIS war head, Gen. John Allen, and his deputy have resigned and will  step down in early November.

The Egyptian military claimed Wednesday to have killed more than 500 jihadi terrorists over the previous 16 days, as it gears up for the second phase of an intensive counter-terrorism operation in the restive eastern Sinai Peninsula.

American plans to breach the nuclear non proliferation treaty with Russia by deploying at least 20 new nuclear weapons to Germany and upgrading its nuclear infrastructure across Europe, are causing much distress in Russia. Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the move a “very serious step toward exacerbating tensions on the European continent,” and warned that if the US follows through on these plans Russia would carry out retaliatory countermeasures, adding more ballistic missiles to its exclave of Kaliningrad.


23 SEP:   New travel ID documents will be needed to travel in the US [including internally] next year.  Drivers licenses will no longer be accepted for travel in four states and territories.

After the Ukraine reneged on its Minsk obligation to permit local elections in the eastern provinces, Russian speakers in Ukraine announced on Tuesday they are going ahead with local elections in October and November anyway.

The U.S. plans to station 20 more nuclear weapons in Germany, as per a line in the U.S. defense budget. The deployment violates the Treaty of Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which was ratified by 191 nations in 1970 to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

Syria takes delivery of five warplanes and begins intense airstrikes against the ancient city of Palmyra, on the outskirts of the strategically important central city of Tadmur, killing at least 38 ISIS fighters. Attacks continued for hours.

UN Peacekeeping Summit begins Monday alongside UN General Assembly annual meet. The UN has requested an additional 10,000 peacekeeping troops which number is expected to be exceeded; currently there are 105,000 troops involved in UN peacekeeping missions.


22 SEP:   Russia has increased its Syria forces to 28 fighter bomber aircraft and one large bomber. 

In addition Russian R-166-0.5 (ultra) high-frequency signals (HF/VHF) vehicles [Mobile Command Centers] and  armoured BTR-82 troop carriers have been deployed in Syria.   

The Daily Beast reports:  “Russia now has Fencer” advanced-attack aircraft and “Frogfoot” jets for close air support.   Russia has also sent 16 helicopters, two surface-to-air missile batteries, nine T-90 tanks, and enough modular housing to hold 2,000 Russian troops, up by 500 in just a matter of hours. U.S. officials believe there are at least 500 Russian troops on the ground now, presumably to serve as advisers to Syrian forces on the front lines and help them launch more precise artillery strikes and support their ground forces from the air.” 

While the US has asked Greece and Turkey not to allow Russian overflights, that seems to have been merely a public relations exercise, as  Russia has been airlifting forces and equipment into Latakia across Iraq with tacit American approval.

There seems to be a US Russian agreement for Russia to attack the Islamic State inside Syria in the near future;  and in exchange for Russian support against the IS, Assad may be allowed to remain as leader of the Latakia province Alawite Shia, after the rest of Syria falls to the Western backed insurgents once the Islamic State has been defeated. 

Israel is flooding the West Bank and Jerusalem with troops claiming a necessity to prevent trouble during Yom Kippur.


21 SEP:   Russia has started flying surveillance missions with drone aircraft in Syria.

Syriza has won the Greek elections and will now try to form a coalition government. 

EU feeling pressure as Syrian refugees being bussed across Turkey into Europe strain relations between west and east Europe.


20 SEP:  BREAKING 21:15 EDT:  In addition to the battery deployed to Ashdod last week the IDF has deployed Iron Dome anti-missile batteries Sunday next to the towns of Sderot and Netivot in southern Israel

 75 US trained insurgents entered Aleppo province Syria yesterday with the mission of being embedded in various militia units to coordinate with foreign airstrikes.  

Friday Egypt began filling Gaza tunnels and a huge moat they had built on the Gaza border with water from the Med Sea.  

Pope Francis is using his visit to Cuba to call for peace and reconciliation.

Prophecy is being fulfilled as Turkey expedites the departure of large numbers of Syrian refugees for Europe.  A high number of these people are seeking Germany as their refuge, and after the fall of the Assad regime a very close relationship between Syria and Germany will emerge as per Psalm 83 where Syria is allied with Assur [Germany].


18 SEP:   UPDATE 21:00 EDT:   Israeli warplanes bombed the town of Beit Hanun in northern Gaza and a number of areas in southern Gaza late on Friday night.

The IDF said in a statement that Israeli planes struck three targets in the northern Gaza Strip belonging to Hamas. Local reports identified the locations as near the Gaza Strip town of Jabaliya.

A security post and several houses were damaged in the Jabaliya neighborhood. Witnesses say the Israeli warplanes also pounded the Abu Jarad district in Gaza.

A Daesh [Islamic State]-linked Salafist group, calling itself “the Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade,” took responsibility for the rocket attack against Ashkelon.

UPDATE 17:45 EDT:  Rocket shot down over Ashdod.  Iron Dome battery intercepted two incoming rockets over Ashkelon. Earlier, one rocket exploded in Sderot,damaging a bus and a house.

 BREAKING 15:00 EDT:   After a day of clashes in Jerusalem one rocket fired from the Gaza Strip exploding in the residential district of Sderot Friday night.

The US is now revealing that they have trained Syrians to load them down with US communications equipment and have them gather intelligence and pick targets for US airstrikes. To that end, the intention is to get these people “embedded” into various other fighting forces, both insurgents and the Kurdish YPG.  This would include support for the Islamic  Al Nusrah Front which is breaking with Al Qaeda to become the Turkish proxy force in Syria. 

The Taliban leadership schism has been resolved.

Israeli security forces in Jerusalem are on high alert to meet a further escalation of Palestinian violence following the announcement by Hamas and Islamic Jihad of a “day of rage” against Israel.  The two extremist groups are planning to stage “processions” in Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus and Tulkarm after Friday Muslim worship. Clashes with Israeli security forces are expected at the usual flashpoints including the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem, and especially on the Temple Mount. There, security forces are restricting access entry to men over 40. There are no restrictions for women.

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter invited Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) for an official visit to the US in late October, in a meeting apparently meant to discuss American military compensation to Israel over the Iran nuclear deal.  The meeting will also discuss the security situation and finalize details of the “Juniper Cobra 2016” [tentatively planned for May] air defense exercises in Israel and with US allies across the region.  The meeting will finalize military plans at the Defense Minister level just before Netanyahu meets with Obama to sign off on the agreement. 


17 SEP:   France announces it has begun airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State. 

The movement of tens of thousands of refugees [by certain intelligence agencies] from their camps in Turkey where they had settled and bringing them into Europe, was designed to motivate key European countries to join the action in Syria to stem the flow of migrants.

The Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) fighting Ethiopia has given up and surrendered to Ethiopia.  TPDM leader Mola Asgedom and “nearly 800 fighters” crossed to Ethiopia from Sudan on Sunday, having fought their way past Eritrean troops.  They had been fighting for democracy in Ethiopia but were being used by Eritea as pawns in the  Eritrean border war with Ethiopia.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko angrily condemned an announcement out of the breakaway east to hold what he called  “fake illegal elections, which he insisted threatened to start a new round of wars against their territory, and announced a dramatic widening of sanctions.

The election issue centers on the Minsk ceasefire plan to hold local elections in the east in concert with the rest of the country in late October. Poroshenko’s government announced that there would be no elections in the east despite this agreement, and when the rebels announced that they intend to hold the local elections anyhow, with or without Poroshenko’s permission, he’s declaring it a “violation” of the deal.

Poroshenko’s actions mean the Minsk ceasefire plan is virtually dead and a new round of fighting is almost inevitable.

The new sanctions will hit over 400 people and 90 different companies. Many of the companies targeted are Russian, and seemingly targeted just for the sake of going after high profile Russian companies.  A large number of foreign reporters, including many from around Western Europe, will be banned from the country, apparently to hide the Ukraine military buildup.

The White House announced Wednesday that President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will hold talks in Washington on Oct. 9. The communiqué came hours after the Kremlin announcement of a meeting between Netanyahu and President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Sept. 21.

Egyptian General Khaled Kamal Osman was inspecting members of a police unit in the provincial capital of El-Arish when Islamic State gunmen opened fire from a passing car killing him.

US CENTCOM chief Gen. Lloyd Austin has revealed Wednesday that US Special Operations Forces are “engaged” [embedded as “advisors” and calling in close air support]  with Kurdish People Protection Units (YPG) forces fighting inside Syria. 

The Syrian military is now using new types of air and ground weapons supplied by Russia, a Syrian military source said on Thursday.  The source described the weapons as highly accurate and effective, adding that the army had started using them in recent weeks. 

Mohammed Allan the Islamic Jihad agent hunger striker who was being held indefinitely without charge by Israel.

Allan, who recently attracted great media attention for his hunger strike while on administrative detention, was released from custody to hospital and  and after days in hospital was released from  Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon on Wednesday morning – only to be administratively arrested again, after which he restarted his hunger strike.

Israel is deploying Iron Dome batteries  to the southern town of Ashdod Thursday morning in case the Palestinian Islamic Jihad fires rockets from the Gaza Strip in frustration.


16 SEP:  On This Feast of Trumpets Day; Rejoice and be Glad in Our Creator!  

Yom Teruah the Feast of Trumpets Explained 


15 SEP:   According to the Biblical Calendar based on beginning months on the first light of the new moon; sunset this evening brings the biblically commanded Holy Day of Yom Teruah [the Feast of Trumpets].  For more on the calendar that God gave to Moses please click the Calendar category on the side bar.

Monday night Australia’s center-right Liberal Party removed Prime Minister Tony Abbott from the party leadership in favor of Malcolm Turnbull, Turnbull is the country’s fourth prime minister since 2013.

The Western-backed Libyan government in Tobruk and the Tripoli-based government are moving closer to reconciliation, and have reached a basic “consensus” on the main points of how it will work.

Both sides are to submit a list of candidates for positions in a unity government, including a list of pobable prime ministers who would be agreeable to them.

The split between the two governments is both ideological and territorial, and stems in part from Tobruk PM Abdullah al-Thinni, who back when they were the Tripoli government refused an appointment as PM, then refused to hand over the position to the parliament’s next choice, a Misratan.

The power dispute ultimately set the stage for the Misrata militia to back its own government, which took Tripoli,.and when the remnants of the old Thinni government fled to Tobruk, they reappointed Thinni as premier. Khalifa al-Ghawi is the current PM in Tripoli, though the position. 

Success for the Western mediated reconciliation talks is an essential precondition for a move against the Islamic Sate in Libya.

Disturbances continue on Temple Mount for third day.


14  SEP:   NEW MOON ANNOUNCEMENT 13:00 EDT:   As expected the New Moon was NOT seen from Jerusalem or from anywhere in Israel this evening.  The Feast of Trumpets will begin after sunset tomorrow evening. 

Russian military exercises originally scheduled for next month have now begun.  About 95,000 Russian troops are participating in the Centre-2015 exercise alongside forces from former Soviet states such as Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The war games will include 170 fighter jets and 20 warships.   Centre-2015 is scheduled to take place in 20 locations, spanning an area from the Volga River to the Ural Mountains and Siberia. The exercise by ground, air and naval forces is to conclude on September 20. 

Russia is extending the runways at Latakia airport and completing an expansion of its base at Tartus in Syria.  3,000 soldiers have now arrived in Latakia province with artillery and T90 tanks. 

Pope Francis will lead services in Havana and Holguin while in Cuba from Sept. 19-22. The pope will also visit Santiago de Cuba.  Francis is visiting Cuba in route to Washington, Philadelphia and new York.


3 SEP: In Britain the House of Lords is to debate the EU referendum bill in detail in mid-October. The government now wants the bill passed quickly in order to hold the poll in late 2016. 

President Obama yesterday rejected Russian calls for increased military cooperation against ISIS, insisting America’s tactics in the war would not change.

A squadron of five Russian ships equipped with guided missiles has arrived off Latakia to conduct air defense maneuvers in the east Med Sea off Syria.  Russia has issued an alert for Cyprus to divert aircraft from normal flight paths during the military exercises, including missile fire, to be conducted off the Syrian coast next week. Russia is also reported in Moscow to have sent NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) to the US Federal Aviation Administration about the Russian Navy exercise, including “rocket test firings” between the Syrian port of Tartus and Cyprus, about 100 kilometers away.

The Russian war ships will train to defend Latakia province against air attacks.  Since neither the Islamic State nor the anti Assad insurgents possess air power this is a clear indication that if the Assad regime collapses in Syria, Russia will seek to defend a potential Assad rump state in the Alawite Shia province of Latakia.  It remains to be seen how this will work out. 

American security forces reported Friday that Russian SA-22 Pantsir-S1 anti-air missiles are on their way to Syria, for deployment in Latakia province.


11 SEP:    Disapproval resolution against Iran nuclear deal blocked in US Senate.

1,000 marines and elite troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have arrived in Syria city of Ghorin, Lataia province near the Med Sea; just south of the port town of Latakia. 

Meanwhile a force of Russian marines is working hard to set up a base at nearby Jablah.  Some Russian troops from units of Marine Brigades 810 and 336 are still arriving in Syria.  Reports are circulating that Moscow is about to send a shipment of advanced S-300 air defense missile systems for deployment at Jablah, to shield the bases in Latakia province. 

The Russians and Iranians are well aware that as the Islamic State collapses a big push for overthrowing the Assad regime is in the cards.  It appears that they are working to create a defense for the Shia majority Latakia province. 

The British Israeli American Neocon’s  have always had as their goal the break up of Iraq and Syria and the balkanization of the Middle East to make it easier to control the region.  This has been well known for years and now a new book exposes the plan yet again with leaked cables from the US ambassador to Syria dated from 2005.

Pentagon intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart conceded at a defense conference today that the breakup of Syria and Iraq is now a reality.   Pentagon intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart conceded at a defense conference today that he has “a tough time” seeing either nation ever really coming back together.  

If he is not completely overthrown Assad may remain in control of the Shia homeland of Latakia province while the rest of Syria is likely to be divided between the Kurds and the proxy groups supported by Turkey, France and the US.  See our 2012 article:  The Deal To Partition Syria Into Spheres of Influence  

Inside Syria Assad has always been very popular and the entire uprising has been controlled by foreign interests.


10 SEP:   Israel prepares for war on Gaza possible incursions into Sinai, as coalition and others build up for final anti Islamic State offensive. 

Russia has sent two tank landing ships and additional aircraft to Syria in the past day or so and has deployed a small number of forces so far. Russia is supplying the Syrian army with hardware including small arms, grenade launchers, advanced BTR-82A armoured personnel carriers and Kamaz military trucks. 

A coalition air strike has destroyed the Islamic State’s munitions supplies in Ramadi.  

The British propaganda machine, the BBC, has been hard at work using the migrant issue and grossly exaggerating the Syrian element in the mainly African migration to prepare the British people for British participation in a war on the Islamic State and a possible attack on Assad forces. Now PM Cameron is calling for just such British intervention.  Britain and much of Europe is now also ready to support an Egyptian led alliance to restore order to Libya.

US VP Biden; Obama – Netanyahu discussing meet alongside UNGA later this month to discuss Israeli security.


09 SEP:   Egypt launched a major offensive against the Islamic State in Sinai Monday killing 56 and capturing 154 suspects by Tuesday night.   

The Syrian military has been completely driven out of the northwestern province of Idlib after the fall of the base. al Qaeda’s Nusra Front captured the airport prompting Syrian forces to abandon the air base. Nusra is part of a coalition of moderate Islamist groups called the Army of Conquest which has now gained control of Idlib province. Syrian state television announced that  the army garrison that had defended the Abu al-Duhur military airport had evacuated the post.


08 SEP:  Russia makes over flight requests to Greece and Turkey for airlift of forces to take on the Islamic State. The US gets cold feet realizing that the forces will also shore up the Assad regime against the insurgents, and asks them to block the flights. 

British parliament approves four month notice and rules for EU Referendum.

Dozens of Turkish warplanes struck militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets in northern Iraq overnight, last night, as Turkey vowed to accomplish the tital destruction of the PKKOn Sunday PKK fighters ambushed and killed 16 Turkish soldiers, Monday Turkey responded with punishing airstrikes and today  ten Turkish police officers were killed in a bomb attack on a minibus in the eastern Turkish province of Igdir on Tuesday, a government official told Reuters. 

The PLO has postponed next week’s leadership conference to an unspecified date before the end of this year.


 07 SEP:  Russian military units have been scrambled from their bases as part of snap drills ordered by President Vladimir Putin, the latest in a series of Russian war games amid tensions with the West over Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry said the maneuvers that began Monday will last for five days and involve forces of the Central Military District.

Gen. Sergei Koshelev briefed foreign military attaches about the exercise, saying they are aimed to check the troops’ combat readiness

Reham Dawabsheh, who was critically wounded in a Jewish terrorist arson attack on her home in the Palestinian village of Duma, succumbed to her wounds in the early hours of Monday, bringing the number of deaths in the July 31 attack to three.  The funeral is at 1 pm local time today.

Iraqi Shia Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani who is the unquestioned Shia authority in Iraq and controls many of the Iraqi Shia militias is making a break with the present Iranian regime.   The Iranian-born ayatollah has a very different approach to politics from his Iranian counterparts, disavowing their view of a theocratic government or “Wilayat al-Faqih,” the rule of the Islamic jurist.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has informed the leaders of several major Arab nations of his intention to carry out a series of resignations from all of his posts, and to soon retire from politics outright.  Abbas resigned last month from the PLO Executive Committee, along with 10 other members, forcing the PLO Central Committee to choose a new leader next week.  Abbas has informed regional State’s of his intention to also resign as  head of Fatah,and then as president of the Palestinian Authority.


06 SEP:   The United States has warned Russia not to attack any US sponsored militias in Syria and to concentrate on the Islamic State.  If Russia extends its support for Assad beyond the Islamic State the US is in a position to make things difficult for Russia by cutting off Russian flights to Syria over Turkey

Ukraine has declared Russia an enemy and an aggressor

The US State Department informed Congress that the government will sell advanced weapons to Riyad worth billions of dollars to help it assist in the war against Islamic State, according to Al-Hayat. Not mentioned is the real reason which is their war in Yemen. According to the report, this will include advanced weapons, satellite systems to determine location and missiles for F-15 aircraft. This is in light of King Abdullah’s meeting with US President Barack Obama. The transfer is expected to be approved by Congress within a month and a half. 

A senior Hamas official reported that indirect negotiations taking place between itself and Israel, mediated by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, did not achieve anything.  He said Hamas sought a five-year truce in return for the establishment of a seaport and an airport in Gaza, opening the crossings and the cessation of IDF air raids. The source added that Israel has not agreed to the Hamas’ proposals.  

Warplanes from the United Arab Emirates struck sites across Yemen Saturday night, after at least 60 soldiers from a Saudi-led coalition, most of them from the UAE, were killed in a Houthi attack on their base in the central Yemeni province of Marib. Apart from 45 Emiratis and five Bahrainis, Saudi military spokesman Brigadier-General Ahmed al-Asiri said 10 Saudi soldiers were also killed,as well as four Yemeni soldiers  The bodies of the Emirati soldiers were flown to Abu Dhabi.The UAE government has announced a three-day mourning period.



05 SEP:   The United States is still threatening Iran and preparing for war with Iran

Iraqi Anbar offensive on hold awaiting US airstrikes. 

Saudi king visits Obama. Units of US forces are already in Israel preparing for a massive missile defense exercise including THAAD to take place in the Mideast in spring.


04 Sep:   Support for the Iran nuclear deal rose in the US Senate on Thursday as three more Democratic senators, Cory Booker, Mark Warner and Heidi Heitkamp, said they would back the agreement.

They brought the list of senators supporting the deal to 37, all Democrats or independents who caucus with them.

Deal backers are now trying to muster the 51 votes to block a disapproval resolution in the Senate and keep Obama from having to use his veto power.

Lawmakers must vote on a resolution by Sept. 17.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Friday to establish an international coalition on extremism, saying he had talked with US President Barack Obama about the initiative.

Putin told journalists on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum that he had also been in talks about such a coalition with the leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others.

“We really want to create some kind of an international coalition to fight terrorism and extremism,” Putin said. “To this end, we hold consultations with our American partners – I have personally spoken on the issue with US President Obama.” 

The light goes on as to the reason why the western establishment has been creating these extremist organizations and then fighting them.  How long will it be before they propose the idea of an international new world order army to implement the “2030 Agenda” to be passed in a few weeks?  Position Statement of the Vatican and Text of UN Agenda 2030


03 SEP:  At least five US-made long-range Tomahawk missiles Thursday struck ISIS headquarters in the North Syrian town of Raqqa. They were fired from the sea – the first such missile attack on an ISIS base. 

The Ukrainian National Security Council today approved a new national military doctrine, formally declaring neighboring Russia to be a “military opponent” and making it a specific priority for the country to try to secure NATO membership.

Pope Francis has met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin  for about one hour in Francis’ study before a session with the Vatican Sec of State.

The Vatican said the meeting, and subsequent talks with the Vatican secretary of state, focused on Mideast peace “and the need and urgency to promote a climate of trust between Israelis and Palestinians, and to restart direct negotiations to reach an agreement that is respectful of the legitimate aspirations of the two peoples.”   SEE:   Israeli President Visits Vatican  and  Position Statement of the Vatican and Text of UN Agenda 2030

US intelligence services have begun their own drone assassination program in Syria Iraq against Islamic State leadership. 

After stray inadvertent small arms fire from Hamas training in the Gaza Strip struck a house in the southern Israeli town of Netiv HaAsara, the IDF bombed a military compound belonging to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip from which the shooting took place.

Obama now has enough promised senate votes to sustain his promised veto of senate anti Iran deal legislation.  This guarantees the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Thursday he favored a parliamentary vote on its nuclear deal reached with world powers and called for sanctions against Tehran to be lifted completely rather than suspended, state television reported.

“Parliament should not be sidelined on the nuclear deal issue … I am not saying lawmakers should approve the deal or reject it. It is up to them to decide,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final say on all state policy in Iran.  “I have told the president that it is not in our interest to not let our lawmakers review the deal,” he said in remarks broadcast live on state television.

President Hassan Rouhani, whose 2013 election paved the way to a diplomatic thaw with the West, and his allies have opposed such a parliamentary vote, arguing this would create legal obligations hampering the deal’s implementation.

Israel confiscates ‘part of Islamic cemetery’ next to Aqsa Mosque – Israeli nature authority inspectors and Israeli soldiers stormed Bab al-Rahma cemetery and set up a barbed wire fence around a large area of the cemetery’s land. Bab al-Rahma, meaning Door of Compassion, runs along the eastern wall of Jerusalem’s Old City and has been in use for more than 1,000 years. (Maan)


02 SEP Maariv This Week (Hebrew links only)  IDF plan: Evacuate the north during war

The Hebrew papers noted that after two more US Senators declared support for the Iran nuclear deal, President Obama needs only one more to secure the presidential veto if Congress rejects the deal.
Most Polluted River in Israel and West Bank to Stay Filthy Because of Government Vacillation – Untreated sewage from both Jewish and Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and nearby Palestinian villages has flowed into the Kidron River for years. Agencies responsible for cleaning it up can’t decide what to do. (Haaretz+) 
Russia is setting up air base in Damascus for strikes on Islamic State, the Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front and other insurgents.   This will complicate the Syrian situation if they remain after the demise of the IS. 

Ukraine’s Radical party has quit the governing coalition. 

Israel deploys additional troops to West Bank / Jerusalem.

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State John Kerry will send a letter to all members of Congress on Wednesday outlining US security commitments to Israel and the Gulf Arab states in light of the Iran nuclear deal.  State Department officials said Tuesday the letter would be sent shortly before Kerry delivers what is being billed as a major policy speech on the Iran agreement in Philadelphia. The officials said the speech, a week before Congress returns to work, will focus on how the deal makes the US and its allies safer. Kerry will also attack what the officials said is a “mythology” of false claims about what the deal will do.

01 SEP:   Abbas and Erekat withdraw from PLO leadership elections two weeks before vote. 

In Jenin last night a large combined force of the IDF, Shin Bet and Police Special Operations, riding in dozens of vehicles, entered the Jenin camp Monday night to round up Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorist suspects. In the Al-Hadaf district, they surrounded the homes of Bassam Al-Saeedi, reputed Jihad chief on the West Bank, and Majdi Abu al-Hejja, a local Hamas military arm operative.  The men were not at home possibly warned by lookouts and Israel destroyed obne home with rocket fire.

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