The Greek Euro Crisis, Germany and the Papacy.

The EU was launched as a trade bloc with the general intention of ultimately becoming a political bloc.  As more and more countries joined the EU its requirement for unanimous agreement of all member nations to accomplish anything, became a huge impediment in advancing towards a political union.   Countries with very different needs, policies and peoples simply could not reach agreement on further political union and many were strongly resisting any further loss of sovereignty to the EU. 

To resolve this difficulty it was decided to create the Euro currency and financial system.  The idea was to maintain the EU as a trading bloc, while using the Euro to bring political unity through a common financial system.

Early on it was understood that the Greek economy would be a problem because of endemic corruption and built in difficulties, like its welfare state of high and early pensions.  Restructuring the Greek problem pension and ending its massive corruption is an impossible task. 

Germany anticipating the Greek crisis then began a new united Europe project to set up a core Europe around itself and they are now using the Greek crisis to increase the influence of Germany and advance the German Core Europe they are trying to build. 

Recently the Eurozone gave Greece another bail out even though they know that Greece cannot be saved economically in this way; Greece can never pay back its debts and everyone knows it.  The new deal is distained to failure so why keep Greece hanging on a string? 

The answer is in the details of the new agreement; the main detail of interest is the fact that the new deal requires the Greek government to sell off its assets.  Who do you think can afford to buy those assets?  Certainly not the Greeks! 

Greek government assets will be bought wholesale in bulk by foreign mainly German entities.  What we are witnessing is the economic rape of a prostrate Greece and in another two or three years the new deal will fail and the Greek crisis will repeat itself anyway.  .

The agreement on Greece reached in Brussels signals a looming collapse of the continental post-war order.

German Push for Supremacy in Europe May Bring Collapse of EU

In the 1990s, Wolfgang Schäuble, who, today, administers the austerity dictate as German Minister of Finances, had also played a role in creating the German power base, which has permitted Berlin’s consistent clean sweep.

In the early 1980s, as Chair of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), Schäuble had organized the first EU economic initiatives. Theodor Veiter  a former Nazi specialist for border subversion was one of Schäuble’s advisors as chair of the AEBR. Following the collapse of Europe’s socialist system and the annexation of the German Democratic Republic [East Germany], Schäuble assisted in imposing the EU’s eastward expansion, including the US backed Ukraine coup.

This Schauble  initiative had placed Germany at a clear advantage over France, whose traditional zone of influence, around the Mediterranean Basin and in Francophonie Africa cannot be comparably affiliated with the northern EU states.

It was also Schäuble, who, in the mid 1990s, developed the “core Europe” concept, meaning “a strong focal point” within the EU centered on Germany, which is hoped will form a tight-knit “core,” that will not only hold the EU together, but actually determine EU policy.

The EU is now being divided by the German takeover policy; which is the background to the demands of Britain for a renegotiation of the EU Treaty.  German policy is also being strongly resisted by France and Italy.  As the British negotiations progress neither German ambitions nor British demands will be satisfied, and Britain is likely to leave the EU taking several other nations out of the EU with them.  Close to that time the Greek crisis will reassert itself. 

This power struggle within the EU as Germany seeks total ascendency; with the backdrop of past German history and European fears of Germany, and the immediate financial situation; are highly likely to result in the collapse of the EU, rather than any further moves towards unity. 

That opens the way for the prophesied coming man of sin, the miracle working final pope, to burst of the scene with the call for a new European system based on the Holy Roman Empire System.

The Papacy 

The Papacy working through the various organs it controls, including the Christian Democrat political parties, is working very hard on a new Europe of its own.  Everything is being put in place to secure acceptance of its New Europe plan when the right time comes. 

It is intended that when all else fails the Vatican will come to the rescue. 

Indeed the Vatican is looking somewhat beyond the political union of a core Europe of ten nations and is intent on securing the economic prosperity of that coming new entity. 

The recent papal encyclical on a new world order to tackle the environmental and human crisis on the planet is to be followed up in September with a Papal address in Washington and to the UN General Assembly; calling for a new world economic order to replace the US dollar as the world reserve currency with Special Drawing Rights or another similar arrangement. 

The idea will be backed by all Catholics and will be thoroughly discussed by world politicians when the coming Mideast regional war breaks out and a world economic crisis comes due to the closure of Persian Gulf shipping lanes. 

At that time the need for a new international financial system to replace Britton Woods will become a paramount priority, and the papal suggestion will be backed by nearly all countries. 

The scriptures tell us that a change from the US dollar to a new world reserve currency is highly likely.  This because the new Europe will be highly prosperous along with much of the world after the collapse of American world dominance.

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