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Blood Moon October 2014

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The full moon known as the Hunters Moon or blood moon of Oct 2014, began a little past 10 am GMT today and the autumnal lunar eclipse is now fully underway.

People often look up to see what they think is a full moon at the fall Feast, when it is not a true full moon at all, since in the autumn the moon looks full for several days.  

This year the Rabbinic calendar does begin the Feast of Tabernacles on a full moon day, since we begin our days at sunset; however this is not always the case as some erroneously claim, and the moon often only appears full on the first day of Rabbinic Tabernacles when it is not really full at all, just as it may appear full according to the Biblical calendar when generally the full moon is past. 

The Rabbinic calendar which is apostate from Moses, goes by the average time between conjunctions and not by actual conjunctions; while the Biblical calendar goes by the first visible light of the moon to begin the months.

Biblically we are commanded to begin the months when the first possible visible light of the moon is seen directly after sunset at Jerusalem, and nothing is said about any full moon in regards to any holy day.  

Claiming that the Rabbinic calendar is correct because it sometimes begins the fall Feast of Tabernacles [not always] is a false argument since there is nothing in scripture about any full moon, while we are COMMANDED to start the month with the first visible light of the new moon. 

For those who worry about being at a distance from Jerusalem that is not an issue.  The moon cycle is 29 1/2 days; therefore the months alternate with 29 or 30 days.  All one needs is a benchmark Jerusalem sighting and knowledge of whether that month was 30 or 29 days and then alternate 29 and 30 day months no matter where they are from Jerusalem.  

These things are not difficult as you have been told, rather they are very simple.  Leaders have sold people with the lie that these things are difficult and beyond them; for the sole purpose of maintaining control over the brethren.

Lunar eclipse on now, moon glowing blood red.  Total eclipse started at 3:15 a.m. PT (6:15 a.m. ET)  This red moon is caused by the lunar eclipse and the angle of light refracting through the earth’s atmosphere and is a common occurrence in spring and autumn. 

It is not to be confused with the blood moon of Revelation which is caused by massive amounts of dust from volcanoes and earthquakes and other disturbances. 

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