Understanding Hamas

In reality Hamas is split into two parts with the military wing wanting to continue the struggle and the political faction having offered a long term ceasefire to Israel for years. This has been an offer that Israel rejects, because Hamas has another military faction which is adamant against any such long term peace between Hamas and Israel..

Imagine a country where the military had an independent means of support and often disagreed with the political rulers, sometimes even acting contrary to the political rulers.  That is the situation in Hamas where the political leaders were often at odds with an extremist faction.

Hamas is a political party which won the Palestinian elections by a landslide several years ago; after which president Abbas and Fatah staged a coup supported by Israel and America to overthrow the legitimately elected Hamas government. 

The Hamas government then fled to Gaza where it was saved by its military faction from annihilation by Fatah.  Since then Gaza has been ruled by the political party of Hamas, with the military faction pretty much doing what it pleases. 


The fly in the peace process is the Hamas military wing, and on the Israeli side the far right extremist government. 

Netanyahu and the Israeli extremist parties reject any serious peace talks, while the Hamas military wing digs in its heals as well.

The Israeli Extremist Settler Movement has sworn not to give up a centimeter of land; and Netanyahu has tried his best to prevent a peace deal.

Netanyahu has also stated that he will not allow a Palestinian election on land occupied by Israel.  The Israeli extremists are also working to annex Area C, and are expanding illegal Jewish construction on Palestinian land.

It is obvious that to bring a peace deal; the military wing of Hamas must be destroyed, and the far right Israeli government needs to be replaced by the peace oriented parties in Israel.

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