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The Biblical Calendar: Part 1

In the beginning God established a method of calculating time and identifying seasons by using the sun and moon.  God said that men should use the setting sun to end the previous day and begin a new day; while the moon was intended to establish months and the sun was intended to establish years, even […]

The Biblical Calendar: Part 2

New Moons in Ancient Israel 1 Samuel 20:5 And David said to Jonathan, Behold, the new moon is tomorrow. And sitting I should certainly sit with the king to eat. And you shall send me away, and I shall be hidden in the field until the third evening. 1 Samuel  20:18 And Jonathan said to […]

The Biblical Calendar: Part 3

A History of Today’s Rabbinic Calendar God’s Biblical Calendar is very simple;  When the sun sets the day ends and a new day begins; every seventh day is the Sabbath and after the Sabbath a new cycle of seven begins making the week; each new month begins with the first visible light of the new […]

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