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Tzitzit Fringes

We are told in the scriptures that those who the Father calls to the Son, may enter a New Covenant through wholehearted repentance form sin [rebelling against the word of God] and a baptismal washing away of past sin and a commitment to sin no more. If we have been Called Out by the Father and have […]

Hair, Beards and Nazarites

In the scriptures it is easily demonstrated from Paul and Moses, that God intended men to have shorter hair and since hair does grow, God intended that it be cut; and that God intended for women to have hair which is given as a crown of glorious beauty. This post is a follow up the […]

Phylacteries, Tefillin and Frontlets

The English word frontlet is used to translate the Hebrew word Tefillin which means to go around, or to bind. The word was used in the Scriptures for how YHVH told the Israelites to regard His Law, “for frontlets between thine eyes,” meaning foremost in our minds. One of the many things added after their return from […]

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