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The Victory Song of Moses

  If you have prepared yourself and been passionately zealous for our Beloved and HIS  Word to become LIKE HIM and ot overcome all worldliness; then you too shall stand before the throne of the Father and  Link: sing this song of rejoicing at the Marriage of the Lamb! The marriage of physical Israel to the […]

The Bread of Life

John 6 John 6 is a very strong explanation of the symbols of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as well as alluding to the pouring out of living water at Tabernacles. Jesus also clearly says several time that he had come down from heaven and would go back there; refuting the Unitarians with […]

The Egyptian Passover

  Updated 22 April, 2016 Coming Out of Egypt After the destroyer went through Egypt at midnight on the 14th day of the first month, the Egyptians were urgent that Israel should leave; and gathering their possessions including their flocks and herds, and taking wages of the Egyptians they journeyed from the outlying villages and farms […]

The Passover Psalms

We all know that the last Passover of Christ ended with a Psalm; how many brethren or even elders know exactly what Psalm?  How many know that other Psalms were sung during the service? or which Psalms they were?  Today’s article reveals these written for Passover psalms and expounds them.  These Psalms are a proper part […]

The Passover and Clean and Unclean

Clean and Unclean:  It’s Only Physical The Church of God Seventh day took the law of clean and unclean very seriously but Herbert Armstrong had no problem eating unclean meats.  He finally agreed to teach against eating unclean things to obtain ordination by them, however he always maintained the attitude that clean and unclean was […]

Ruth Study

Updated May, 2016 Pentecost and Ruth During the days of Ezra; Ruth was appointed to be read on the Day of Pentecost.  Ruth is a profound allegorical prophecy and spiritual instruction and is also history leading into the family of David and the changeover from occasional judges [rulers] rising up; to the establishment of the permanent […]

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