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The Bread of Life

John 6 John 6 is a very strong explanation of the symbols of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as well as alluding to the pouring out of living water at Tabernacles. Jesus also clearly says several time that he had come down from heaven and would go back there; refuting the Unitarians with […]

Moses in Egypt

Egypt and Moses from the book “The Biblical Spring Festivals:  From Passover to Pentecost” In 1 Kings 6:1 we are told that Solomon began building the temple in the 480th year after the exodus. In Acts 13 Paul gives a longer period but Paul is giving a general historical overview and uses the word “about” […]

The Egyptian Passover

  Updated 22 April, 2016 Coming Out of Egypt After the destroyer went through Egypt at midnight on the 14th day of the first month, the Egyptians were urgent that Israel should leave; and gathering their possessions including their flocks and herds, and taking wages of the Egyptians they journeyed from the outlying villages and farms […]

The Passover Psalms

  Today’s post is an extract from our book “The Biblical Spring Festivals:  From Passover to Pentecost”  To purchase the book please visit here or search for the title at your local Amazon bookstore. We all know that the last Passover of Christ ended with a Psalm; how many brethren or even elders know exactly what […]

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