US Russia Agree on Six Point Plan for Syria Chemical Weapons

The United States and Russia have agreed on a six point plan for Syrian chemical weapons.

The agreement will reportedly give Syria 7 days to reveal all of its chemical weapons and set a strict timeline for their surrender to an international body.

The weapons will then be given over to international control; and inspected by end Oct.

The six points were outlined as:

  1. The amount and type of chemical weapons must be agreed and “rapidly” placed under international control;  by the end of October.
  2. Syria must submit within one week [of passage of the UNSC resolution] a comprehensive listing of its stockpiles
  3. Extraordinary procedures under the Chemical Weapons Convention will allow “expeditious destruction”, to be completed by June 2014.
  4. Syria must give inspectors “immediate, unfettered access” to all sites
  5. All chemical weapons must be destroyed, including the possibility of removing weapons from Syrian territory
  6. UN will provide logistical support, and compliance would be enforced under Chapter VII

This deal is expected to be passed in a Security Council resolution soon.  It has many loopholes allowing for accusations of non compliance against Syria and an attack to “enforce” the resolution.

The propaganda mill is already claiming the movement of Syrian chemical weapons into Lebanon for safe keeping.

In other news the Israeli American claims of an Iranian nuclear weapons program have crashed.  Iran cannot enrich uranium above 20%, and over 90% enrichment is required for nuclear weapons. 

When Israeli sources say that Iran has enough uranium for so many bombs; they are being deceitful; since Iran is not able to enrich that uranium to weapons grade.  And in fact the Iranian uranium stockpile has been greatly reduced in past months.

Iran nuclear stockpile reduced by 42% over conversion to fuel rods for its nuclear power plant and decreased production.

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