Month: October 2016

Clinton Corruption Leaks, Trump on Women

Update 10 Oct:  Trump makes a comeback with a strong performance in last night’s debate with Clinton.  The leak of Trump’s comments about women by Clinton supporters appears to have been the Clinton “ace” and Trump has now weathered the storm.  While the America media and feminists are making a big thing about the nine […]

Mosul Offensive Set to Begin

The operation to liberate Mosul, Iraq from the Islamic State is set to begin within days  On Tuesday Oct 4, Iraq launched a radio station to help Mosul residents stay safe during the upcoming military offensive.  The radio will give instructions on possible safe exit routes, places to avoid, where to find assistance and emergency […]

News Blog: October 2016

31 Oct:  After a two day pause Iraqi forces are attacking Mosul moving against the east bank of the Tigress River. Knesset begins winter session in state of crisis.   Netanyahu delays Amona issue in cabinet for one week as he requests supreme court to delay Amona demolition.   If the court rejects any further […]

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