Month: November 2015

Hosea 8 – 14

Hosea 8 God commands to blast a warning like a trumpet, calling people to sincerely repent; the enemy is at the gates the correction of the LORD is at hand!  Because of our sins of idolatry, Sabbath breaking and rejecting godly knowledge  and our spiritual adultery; our correction is at hand! Hosea 8:1 Set the trumpet to thy mouth. […]

Hosea 1 – 7

Introduction Generally, the biblical prophetic books are divided between the longer books called the Major Prophets [Isaiah – Jeremiah – Lamentations- Ezekiel and  Daniel], and the shorter books arecalled the Minor Prophets.  This is a study into the twelve minor prophets:  Hosea – Joel – Amos – Obadiah – Jonah – Micah – Nahum – Habakkuk- […]

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