Month: November 2014

Israeli Coalition in State of Collapse

The Israeli prime minister backed down on the extremist Jewish State law scheduled to see first reading in the Knesset on Wednesday and instead proposed a “moderate”  Jewish State bill of his own which would be presented to the Knesset for first reading on Dec 7th.  However the coalition is in collapse over several issues. […]

Ezekiel 45-48: The Millennial Temple

Introduction:  Ezekiel 40-48, Ezra, Nehemiah and certain other scriptures like Numbers are largely neglected in preaching and studies.  This neglect especially of Ezekiel 40-48 is hard to explain since many are big on talking about the millennium and Ezekiel 40-48 contains key prophecies and descriptions of the millennium.  In fact they claim to be preparing the brethren […]

Papal Address to Council of Europe: Full Text

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Tuesday told European leaders that the development of today’s societies and their peaceful coexistence require constant reflection on the tenets that form the basis of Europe: human rights, democracy and the rule of law.  Like a tree, Europe also needs care and nourishment for healthy growth.  In a wide-ranging speech […]

Papal Address to European Parliament: Full Text

  Pope urges a “lonely” “self-absorbed” Europe to recover its soul (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis called on a “haggard” and “lonely” Europe to recover its role as a world protagonist, its identity as a defender of the transcendent dignity of man, the poor, the migrant, the persecuted, the old and the young, to recover its […]

Ezekiel 25-39

Ezekiel 25 While this prophecy is about Jordan, Turkey and the Philistines of Gaza; it is very powerful in absolutely refuting the false traditions and false teachings of certain modern false prophets. The prophecy is about Nebuchadnezzar coming through that land as a fore type that in the latter day the nations of Asia will sweep through […]

Ezekiel 16-24

Introduction:  God called physical Israel out of physical Egypt as a type of calling a kind of spiritual Israel out of bondage to sin. God in his many tender mercies has called individual persons for the past 6,000 years into the spiritual Israel of the New Covenant; in the spiritual sense calling us out of bondage to sin and death.  […]

Official Report: The Catholic Synod on the Family

(Vatican Radio) The Holy See Press Office has published the English translation of the Final Relatio of the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops:  III EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE SYNOD OF BISHOPS THE PASTORAL CHALLENGES OF THE FAMILY IN THE CONTEXT OF EVANGELIZATION RELATIO SYNODI Vatican City 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS […]

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