Month: August 2014

Gaza War Resumes

Due to a networking maintenance Thursday, August 21st,  to improve our services our customers might encounter minor network related interruptions. Start time: August 21st 01:00 GMT End time: August 21st 04:30 GMT UPDATE 13:15 EDT 20 Aug:   Truce talks officially end. Arutz Sheva reports: Both Israel and Hamas have pulled their delegations out of Cairo. […]

Geopolitics: Connecting the Mideast Conflicts

BREAKING NEWS 13:15 EDT:  Egyptian sources report that Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to another 72-hour ceasefire starting Sunday at midnight.  The Arab League will meet on the Gaza subject Monday and the ceasefire is to allow them to debate and make their recommendations. Israeli sources  stress that envoys will only set out for Cairo […]

Transcript: Obama Orders IS Caliphate Air Strikes

United States and Allies begin airstrikes in Iraq against the IS Caliphate. After a request by pope Francis to protect “Christians” in Iraq US President Barack Obama said Thursday that he’s authorized “targeted airstrikes” in Iraq “to prevent genocide.”  These strikes would be based on a target list compiled by special forces in Iraq and […]

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