Month: March 2014

Exodus 1-11

  Exodus 1 The book of Exodus covers the history of Israel leaving Egypt, and then the journey to Mount Sinai and their marriage to Christ.  Of course Cod could have prevented all this distress and just moved Pharaoh to let Israel go, instead God himself hardened Pharaoh so that all these things could happen.  […]

Putin signs accession act with Crimea

Russian president Putin has signed the Crimea accession bill after addressing a joint session of the Duma. Putin started his address with a review of the profound historical, national and religious significance of Crimea as the cradle of Russian civilization and went on to say that the Ukraine is also a Russian historical sphere of […]

Russia brings down US drone over Crimea intact

A Russian cyber warfare unit intercepted and downed a US military drone over the Crimea.  “The drone was flying at about 4,000 meters (12,000 feet) [over the Crimean Peninsula] and was virtually invisible from the ground.  It was possible to break the link with US operators with complex radio-electronic technology,” said the Russian state arms […]

Vatican Seeks Moral Supremacy Over all Religion

UPDATE 22 March:   This 45 minute video of the Evangelical Summit and reconciliation with the Vatican, covers comments by the Anglican friend of the pope, pope Francis himself and the Ken Copeland response.  The Lutherans and Methodists have already reconciled with the pope, now it is the evangelicals.  Besides this the Mennonites have been in dialogue with the […]

Genesis 27-38

Updated March, 2016 Genesis 27 When Jacob was yet in his mother’s womb God prophesied that Jacob would excel over his brother Esau. Now Rebecca loved Jacob more than Esau and one can only imagine how much the prophecy played in her actions of favoritism in helping Jacob defraud his brother. Yet the event of […]

Germany Chairs Secret Talks on Ukraine Crisis

UPDATE: Ukrainian forces in Crimea are disintegrating; they are resigning, running away and defecting on a massive scale.  Source BREAKING NEWS 10:30 EST:    Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has told the various pockets of Ukrainian forces remaining in CRIMEA to surrender by 5 a.m. (0300 GMT) on Tuesday or face a military assault, Interfax news agency quoted […]

Ukraine; Black Eye Coming for NATO?

UPDATE 14:15  EST:   The navy high command called on all ships to defect to Russia last night and resigned.  Then the Ukrainian coup President Aleksandr Turchinov; made Rear Admiral  Denis Berezovsky the new Navy Chief.  This morning the new navy chief fled to the Crimea.  The newly appointed head of Ukraine’s navy has now sworn allegiance […]

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