Month: December 2013

Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

Almost immediately after declaring Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations.  The Interior Ministry opened three telephone lines for citizens to report suspected terrorist activities, including those by the Brotherhood, and Egypt launched a sweep of the Brotherhood. The move comes before a constitutional referendum is held in Egypt 14-15 January 2014 for Egyptians residing in the […]


Introduction Deuteronomy is a warning that possession of the promised land is absolutely dependent on our continuing to live by every Word of God, while Joshua is a lesson that it is through faith and a diligent living by every Word of God that the enemy of sin and Satan is conquered. There are three […]

Israeli Palestinian Peace Talks Update

The Israeli daily’s report noted that over a month ago, Kerry’s security staff head, General John Allen, spoke before the IDF and Defense Ministry about security arrangements. After the Israelis and Palestinians added notes to Allen’s work, it was presented to Netanyahu two weeks ago. According to the report, Netanyahu did not rule out the […]

March Papal Visit for Israel Palestine

If things go off on schedule Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Israel before the conclusion of Israeli Palestinian peace talks at the end of April. The pope will discuss peace with regional leaders in a whirlwind visit of less than 48 hours.  The pope appears to be trying to give a push to the peace […]

Peace Talks Falter; Kerry Rushes to Mideast

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday that John Kerry would be leaving Washington on Wednesday to return to the region for more talks with both Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. “This is an important time in the negotiations, and he felt it was important to return […]

America Proposes International Force for Middle East

John Kerry has proposed Gen Allen’s plan for an American commanded international force to secure the Middle East including Sinai, the West Bank and Jordan Valley. The security provisions Washington promised Israel under a final settlement of its dispute with the Palestinians are assuming a broader, regional form, as a US blueprint, on which the Obama […]


Updated May 2016 Introduction Deuteronomy is about preparing to enter the physical promised land as an allegory of how to prepare to attain to the spiritual Promised Land of eternal life, and a warning that possession of the land is absolutely contingent on living by every Word of God.  Joshua is about the inheritance of […]

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