Month: November 2013

Israeli Politics and the Peace Process

Before the last Israeli elections the Likud which is about half Settler Extremist and half centrist peace oriented joined hands with the far right anti peace talks party, Yisrael Beiteinu led by Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman was recently charged with corruption and had to stand down as Foreign Minister in the coalition.  Lieberman has now been cleared by […]

Details of The Iran Agreement

The 5+1 the EU and Iran have signed off on a cosmetic face saving accord of “Confidence Building Measures” intended to jump start six months of serious talks on the Iranian nuclear program. US Secretary of State John Kerry, in hailing the accord as contributing to world peace, denied to reporters that this was so, […]

Chemical Weapons Out of Syria by Dec 31

A Russian American agreement calls for Syrian chemical weapons materials to be removed from by Dec. 31, and for all remaining Syrian chemical weapons storage facilities to be destroyed by the beginning of March. The actual chemicals are to be incinerated in other countries, probably the United States by the end of 2014. Weapons experts from the Organization for the Prohibition […]

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