Month: October 2013

Israel Bombs Gaza as Tensions Rise

The Military Wing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood moved to Gaza when president Morsi was sacked and has been running the anti government demonstrations in Egypt from Gaza.  At the same time the Sinai Islamic  militants also have their headquarters in Gaza. Egypt is now in a campaign to defeat the Brotherhood and the Islamists […]

Syria Chemical Weapons Update

UPDATE 12:20 EDT:   Armed opposition groups in Syria have said that they will not attend the Geneva II peace talks, saying that negotiating with the government of Bashar al-Assad would be an act of betrayal. The powerful opposition group’s statement comes on Sunday as fighting rages near the border with neighbouring Iraq and in the […]

Leviticus 14-27

  Leviticus 14 The cleansing of the leper Hyssop is a plant associated with soap and therefore a cleansing agent. Scarlet is the colour of blood, representative of the application of the blood of the Lamb of God, cleansing from sin. Two clean birds,  pigeons or turtle doves [as the sacrificial birds for the poor] […]

Behind the American Financial Crisis

Experts like Lindsey Williams report that this economic crisis is being deliberately orchestrated to move towards the New World Economic Order. Chase Manhattan Bank has set limits on withdrawals and stopped all international wire money transfers as of Nov 17th 2013. Meanwhile the Senate and House of Representatives each passed the new spending measures after […]

Arafat Poisoned

Swiss experts confirmed over the weekend that they had found traces of polonium on clothes belonging to former Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat. The experts said that the findings suggested that Arafat may have been poisoned with the substance; Arafat’s wife Suha has long insisted that this was the case. The findings were published in […]

Syria Launches Anti-Terror Offensive in the South

While Syria has already been credited by John Kerry with exemplary conduct for beginning the destruction of its chemical weapons so quickly; Syria, free from the threat of foreign attack, deployed two armored brigades to the south Monday night. They are linking up with existing loyalist forces in southern Syria for an offensive to destroy infiltrators who entered from Jordan, led by foreign special forces […]

Papal News

PAPAL NEWS:   Rumors abound that the pope will visit Israel soon.  Maariv reports that the pope will visit Israel and Palestine next month to give the peace process a boost. Pope Francis plans to visit the Holy Land in November, Hebrew-language Israeli daily Maariv reported Friday. The pope’s tour is set to include sites in both […]

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