Month: July 2013

EU in Crisis Over Plans of Federalists

At the coming EU December summit “The commission will, therefore, set out its views and explicit ideas for treaty change in order for them to be debated before the European elections,” Barroso continued. “We want to put all the elements on the table, in a clear and consistent way, even if some of them may […]

Bibi Explains His Decision on Peace Talks

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu published a letter Saturday evening explaining to the Israeli public why he is releasing prisoners and entering peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli public is generally against prisoner releases and he has a hard battle in cabinet tomorrow in getting approval for the steps. Of course their are other […]

Jeremiah 37-52

Jeremiah 37 A history of the two falls of Jerusalem Three months and ten days after Jeconiah became king of Judah, the armies of Nebuchadnezzar II seized Jerusalem for the first time and deported high class captives to Babylon to advance Babylonian society.   On March 15/16th, 597 BC, Jeconiah, his entire household and three thousand […]

Jeremiah 21-36

Jeremiah 21 After all the wickedness of Judah, the armies of Babylon arrive to fight against them, and Judah goes to inquire of God by Jeremiah in the hope that in spite of their rejections of the warnings to repent; that somehow God will overlook their sins and save them. Jeremiah 21:1 The word which came unto Jeremiah […]

Egypt Invades Sinai to Take Out Islamic Radicals

UPDATE  11:25 EDT:    After the government began an investigation into yesterday’s incident the Al Nur party resumed negotiations and today the Egyptian government spokesman announced  that the economist and former finance minister Hazem el-Biblawi was named provisional prime minister, shortly after Saudi Arabia and the UAE transferred $5 billion in emergency aid to Egypt’s central bank. Mohamed […]

An Egyptian Clash With Radical Islam is Beginning

UPDATE 15:20 EDT:  The Jamaat Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis group, which operates in the Sinai Peninsula, took responsibility on Friday evening for the alleged launch of two Grad missiles toward Eilat on Thursday. Today the IDF placed an Iron Dome anti-missile battery in the Carmel region near Haifa on Friday; this is in addition to two other […]

The New Egyptian Revolution and Islamic Extremism

Update 16:00 EDT:    Egyptian army ousts Morsi. President Mohamed Morsi has been  taken to a military base as the deadline passed. Muslim Brotherhood leaders are also believed under arrest. Security travel bans have been issued against Brotherhood leaders. Sources in Cairo report that they will be tried for “crimes” committed during their year in office. […]

Egyptian Military Coup Possible

An army ultimatum to Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi to find a solution with the opposition within 48 hours means that a military intervention, or a coup, is likely since the opposition now has little motivation to negotiate with the regime. An aide to Morsi was quoted as stating that a coup would only go forward […]

Egypt Deploys 30 Tanks to Gaza Border

U{DATE 11:45 EDT:  Monday, July 1,  four members of the Morsi cabinet, the ministers of tourism, environment, communication and legal affairs, handed in their resignations.  Egypt’s defense minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi issued a statement on behalf of the armed forces Monday, July 1, warning that the army would intervene in  48 hours if the politicians had not agreed on […]

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