Month: April 2013

Israel Assassinates Gazan: Mobilizes in the North

BREAKING NEWS:   The IDF has launched a surprise large-scale drill in northern Israel. An entire division has been mobilized, and thousands of  reservists have  been called  up. Besides a ground forces “drill”;  extensive air force activity is underway.  Israel’s armed forces launched a snap division-scale drill along the full length of the Syrian and Lebanese borders […]

The Book of Acts

Acts 1 Luke begins by referring to his former history of Christ now known as the Book of Luke and a short reminder of its contents. Luke and  Acts were written as historical letters to Theophilus a man of Greece [judging by the Greek name]. Theophilus must have shared these two letters with others and they […]

Boston Bomber Suspect Killed, 2nd at Large

After the publication of information and pictures of the Boston bombers last night, the two apparently decided to go out with a bang and infiltrated the MIT campus laden with weapons and explosives. The two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing moved to the US from a Russia region near Chechnya and have lived in US for […]

US Sublets Horn of Africa to Germany

Prophecy being fulfilled as Germany places itself in a position to take control of Africa through Ethiopia.  While the United States is busy in Afghanistan, fomenting strife in Syria and preparing a revolution in Iran as well as facing problems in Korea and Latin America; they have an Ally in Germany who is helping out their overextended […]

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