Month: April 2013

Israel Assassinates Gazan: Mobilizes in the North

BREAKING NEWS:   The IDF has launched a surprise large-scale drill in northern Israel. An entire division has been mobilized, and thousands of  reservists have  been called  up. Besides a ground forces “drill”;  extensive air force activity is underway.  Israel’s armed forces launched a snap division-scale drill along the full length of the Syrian and Lebanese borders […]

Europe Prepares for War with China

The scriptures tell us that a New Europe of ten nations will arise organized as a modern Holy Roman Empire system and will dominate the western world after the collapse of the Judeo, Anglo American dominating system. And after two years, during the third year the new Europe will turn against and attack the Asian […]

The Book of Acts

Acts 1 Luke begins by referring to his former history of Christ now known as the Book of Luke and a short reminder of its contents. Luke and  Acts were written as historical letters to Theophilus a man of Greece [judging by the Greek name]. Theophilus must have shared these two letters with others and they […]

Boston Bomber Suspect Killed, 2nd at Large

After the publication of information and pictures of the Boston bombers last night, the two apparently decided to go out with a bang and infiltrated the MIT campus laden with weapons and explosives. The two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing moved to the US from a Russia region near Chechnya and have lived in US for […]

US Sublets Horn of Africa to Germany

Prophecy being fulfilled as Germany places itself in a position to take control of Africa through Ethiopia.  While the United States is busy in Afghanistan, fomenting strife in Syria and preparing a revolution in Iran as well as facing problems in Korea and Latin America; they have an Ally in Germany who is helping out their overextended […]

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