Month: January 2013

Israel Bombs Syria Convoys Near Lebanon Border

UPDATE 11:15 EST:   According to officials, the shipment included sophisticated, Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles, which would be strategically “game-changing” in the hands of Hezbollah. As of now Syria, Hezbollah,  Israel and Lebanon are not publically acknowledging the incident and it appears that there will be no immediate retaliation. Israel Bombs Syria Convoys Near Lebanon Border Israeli […]

Hacked Western Emails About Syria Chemical Weapons

Hacked Emails Reveal Plan to Stage Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Obama administration complicit in war crime? Paul Joseph Watson Prison January 28, 2013 Alleged hacked emails from defense contractor Britam reveal a plan “approved by Washington” and funded by Qatar to stage a chemical weapons attack in Syria and blame it on the […]

Job Part Two

Job 22 Eliphaz: Third Discourse Eliphaz lists the deeds and the end of the wicked, and then accuses Job of sin. Job responds by saying that he well knows the deeds and the end of the wicked, and has therefore kept himself from sin. Eliphaz asks: What is a man that God is mindful of […]

Job Part One

Introduction The Book of Job is close to Ecclesiastes in its format of reasoning about the higher questions of life. Why does a loving God allow suffering? Why does God allow the righteous to suffer and many wicked to prosper? Since both the wicked and the righteous die: Is this physical existence and universal physical […]

How to Avoid or Treat, Colds and Flu

SPECIAL MUSIC: Zealous Over Zion. This piece has a long Mideast style intro, the lyrics are in English and Hebrew. The Influenza Epidemic The USA is in an official flu pandemic panic right now, with Boston declaring a public health emergency and hospitals setting up flu treatment tents as if cities were war zones. The […]

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