Month: October 2012

Psalms: 44-76

Psalm 44 Through the Holy Scriptural record we hear of the mighty deeds of God; including God’s calling out and deliverance of Physical Israel which is an allegory of God’s calling out and deliverance of spiritual Israel. Psalm 44:1 We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told [and recorded for us] […]

Van Rompey Interim Report on European Unity

  EUROPEAN COUNCIL THE PRESIDENT Brussels, 12 October 2012 TOWARDS A GENUINE ECONOMIC AND MONETARY UNION Interim Report At the June European Council  “the President of the European Council was invited to develop, in close collaboration with the President of the Commission, the President of the Eurogroup and the President of the ECB, a specific […]

France Agrees to German EU Austerity Fiscal Pact

The Fiscal Compact (formally, the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union; also referred to as TSCG or more plainly the Fiscal Stability Treaty, is an intergovernmental treaty that was signed on 2 March 2012, by all member states of the European Union (EU), except the Czech Republic and the […]

Deuteronomy 23 – 34

Updated 5 Oct, 2015 Deuteronomy 23 In reference to verse one below: Persons excluded from the assembly for imperfections also has an application in spiritual terms; the willfully sinful and willful commandment breakers, are to be excluded from the midst of  the faithful, as being spiritually imperfect; not being holy as God is holy, by having no […]

The Vatican and Europe

While criticising societies which are “man centered”  instead of “God centered”  the Vatican does exactly the same thing; only in a far more deceitful manner; by misrepresenting their own ways, as God’s ways, instead of being faithful to all the word of God;  claiming to be godly as they rebel against God’s commandments and word.  “A […]

California Outlaws Help for Minors Fighting With Gay Temptation

California bans minors from seeking counseling about resisting homosexual feelings; although they allow “counseling” in support and encouragement of hmosexual acts in an attempt to remove guilt and encourage homosexuality. New Calif. Law Bans Counseling of Teens for Same-sex Attraction Dave Bohon New American Oct 2, 2012 California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed controversial legislation making his state the […]

Deuteronomy 13 – 22

Update 2 Oct, 2015  Deuteronomy 13 Miracles and fulfilled predictions are not proof of godliness or of being a messenger from God.  God’s messengers often foretell events and do perform miracles by the power of God, but Satan’s agents also can do these things.   God tells Moses and tells us, how to discern the difference […]

Deuteronomy 1-12

Updated 1 Oct, 2015 This Feast of Tabernacles will feature a study through the book of Deuteronomy as commanded in the scriptures.  I will try to do a thorough study but I expect that next time around [planned for 2017] there will still be much more to learn from this fifth book of Moses. The Fifth Book of […]

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