2017 and Beyond

Events to watch for in 2017  and beyond

Today the world is hurtling towards an existential crisis between East and West 

Operations are underway to eradicate the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

As the Islamic State collapses and a new American president takes over, the opposing East – West positions on the future of the Assad regime and the situation with Russia on the Ukraine will soon be coming to the forefront. 

In the past few years the US has been advancing against Russia, pushing her influence into Ukraine and Georgia.

America is bent on demolishing the Assad regime in Syria and changing the regime in Iran – both of which are Russian allies;  to secure control of the Middle East with its energy resources and transport corridors.  

Not to be overlooked in the equation is Israel, which is at the ready to demolish the Gaza militants including the Hamas Military Wing, and destroy Hezbollah in Syria / Lebanon.  

Such a two front war by Israel would be very costly and very bloody – bringing large numbers of rockets down on the centers of major Israeli cities – and will likely result in a new peace oriented government for Israel.

This major Israeli war could not be overlooked by Iran and Syria, and if they enter the conflict the US Coalition may intervene, demolishing the Revolutionary Guards and opening the way for regime change in Iran.  

Russia is preparing to react by possibly [subject to military and political calculations] returning to Ukraine and possibly Georgia, while NATO is reinforcing its defenses along the Ukraine border to prevent a spillover of any possible Russian moves in Ukraine.

This coming Mideast war and any possible Russian counter moves are likely to push many nations – particularly in Europe – into a severe state of crisis; meanwhile the cutting of transportation corridors like the Persian Gulf would bring a strong world economic reaction.

The Holy Scriptures tell us that at such a point of severe crisis, a religious leader in the Vatican will call for a New World Order, calling for Europeans to set up a New Federal Europe as a counter balance between East and West as a means of maintaining peace between the great powers.  

Ten nations will join this New Federal Europe, which will become an instant economic and military superpower taking over the military assets of NATO in Europe, and a peace deal including the Middle East will be agreed.  

About 75 days after this pope is set up he will go to Jerusalem to the Holy Temple Mount and the Settler Movement people will sabotage the peace deal, resulting in the neighboring nations invading and occupying Jerusalem and Judea (Psalm 83).  

The Fifth Book of Moses [Deuteronomy] makes it very clear that possession of the promised land is entirely dependent on living by every Word of God.

This New Europe will rapidly eclipse the US, as the Islamic countries abandon the petro-dollar for the currency of the New Federal Europe and America will descend into financial collapse and internal strife over race and resources; and spiral down, no longer able to cope with natural calamities. 

Then after two years with America largely out of the picture and the Asian nations making great strides; the New Europe will go to attack Asia – particularly Russia and the nations of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), or Shanghai Pact – whose nations will repulse the attack and then counterattack against Europe and her allies, ultimately sweeping down into the Middle East to mass outside Jerusalem after devastating Europe.  

Humanity will suffer greatly and vast numbers will die, until 42 months after the initial occupation of Jerusalem; Messiah the Christ will come to save humanity from utter destruction and usher in a new age of godliness, peace and prosperity for humanity! 


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